Monday, April 25, 2016

Timbre+ - 1st Container & Food Truck revamped place in Singapore which needs another revamp.

When I first heard of Timbre Plus, I imagined it to be like bangkok's artbox, but I guess its more disappointing than that and it can't be compared.

14 restaurant brands and 21 hawker stalls, hawker stalls serving their local delights from graffiti painted containers, and the restaurants from caravans being food truck style.

Live music performance like all timbres, from wednesday to saturday nights.

Honestly, when I read online reviews on the food there, I was already more interested to try their hawker food instead of what the restaurants offer. But it was wed night, live music performance = no hawker food for me. Food here was quite bad so I highly doubt a return.

There's this Food Anatomy shop which serves like noodles and ingredients on a square stack which looks pretty yet disturbing but I should have tried it since the others were not nice either and I'm never, ever coming back. There is an Teppei stall there as well, would have just eaten that if I knew all the other restaurant choices are going to be disappointing haha.

Some of the stalls and stuff you can expect from the caravans restaurants.
Selling donburis and skewers (some tasted bad, examples of some acceptable options were the Enoki bacon mushroom which was $2.80 per stick lol)
Their fries with salted egg yolk dips were edible.

Beef rendang rice bowl ($14.80)
Straits times' 7 must try dishes at timbre+ got this right. This was decent. I know I am damn anal about my comments (plus the lighting was bad so my food photos kinda look decolored), but I don't mean to spoil your appetite if you thought of heading there LOL.

The World Is Flat by Tanuki Raw
Fat Samurai ($9/slice, $49 whole pizza)
By the same team behind Tanuki Raw, Standing Sushi Bar and Shinkasen. Its a new pizza concept, inspired by pizzas and japanese fusion. This item can be ordered. Duck confit, bacon, prawn, burnt onions, smashed US beef, roasted cabbage, Konbu mayo, balsamic Okonomiyaki sauce, crispy bonito flakes, mozzarella and brie, atop an Umami charcoal crust. Its quite yummy!

Long queues, more beeping devices, wanted to try the Paella from Portico Platos but waiting time was 45 mins so I skipped it. Timbre+ place has a Tray Return area so you'll have to return your tray meaning - playing a part to clear your table to get your $1 back. 

This causal french fare of pork ribs and mash went terribly bad and went wrong. The pork rib was legit smelly, had a stale and bad taste. ugh no comments.

Two Wings
Salted Egg Wings set ($16.90)
Comes in 6 pieces, fries (chose luncheon meat fries) plus a drink. The salted egg wings were worth the order following the right trend and I'll recommend it. But the set is not that value for money in my opinion. 

Bottle Shop
ciders and beers ranging from $10 <
This two ciders from Zeffer's were good & tasted so unique!!
Just come here to enjoy the live music, ciders and maybe eat chicken wing is enough.

73A Ayer Rajah Crescent #01-32
JTC LaunchPad @ one-north 
Singapore 139957

Opening hours
Monday to Saturdays: 6 am - 6 pm (hawker stalls)
11 am - 11 pm (restaurants)

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