Monday, April 25, 2016

BAKE Cheese Tart Opening in SG (Media Invite)

The first time I heard of this cheese tart brand, I wanted to squeeze it into my hong kong itinerary to get it but I had no time, but luckily William's sister got them for me back from hk all the way to Singapore. I tried it and instantly fell in love. Like what sorcery was these cheese egg tarts made from? SO GOOD!

And now they are opening in Singapore and I'm so happy to receive the media invite to their media launch located at Mo'mor Izakaya, another restaurant I wanted to try haha. (More deets on it on my dayre where I'm frequently updating!)

Thanks for hosting me and williams ^^

BAKE Inc. (BAKE) will be delivering freshly baked cheese tarts to Singaporeans starting 29 April 2016. Located at ION Orchard, the Singapore store will be BAKE CHEESE TART’s flagship store for Southeast Asia. BAKE currently has a total of 13 stores, nine stores in Japan and four stores in the rest of Asia including Hong Kong, Seoul and Bangkok. Singapore will be the fifth store outside Japan.

Steps to enjoy the egg tart:

BAKE CHEESE TART's freshly baked cheese tarts will be available at: ION Orchard #B4-33 2 Orchard Turn Singapore starting 29 April 2016. 
(Its this Friday!!! I bet the queue will be really crazy long. Maybe i'll queue for it when I'm in Bangkok instead hahaha)
Each cheese tart will sell for $3.50, and customers can buy six at $19.50.

Lucky us had 6 cheese tarts each to bring home!! And I finished all of mine already and ate will's :P So thankful!! hahaha

My outfit for BAKE's event.


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