Wednesday, April 13, 2016

BEST hair treatment ever: Artistry Hair Professional

Disclaimer: Even though this is a sponsored post, this review on my experience at Artistry Hair Professional are 100% my honest opinions.  

Before and After pictures from their popular Mucota DYNA Argan Oil Treatment!! :0

As you guys know, I used to be very into dying my hair into all sorts of crazy color/bleach, but as I grew older, all I wanted was for my natural black hair to grow back out, without having to even dye my hair black despite my horrible horrible roots because I felt that chemicals ruined my hair enough already!! (So I was totally against dying my hair ever... hahaha need to think about future jobs and proper hair colors already)

Super glad when Artistry Hair Professional approached me with their Mucota DYNA Argan Oil Treatment. It is a life changer and I felt comfortable enough to allow my hair to be dyed a dark ash brown again as I'm pretty sure the treatment keeps my hair super soft and healthy. And importantly, its effortless. (I'm really lazy when it comes to like blow drying/straightening my hair just for it to look good for the day lol)

Here's my experience at Artistry Hair Professional: thanks to the professional and kindest and hair stylist ever. Chris Wong!

More about the company: Artistry Hair Professional recently opened its second branch at International Plaza, after the success of their first outlet at China Square Central.

 The Mucota Dyna range of products they offer is one of the best hair treatments around with lasting effects and still being relatively affordable. 
Fun fact: the co-owner and director of Artistry Hair Professional , Jerry, is the brand educator of Mucota products in Singapore and Artistry Hair Professional is one of the very first salons that brought in the Mucota Dyna treatments. And of course my stylist Chris used to be working with him at the very first outlet before they expanded and hired many more stylists! :)
What Chris started out with lol I knew my hair was bad but not this bad HAHAHA

Coffee, tea or MI-lo :)
Like most salons, Artistry Hair Professional  offers hot and chilled beverages for their customers. My session was super long (like 5 hours lol), doing both the Mucota DYNA Argan Oil Treatment and saving the distressing color on my head and Chris asked me if I'm hungry/ want any beverages and I chose the hot green tea :)

getting the ash grey on my head!~

More information on the Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Hair treatment after dying my hair:
If my hair wasn't going to undergo intense treatment with the Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Treatment, there was no way I'm going to dye it again. This is a treatment Headlines strongly recommend for all their customers who wish to do chemical treatments.
The treatment is seperated into three-steps. Mucota Dyna Argan Oil Treatment (from Japan) is basically similar to rebonding but 100% without the damage instead its a life saving treat! It straightens out hair, shapes and “sets” it with a hot iron and is extremely effective in relaxing frizzy and unruly hair leaving it looking perfectly smooth and healthy. It is safe for pregnant women (which is why its really trustable) and totally ammonia and formaldehyde-free!
Step 1
After a hair wash, the first customised DYNA Hair Treatment was carefully chosen from three different options that best suited my hair condition.
The DYNA Hair Treatment contains the key ingredient, Argan Oil, the world’s most expensive plant oil extracted from the nut kernels of the resilient Argan Tree found in Morocco. This deeply nourishing plant oil is known to protect hair from sun damage while leaving it moisturized.
The treatment is left on for 20 – 30 minutes before washing off.
Step 2
After washing off 'Step 1' hair is then gently towel-dried and then blow-dried before a heated straightening iron is used to “set” the hair, helping it look naturally straight and voluminous (not excessively flat) after wash.
Step 3
The final step of the treatment involves the application of the DYNA After Cream which locks and seals the treatment effect!!!! :DD
The cream is left on for about 10 – 15 minutes before it is rinsed off and blowed!!
Other Mucota hair treatments Headlines by Artistry offer as well starting from as low as $58 bucks for a hair & a cut!?
Amazing results, pictures can't lie.

More angles of my new Hair ^^

Ash brown! :)

Thanks to Artistry Hair Professional , my hair will look so effortlessly good due to their wonderful treatment for the next three to six months, its so good I might consider dying back my hair again since this treatment will totally save it HAHA. 
 For more of their promotions and new updates, visit Artistry Hair Professional Facebook Page.
The Mucota DYNA Argan Oil Treatment starts from $250 to $310. Pricing differs depending on your hair length and texture. 
Quote “Eugenia or Pinkyniakoh” to enjoy up to 10%-30% off all hair treatments/cuts/dye!!
Currently they have a promo of first timer price at $218 straight, just mention my name!!~

Artistry Hair Professional (International Plaza)
10 Anson Road 
International Plaza
Singapore 079903
(3 mins walk from Tanjiong Pagar MRT, follow the exit sign to International Plaza!)
Opening hours: Mondays to Fridays from 10:30am to 8:30pm
Saturdays from 10:30am to 7:00pm
Public Holidays from 10:30am to 5:00pm
Closed on Sundays
Alternatively, call +65 6221 9255 to make your reservation.
Thank you so much chris for the pleasant experience & job!!! :)

snapchat does not lie :) @eugeniakoh


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