Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Emporium Shokuhin - In depth walk-through to SG's 1st consolidated Japanese Emporium's dining concepts

Took a couple of visits and months to finally blog about my experience at Emporium Shokuhin, Singapore's 1st Japanese Emporium, hosting 8 different Japanese concept restaurants, Japanese Supermarket with a beef drying facility and LIVE seafood market. (Cute atlantic crabbies *.*)

Here are the top 4 restaurants among the 8 from my pick which are worth the calories.

Senmi Sushi
Think GIANT Chirashi and sashimi in a Sushi Bar.

Chawanmushi ($2.60)

Giant Chirashi Don ($36)
Supposed to serve a good 2-3 pax. Could have been more generous with the chopped sashimi pieces since the bowl was wide. In every instagram check in you can see people like me taking a selfie with this huge chirashi don hahaha. They recently introduced make-your-own chirashi don!

Bluefin Tuna, Uni and Tobiko bomb ($22)
Disappointing for the price tag, just normal tasting sushi with the spoken ingredients dressed on it. Not at all mind 'bomb'-ing like what its photo on the menu promised.

Dynamic Maki ($16.80)
Their sushi rolls on the other hand was really dynamic. Look at this shrimp and avocado roll with wagyu beef slices topped with crunchy tempura dressing. TASTY.

overall a great concept of giant chirashi bowls to attract crowds!

Gyuu+ Yakiniku Grill
Hopped over to their yakiniku grill restaurant since there was an OCBC card member promotion of a 1-for-1 promo for their buffet set in the month of april for me, soooo worth!
They are having a 28% off this month for their buffet deal and 1-for-1 Sapporo beer?! Whuttt I had mine without that deal!

But anyways, for more of Emporium Shokuhin's restaurants current promotions, check out the link below! Interesting!

Their A5 Miyazaki Wagyu buffet costs:
Mon - Thurs, Adults $88++ Child $48++
Fri - Sun, Adults $98++ Child $58++

I personally recommend the buffet choice since their ala carte is already quite pricey unless you go for their lunch sets. Not everything in the menu can be ordered for the buffet but a satisfying range inclusive of unlimited A5 Miyazaki Wagyu, Grass-fed Ribeye Steak, USDA Prime Karubi, Scallops, Salmons desserts and more!!

We spent above $200++ for 4 pax cause we ordered beer heh! Thats around 50-60 per head which was worth it in my opinion :)

long grill table for us, service was so good and prompt here btw!

order through the ipad and the staff was so efficient in bringing out the stuff we ordered!!

Juicy juicy scallops and salmons!

some side dishes and mushrooms~

my fav meat there was definately the Ribeye Steak!!

the porks included were not so good though, just go for beef and more beef!!!

bf's preferred A5 Miyazaki Wagyu shin shin and USDA Prime Karubi!! 
Japanese wagyu bbq is just so different from korean bbq which is why in korean bbq people tend to go for the porks and here we go for their beef which can be alot more pricy sadly hahaha.
My first visit to a yakiniku restaurant in Sg ever since my unforgettable experience from my Japan trip and it was not disappointing at all! Bf also said this was one of his better experience with yakiniku bbq in singapore~

just round one of our spread! ate so many bowls of white rice (CAUSE ITS THE JAPANESE STICKY KIND) even though it was a buffet and you're supposed to go for the meats instead LOL

I rly love this piece of ribeye I have no idea how I ate so many servings of this thick and juicy meat hahahah 

managed to stuff one scoop of matcha and sesame flavored jap ice-cream afterwards. You can really taste the quality in their ice-cream as well! Not the cheap and fake tasting kind!!


One of the highest end restaurants in Emporium offering omakase sets and I fell in love with their value-for-money lunch sets! Among these four, I'll return to this the first! (because wagyu buffets are so fattening :( )

Promo promo, hope these set lunch promos are forever haha. Hopefully though, its a marketing concept to put like "limited period only" but new promos will always be introduced hehe just check first!

Negitoro, Uni & Ikura Don Set ($28)
Chopped bluefin tuna belly, hokkaido sea urchin and salmon roe in a sushi rice bowl. Served with two appetizers and inaniwa udon which I didn't know how to appreciate. BUT THE RICE BOWL WAS SO GOOD! one of the best Negitoro I've tried! Going to opt for more negitoro dons in the future~

bowl of goodness

Live Lobster Sashimi & Tempura Set ($36)
Lobster served 2 ways - Lobster sashimi with Ikura in a light sauce, Lobster Tempura and Vegetable Kakiage, with Niigata rice, appetizer and miso soup. First time having lobster sashimi and lobster tempura!! So unique and the lobster meat was unexpectedly tasty, juicy and fresh!!!

lobster sashimi ^^

Bill came up to 80++ for two pax for lunch and I'll definitely come back! Enjoyed the jap food here!

A rdm selfie of mine before the last restaurant I'm about to introduce~

Umi + Vino
Think of seafood platters, oysters with European and Japanese Seafood Winebar dining concept. Saw their beer promo going for 4.90++ per pint this month, so I'll be back!! Any Asahi beer lovers?

Value for money lunch sets at $26++ currently inclusive of a soup, main and dessert!

I had Clam Chowder soup & mom had Mushroom!

added $6++ for their Umi salad cause my mom loves salad and this was my mother's day treat to her so she called the shots heh

I chose AUS Wagyu Steak for my main with mash and asparagus!
Steak was well-done and tasty! Super generous portion.

Not forgetting their Hokkaido Scallop and Konbu Pasta (which tastes like angel hair pasta) which was delicious and tasty as well! Saw some interesting sashimi pasta which looks interesting in the menu!

The soup and mains were good but the cakes can be improved. Had a fluffy yuzu cheesecake and banana chocolate cake. Mom likes them though! She said they tasted light but I need really cheesy cheesecakes.

Bill was around $79 bucks for two lunch sets + the pricey salad

Emporium Shokuhin
6 Raffles Boulevard 
#01-18 Marina Square
Singapore 039594 

Opening Hours:
Live Seafood Market 8:30am – 9pm
 Gourmet Grocer 11:30am – 9pm

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