Monday, April 25, 2016

Truly Test Kitchen - Jaw Dropping portion & Price tag

Failed morning hike for two days so I woke up early for a change and we decided to head down to Truly taste test kitchen opened by three young entrepreneurs at JJ industrial building in the Tai Seng area.

First time we were there around 1 plus pm? And almost everything was sold out (Shocking, since they supposedly closes at 4 pm, haha no wonder all the blogs I've read says 2/2.30 pm haha makes no difference. Just be there like us around 11 am on a sat, everything still available!!) so the one of the bosses, Mr Joel Chia, told us to find him the next time we returned so he will let us try more tasting portions (so kind, humble and nice! even though we weren't food bloggers etcera)

5 stalls here all single handedly and meticulously handled by them. And do take note that the portions are HUGE. Like super huge it was kind of unexpected. For the prices which ranged from $2 - $4.50, too economically good to believe. Three of us struggled to finish what was ordered despite our huge appetites hahaha. I recommend to come here in LARGER GROUPS!!

Handmade Meatball Porridge & Traditional Yam / Carrot Cake
Homemade Traditional Fried Yam/Carrot/Pumpkin Cake ($2)
Super huge for just two bucks?! and it was so good!!! The skin was fried but the insides melts in your mouth when you chew, I think they prolly blended the carrot cake from scratch and then pan fried it perfectly. Must order! Didn't think traditional carrot cakes could taste so good until I had this.

Assam Chicken Chop Noodles ($3.50)
For just 3.50, you get this super enormous bowl of pipe sweating hot goodness which was able to feed us three. Chose assam instead of the popular curry flavour because we were already going to try their curry rice later. And it was such a good choice! The soup and broth in this mee was so good!! Trashes the famous ke kou mian at bukit panjang cause you can choose maggi mee as your noodles as well here. haha, supper spot idea?

Truly Curry Rice
The enormous portion of rice & cabbage was $2/$3 I forgot hahaha but we spent around 8 dollars at this shop for all our ingredients placed in bowls (so generous until cannot fit the ingredients in the bowl!!!) + 3 canned drinks ($3~?) 

Joel let us try this braised radish soup which was so yummy, flavourful enough to just go with rice & make it a herbal soup combi~ hahaha

Potatos + Tomato eggs + Fish Fillet which was yummy too despite ordering them randomly.

Truly Western
Chicken Waffles ($4.50)
Ordered this because normal cafes makes them for at least more than 15 bucks and its like 1/3 of their usual price range. And makes the whole picture so instagrammable hahaha but I guess it was really just normal chicken + fries + waffles with maple syrup? Super cheap but I preferred all the earlier dishes :)
Would want to come back to try their pastas here tho, sambal aglio olio sounds unique!

yay so the place was really worth the visit and we spent like less than 20 bucks in total for everything and even tookaway the curry rice for dinner LOL (the portions were rly all too big, I guess if they weren't so generous with their food servings they can serve like 3x more customers and make more profit? Plus the food won't so early out of stock hahaha)

We spent 20 bucks + additional hundreds on car repair fee for william cause park car at the industrial area, car bumper got scratched by some noob shit driver who tried to park next to us -_- and dissappeared -_____-)

Truly Test Kitchen
Jun Jie Industrial Building

153 Kampong Ampat #07-05 
Singapore 368326 
(Tai Seng MRT)

Opening Hours: 
7am – 4pm (Be there at around 11++ am, all stalls opened & before lunch crowd)
(Breakfast at 7am, Curry rice & Noodles at 9am, Western at 11am)
(Closed on Sundays)

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