Monday, May 2, 2016

GlamPalm - The no. 1 hair styler in Korea!

Hi guys, I'm here to introduce you Korea's top hair styler - GLAMPALM. Its a really popular product among women, hairstylists and maybe even men hehe because of its Unique selling point - using heat to style your hair (curls/straighten) YET not damaging at all!!

The package:
When I first received the GlamPalm Straightener, I was already impressed by their super fabulous packaging of a sturdy cardboard box opening into a leather bag with patent buckle (travel fuss free pouch!!) which contains the styler.

Its heat-resistant and 2 hair sectioning clips and protective heat resistant cap comes along with the styler as well.

Why Choose GlamPalm?
Here are some of the styler's unique features which makes it stand out from other stylers everywhere.

GlamPalm Hair Styler uses the healing stone technology where it uses special ceramic plates that are infused with healing stone mineral. The usage of this technology results in softer and shinier hair without the damage despite the hair undergoing through heat. Comparing this to old hair straighteners I used to own, it really gives that silky finishing like how it promised it would!!

And I really love the fact at how user friendly this styler is. I am able to adjust between 11 distinct heat settings from 100-200°C. This function is great because I get to decide how long I want my curls/straightness to last and I usually set it to 120 degree celsius as the temperature works the best for my hair. You can see the styler chart below for temperature suitability details.

There are 2 types of GlamPalm Hair Styler (GP313 and GP201) which are based on the size of the ceramic plates.  Based on the styler guide on their website, GP313 suits me better as its accustomed to be more efficient in curling or straightening my hair length and volume.

Overall, I would recommend this product to all my readers because its really worth the money and I absolutely love this absolute hair styler.
Its retailing at $299 currently on its webpage and their price seemed to have increased slightly due to popular demand.

But do not fret, this May they are having a Mother's Day Promo which you pay $448 for 2 stylers thats usually $598 added up. Thats $75 dollars saved on each styler and a $150 discount!! 
Promo Code is <<MOTHERSDAY>> and its only till the end of the month!

Say yes to prettier curls for you and mum this Mother's Day!!
This post is in courtesy of @GlamPalmSg & @SmittenTeam.

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