Wednesday, April 13, 2016

iLights 2016 + Pasarbella (Pop-up & Suntec)

Wonderful experience at iLight Marina Bay 2016 4th Edition!

Hi guys, I've decided to blog about my iLights experience even though I slept super little last night, BECAUSE MY IPHONE KEEPS TYPING BY ITSELF some touch screen issues that I'm trying to reset and restore my iphone to fix -_- before heading down to an apple center.

With that said, can you guys tell I've slighting changed my blog layout into multiple posts instead of just one long chunk! So that its easier for me to categorize my posts now and my readers can just choose which posts more interesting to go and read ^^!

For three weeks in March 2016. i Lights returns to the Marina Bay waterfront area for its fourth edition!!! In my opinion, Singapore should organize these kinda festivals/events more often so that us dating couples have more things to do hahaha. Like the craze during the Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay in 2015 (where I still didn't know how to appreciate this kinda things even though my bf wanted to bring me) 

So I'm not going to miss another one! Haha i Light this year consists of around 25 light art installations and exhibitions which will dot and light up the areas around the Promontory at Marina Bay, the Marina Bay waterfront promenade and the Float at Marina bay!!

As usual, i Lights has PasarBella supporting our food cravings around the space right in front of Marina Bay Sands mall. Kinda liked the vibes here because the sitting and dining area for this Pasarbella pop up is like alfresco and super chill!

Here are only some of the stalls which I managed to capture at the pop-up! (Think the vendors here mostly are from PasarBella Grandstand outlet instead of their PasarBella at Suntec!)

Mad Dogs Bar & Grill
(This is a new vendor at suntec though hehe)

The Salted Egg
for salted egg fans, every salted egg food rendition you can think off ranging from salted egg churros to salted egg chicken skin. (Queue was too crazy long to try :( )

Keith's Cracking Roast
One of my favourite stalls from The Grandstand!!! 

But seriously, prices at this pop-up stalls are more steep! I opted for Set B which was either 1 meat (crackling or honey) + salad and it cost me $14.90!! Regretted not trying Set C because I can get both meats and another side for just 5 bucks more lol. But their mash potato/fries sides all OOS by the time I ordered, left rice I DON'T REALLY WANT LOL.

But okay their Cracking Roast was GOOD, so good in fact haha somehow like our chinese style roasted 3 layer pork hehe

Sea Salt Caribbean Deli
apparently popular for their pork knuckle and fish & chips. 

Decided to order this because it was Salmon & chips hahaha. Nothing that great to rant about tho! Comes with a huge load of nachos and fries as well. around 15 bucks if I remembered correctly.

Drinks Shop
with beer and other refreshing fruit infused tea.

My 'pint' of asahi was like $13 bucks? -_- and its definitely smaller than a pint!
We spend almost 60 bucks at this pop-up shop which didn't really fill us up so I guess thats something to improve? hahaha

smoothie and their acai bols hahaha. Queue too long and too crowded againnn :( but lucky we alr considered ourselves to come down early enough alr!

but nonetheless I enjoyed wasting time chilling along singapore river like this and the vibes here it was money well spent :D Cheers!

look at how good it looks when the sun sets, with a live-band accompanying the area as well :)

Uncle Ringo's iLight 2016 carnival!

give up taking nice ootd shots at the carousel -_-

hahahaha photobombed again and again by this dad that looks like he is not wearing any pants LOL

Angels of Freedom exhibit, too long to queue HAHAHAHA

Moon Haze exhibit! Super unlucky I think it fused and wasn't lit up when we reached LOL

Is I use filters edit until like this one HAHAHAHAHA but its like freaking unlit ok

My fav exhibit!!! The Light Origami *.*

it lights up in all sorts of colors ^^

Thank you #ilightmarinabay @marinabaysg for organizing asia's leading sustainable light art festival :*

I have been wanting to try PasarBella for pretty long since it was at Grandstand, but the location was kinda inconvenient for me, so its good they opened another outlet at Suntec!!! Btw both locations have different vendors, So its like an Italian kinda food market that consists of vendors from everywhere! :) That weekend I coincidentally tried both the pop-up & the Suntec's edition.

PasarBella @ Suntec
Suntec City
3 Temasek Blvd
#01-455 to 461 North Wing
Opening HoursDaily; 10am to 10pm
Sarnies opens at 8am!

Some of the food stalls I tried:

Grillo - Skewkers concept with house blended sauces!

Tried the raved about grillo Truffle Short Rib Bowl ($14.90 NETT, unlike the pop-up!)

Delicious bowl of thinly sliced short rib seasoned with black truffle and onsen egg, so photogenic and value for money!

Always wanted to try Rollie Olie since they opened at Star Vista, and this is their second outlet!
They offer chirashi bowls, aloha poke bowls and sushi! :P

Sunkissed Salmon 
decent sushi shiok maki rolls ranges around $17 bucks which could be cheaper IMO!

Tried Squeezed (think of cold pressed juices concepts) here as well, the one which has a LOOONG queue at the new Punggol Waterway point.

They offer unique UFO shaped brioches both savory and sweet (Like frozen yogurt and nutella spread within) and we had their Truffle Mac and cheese + Bacon bits UFO bun. It was 4/5 bucks I think but I thought that the filling could be more flowy, warm and salivating!!

So this sums up my experience at PasarBells at Suntec city, I will go back for their Burgers at Wolf Burgers my friend was endlessly praising about! ;)

Signing off now! :)

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