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26 Tapas Bar + Orchid Live Seafood + Poteato + Club Street Social

Still pretty lazy to blog about my Hongkong trip cause there's just too many photos, so I am gonna do some over-dued posts and current posts before I bombard this space agn hehe. So so so so much food, makes me so hungry when I blog.

so for my second TGIW after I got back from hk, I finally had what you called a solo date with wenmin. 
Met the clique afterwards, but before that we were like watching X-men and I totally changed wm's concept on xmen, now she's addicted I guess.. But I was so talkative throughout the movie tryna to explain to her this and that.

X-men rocked, at first min wanted to watch godzilla then I was like 
"can you stop being such an animal, u love your dog now so much now movie you also wna watch monkeys?"
min: "what monkey?!"
"gorilla I mean!!"
-great mystery unveiled for me-
PS (its so hard for me to find a perfect movie partner these days, so so many movies I haven't caught yet!)

Wanted to go to another place initally but the queue was too long.. so a friend recommended his sis's bf bar &
 we settled for this newly opened bistro - a place where you can chill, drink and eat very yummy food!! Definitely up to my expectations.

26 Tapas Bar
26 Kandahar Street 

as they are a newly opened bar, do follow them on their insta
to be updated for their daily promotions of their monthly special shots and more!

One of my new favorite places to chill especially with its interior so romantic, cosy and PINK *.*

The place serves their own creation of monthly special shots, previous month was Cotton Candy & Melon Pop shots which looked so good but too bad this month one was
C.R.E.A.M. & Snowball shots which was still okay but I doubt it was as good at the previous month creation!

6 Shots @ $18
12 Shots @ $34
26 Shots @ $65

perfect place for an alcoholic like me ....... hehe

Other than shots, they serve very very dope ciders here as well as beers. With the promotion of 2 beers for a cheaper price, their Well's Banana Bread Beer is one of their most popular and unique flavors, you don't see everywhere selling them?! Usual promos of happy hours exists too!

As for me, I found my new favorite drinks! definitely the two ciders in the picture below
Brothers Wild Fruit ($14)
Brothers Toffee Apple ($14)

Idk which I prefered because both were just too good and you could really taste the after taste of toffee & apple in the toffee apple flavored one and how I wished I bought like a carton back home to drink!

look at da colors of the pretty ciders~

Truffle Fries
normal stuff you can get anywhere but this was on the house for us from them! cheers :)

Steak Cubes ($9.90)
with pan-fried mushrooms and asparagus
*must order* everything in this appetizer was damn good and perfect for a small bite during minor drinking sessions!

26TB Chicken Wings ($9.90)
which was pretty good too with their marination as well as the the balachan sambal sauce that came along!

All of their appetizers were brilliant, 
Stuffed Mushrooms ($9.90)
stuffed with chorizo, bacon and melted cheese YUMMY!

At 26TB, simply
- Choose your pasta
- Choose a pasta base Aglio Olio/Pomodoro/Cream
-Choose an ingredient combi

The pasta they served was very fulfilling and delicious too. The aglio olio lovers - min & shan on the table immediately fell in love with the pastas.

Bacon & Mushroom ($10.90)

Soft Shell Crab ($14.90)
had two plates of this, one in cream and the other aglio olio as well, both hit the spot!

not forgetting the chef recommended
3 Little Pigs Pizza ($17.90)
It was not too bad but I felt that the pizza that day wasn't up to their usual standards, so perhaps other flavors could taste as good too? Not just this singly harping the spotlight of "most recommended"

had a kind 10% off the total bill, but its not like I'm trying to promote them, but this place is really a place everyone has to visit!!!! I will be back!

Testing out my DSLR with trishy~

with wenmin & trish!

trish and wenmin :)

da koh sisters; shan and me!

still tryna get use my dslr which sometimes I still feel that I have no control over. & I just realized I have no photos with tessa :(

Mother's day dinz

Throwback to mother's day and yeap that's my mom's expression when she realizes her daughter had forgotten to button her shirt properly before going out LOL.

In our new ride. Can't wait to get my license!

whats celebrating mother's day without a hearty meal? At this restaurant with the very malaysian-ish country side feel hidden in the far north-east side of Singapore. Makes me feel like I'm not in SG. They have two outlets and are famous for their lobster porridge!!

Orchid Live Seafood
No. 1 Bah Soon Pah Road (off Sembawang Rd)

quite reasonably priced seafood sets for different ppl, we had three people, neither here nor there, so we ordered the 2 pax value set for $88 and added a fish!!

naked (my face not me) me sippin' on my coconut *.* me likey~

Signature Live Lobster Porridge, no words to describe, LOVE.THE.BROTH.
only problem, hate the tons of ginger swimming with the lobsters inside.. hahaha my hatest food eva.

additional Live Soon Hock which was really super good and my favorite dish of the night, the fish was so fresh and tender, and it was just too tasty!

another of their signature - Steven Chicken, very very yummy as well, my dad's favorite. Superbly marinated!

Baby Kailan - what's a meal without veggies!

Chili Mussels~

so satisfied with my chicken wing

the traditional red potong childhood ice-cream where you couldn't understand why your parents loved it as kids in the past.

approx 160 SGD

Simple dinner date with pops

changi village meal since its so near our place~


typical sour-soupe and sea coconut combi that I like


Clad in my newest favorite romper with laces at the bottom~
great night at zouk members once again!

Another random day where I went cafe hopping with keith.
I swear this post has too much good food I'm starving.

78 Yong Siak Street
 #01-018 Singapore
 (10 mins walk from Tiong Bahru MRT)
Tel: +65 6221 2488
Opening Hours: 11am – 10 pm Tue to Sun 
(closed Mon)

I really really like this place not just because that their food is good, its because I love brunches and my cafe hopping adventures, but usually my screwed up body clock will always make me miss the timings for brunches - usually the better things on the menu, but yet at this bistro, the dinner food is pretty good I wouldn't even think of their brunch menu.

on the other hand, cafes, please make your brunches all day please, not 'all day' till 5pm but to 10pm

in time for their 1 for 1 beer promotion of Kronenbourg 1664 Beer ($15)
somebody is getting abit of the beer belly aye? *raises hands*

actually I would have loved to try their tea cause this place ain't called poTEAto for no reason, they seem to have pretty yummy tea choices on the menu served in pretty glass teacups *.*
but I was recovering from fever then (yeah ikr I'm always sick)
so beer was a good choice.

Sweet Potato Fries ($6.20)
one of their better fries selection on their menu and it came in such a generous portion for the price. yumz!

Potato Dipper Chips ($5.20)
MUST ORDER. its really really really really good, do not let the looks of it deceive you, it looks so plain but its not like the ordinary potato chips we usually eat, its like hand-sliced thin potato slices which went soo well with the dips. AWESOME. better than the already good sweet potato fries.

Louisiana Pork Ribs ($18)
served with potato wedges (yummy too) and HUGE ribs for that price and the ribs were quite meaty too and delicious, not like all bones no meat.

Salmon & Mashed Potatoes ($15)
one of favorite mains! the salmon was so perfectly cooks and it comes with mashed potatoes and asparagus as well~

thanks keith for the treat!
we were so overwhelmed by potatoes that night but i'll definitely come back here again. food and place is great! Love the theme of po-TEA-toes hehehehe so cute.

sneaky shottt

Zouk after that again. Photos with twin and keith!

and my dear cousin, fabian!

hehe, shall end off this post with another hidden find but I would recommend this place for high-tea cause I thought that the meal wasn't as filling as usual cafes. The interior and tables are so classy looking there!

LOL i prolly have so much food here in this post but I kept this for the last cause this place is somewhere which I didn't mind going once but I won't fawn over it like the previous places I listed~
but a good thing like this place is that their breakfast selection is really all day, so I can have it for dinner as well hehe

Club Street Social
5 gemmill lane
Tel: +65 6225 5043

I like their marble tables and floor entrance, so priddy in my eyes *.*

Lobster Bisque ($12)
he was craving for it so I found this place which served it! kinda too salty for my liking but it has lobster bits in it served with bread on the top~

This sandwich looking thing is called 'Panini' - i think its a kind of bread - didn't look at all appealing, but I think its one of the best food choices there, which brings me to the point of why this place is good for high-teas and chit chatting with like a sandwich in front of your faces.

had this with confit duck, roast portobello, balsamic onion fillings.
very yummy!

Truffled Egg Toast ($14)
I guess many would order this due to its unique appearance as its like a truffled flavored fluffy bread toast with an egg in the middle which will burst and the egg yolk flows out~ sounds so dreamy right? 
But silly me forgot to order the additional ingredients like salmon and mushrooms which came as the choices with it so it ended up a little plain.

Nutella Bread Pudding, with ice cream ($12)
Looks all so promising to me, but looks are still indeed deceiving at the end of the day. The bread cake below was too dry, and I only enjoyed like what, the vanilla scoop of ice-cream above?

rushed for a movie afterwards!

whoop I cleared most of my SG posts already.

awkward angle shot cause I'm in love with my new dollywink falsies ;)

xoxo eugeniania hope you enjoyed da post!

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