Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Wenmin's 20th x Suki-ya + Llao Llao + Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe + NOM + Potato Head Folk + Spanish Doughnuts + Balzac Brasserie

hey guys, I am backkk, I wanna just rant about some stuff here in this space but I guess its better to keep what I am thinking/feeling to myself sometimes so oh wellszx! I think I can get over those thoughts soon enough like I usually do. 

For once during June, I actually made couple or more trips down to town cause I am usually very lazy and won't rly head down/out to these district areas in SG but yeah, my ootd for Wenmin's 20th birthday celebration! All my friends were like wtf were you wearing..... HAHAHA I wanted to wear this shorts I swear but I couldn't find it so I spotted like a pair of gold leggings staring at me in my wardrobe before I decided to put them on. hahaha okay #eugeniaalwayshasweirdfashionsense or rather, I always like to rdmly put pieces of clothings tgt which usually people dare not wear, out.

lol & cause my clique girls are always damn 'heck-care' & late queens I swear.... I managed to try the frozen yogurt everyone has been raving about at somerset w tess & wm!!

Llao Llao Natural Frozen Yogurt
can visit their website for their franchise outlets around the globe!

3 outlets in SG:
Marina Blvd
Marina Link #B1-04
Marina Square Shopping Mall

Singapore Polytechnic
500 Dover Road
Food Court 3
(I can't believe they opened this here after i graduated!! >:)

313 Orchard Road #B3-55
313 Somerset

After tasting it, I can see what is the rave about as it instantly became one of my favourite frozen yogurt brands! Its recommended to get the Sanum combi where you can get to mix 1 Sauce, 2 Fruits & 1 Biscuit/Crumble for $6.50 & I guess everything you pick will definitely go very very well tgt & I'm craving for this now!

#selfiewiththebirthdaygirl & prolly the one who spends one of the most efforts in organising these meet-ups for us cause idk why the rest will get so occupied whenever they are in a relationship or dating, only I bother to annoy them with my whatsapp every other dayyyy LOL....... trying to phrase this as happily as I sound but
ok I shouldn't be complaining here HAHAHAHA thats just how my clique is but I still love them
but that day rly cannot ok..... hi guys if you are reading

Finally settled for some sukiyaki & shabu shabu buffet at 

Plaza Singapura

They have mannnyyy outlets in sg and you've definitely seen one of it before!!

I'll come back here, because even for dinner, we paid around 33 bucks each only after adding $4.90 for unlimited free flow beverages. Its really affordable for all that they offer which includes their unlimited top quality chilled beef, pork and farmed chicken thats so yummy and sliced paper-thin!!!

SukiYa Buffet Price / Timing
Lunch (Mon to Fri): $17.90 ++ , 80 minutes
Lunch (Weekends): $19.90++, 80 minutes
Dinner (Mon to Fri): $23.90++, 100 minutes
Dinner (Weekends): $25.90++ , 100 Minutes
*$2 extra per person on weekends, PH eve, and PH

hungry tess, me and min

Daniel Wellington watch (sliver) for wm's gift with an extra strap for her to switch!

We are allowed to choose two flavors among their 6 choices of sumptuous soups and broths and the top two recommended ones are Sukiyaki (Savoury-sweet soy-sauce base) & Butaniku (pork base soup). We settled for Sukiyaki & Kimuchi!

Their vegetable bar featuring a wide variety of fresh vegetables to round up the meal with a healthy touch!!

there's like icecream & fruits too which I didn't get to try cause we actually came at their closing time so we just had to grab what we could LOL

cause we were still waiting for shan & regina to reach, me tess trish and wm went to order like mountains of (from the left) chicken, pork, beef so we ended up having these to finish HAHAHAH cause when shan & regina reached we forgot to tell them we had already ordered. LOL

tess loves the beef and wm's favorite is the pork LOL I don't have much preference but they were like saying they ate so much meat tessa was going get chased by a cow in her dreams that night and wenmin, by a pig.

but I honestly can't rmb the last time I was this FULL HAHAHA

just us getting high on all the meat seriously HAHAHA

mixed like lots of garlic and chilli together 

I liked their spicy miso sauce and it goes super well with the beef yumyum

with tricia the sauce & beef stealer meh HAHA

went to starbucks aft dinner, feeling all 9 months pregnant and we still had a durian cake to cut 
so here's a shot of wenmin and me :D

regina w the birthday girl!



and tess with her new snapback~

happy birthday my darling :*

Met up with one of my closest best guy friends as well during one of the weekdays and we settled for some yummy jap food since it's Kengyang's favourite cuisine!! haven't met him for like 3 months alr?! And his birthday just passed so I was 'supposed to treat him' but ended otherwise, but he can really eat alot among all of my guy friends. We finished dinner and he was like -okay- full only. whutt

 Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe
Wheelock Place
501 Orchard Road #03-15
Singapore 238880

I think its good to make a reservation!
Tel: +65 6733 6636

world cup period.. I am invisible

I like the private seating part!!

while waiting for our fooood

I hate my fatty cheeks

both of our eyebags are pretty bad.. and mine was exceptionally bad that day!!

Nixon Roll & Salmon Pink Dragon Roll ($11)
all of the sushi rolls we ordered was so yummy great way to start our meal! Had so much carbs man hahaha

Cheese and Asparagus Beef Steak Roll [4pcs] ($8.50)
First time hearing beef with sushi, so innovative and delish, tess would love this HAHA

Other than those ala cartes, we had two dinner sets as well, you guys should order their dinner/lunch sets while dining here, more value for money hehe

Salmon Chirashi ($27.80)
ordered this over the usual chirashi cause I prefer salmon the most and this was so yummy with different ways of serving the salmon!

best miso soup I ever had, with salmon in it as well. HAHA salmon overload much.

comes with chanwanmushi too! hehe

ky's set
Beef & Foie Gras ($33.80)
Everything on the platter was good too, the potato balls, and the foie gras was ky's favourite! I tried a slice and its really yummyyyy man!

Tofu Cheesecake ($6.50)
Prolly one of the best cheesecakes I have eaten but many ppl rave over sun with moon's tofu cheesecake so I ordered it and one slice was definitely not enough! Next time can order the entire cake for birthdays already hehe

Choc Mille Crepe ($7.80)
Not too bad but can't be compared with their tofu cheesecake and especially the crepe cake I had in HK!!

Bill came up to around 120 SGD and I would definitely come back again! Love the food there!

ky playing with my dslr effects

always using my phoneee bad habit

great night with my SINGLE and cute guy friend any takers?

Another cafe hopping afternoon with zipeng cause I had to meet him to pass some stuffs!!

NOM Bistro & Bakery – No Other Meaning
Macpherson Community Club Level 1
400 Paya Lebar Way
Singapore 379131

Tel: +65 67373839
Opening Hours: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Most people come to this cafe located at the community centre here for their rainbow cake!! 
I award it with the most photogenic rainbow cake I ever saw award, ever.

Oreo Rainbow Cake ($7.90)
Taste was okay, but the colors and appearance wise made up for everything! They had like two options of either oreo and salted caramel cream surrounding the cake so it's slightly more unique compared to other places which serves the usual plain old rainbow cakes! 

Apple Pie Vanilla Pop ($4.90)
tried this innovative drink and I love ice-blended drinks so I'm always bias to them & the weather was soooo hot so i enjoyed it! I'm a vanilla loverr!!

Salted Caramel Latte ($3.90)

Afterwards, headed to outram area to visit a newly opened cafe which is

Potato Head Folk
36 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089143

Tues - Sun: 11 am - 12 am

(come after 5pm for their dinner as food is only served then for dinner btw)

one of the prettiest and most photogenic cafes I have ever been in so zippy kept using my dslr to take photos of me, so I swear I'm not such a camwhore hahaha!

so pretty!! (the backdrop, not me.)

look at the interiors! There's like three levels of these nicely decorated areas.

their menu is quite limited like what you see in a burger chain, but I guess its cause people usually come here for their burgers! There's like pork, beef, chicken, lamb etc!

w zipeng!

Bare Roots Cola ($7)
the waiter recommended me this cola with lemony taste which needed some time to get used to HAHA should have ordered their cocktails but I didn't want to taste alcohol in the afternoon..

& for the portion, I think the food served there is pretty affordable to dine-in for a cafe and its ambience! *.*

Wing-Its ($8)
Basket of drumlets served marinated in smokey BBQ sauce, finger licking good! Must order!

Naughty Fries ($9)
The second must order thing on their menu is definitely these, their naughty fries consists of sliced potatoes deep fried, still with their skin on, drenched in spiced creamy thick bernaise, topped with chunks of minced beef and shallots!!
Sounds so sinful but this could be the next big thing after truffle fries cause we had no problem finishing all of these up, and usually potato based dish always has remains.

Baby Huey Burger ($20)
I ordered their beef burger, which was super yummy as well. Standard as good as the omakase jap brand burger which is raved and claimed as the best burger in SG! I really want to go back to try their chicken burger now hehe cause I usually don't opt for beef.

I will definitely come back again! *.*

zippy is super bent on photography so its ironic when he takes me taking photos of what I usually take photos of hahaha, sounds confusing right?

if you do follow me on insta @Pinkyniakoh you would have already seen many ootd shots which I have already uploaded cause that duxton area has so many hidden places good for ootd taking and these are some which I was lazy to spam my insta timeline with!

super hot weather

What I had for dinner, cpl of fridays back after watching transformers (the first movie which is around 3 hours long which I watched in cinemas TWICE. Second cause I'm nice, but it's really a nice movie, so go and catch it!) and this was located near my current part time workplace, at hotel rendezvous at douby area! 

Balzac Brasserie
9 Bras Basah Road  
Singapore 189559
Tel: +65 6336 0797

yummy Lobster bisque & Truffled eggs for appetizers, they serve complimentary home-made bread too

My main - Slow Cooked Black Cod with Ragout of White Beans and French Bacon

Trish came over to find me and regina during our work as well

Last but not least, another day after some talk with some of my babes, and we were in the vicinity so I brought them to Jewel Cafe + Bar one of my fav cafes for dinner and you can read my first experience HERE

so thats tess & trish reading the menu even though I can already recommend them what to order with my eyes closed LOL

Their top two pastas here has got to be their Chilli Crab Pasta!

and Unami Prawn Capellini!

hungry gals

Vongole which was so-so

and I definitely came back here for their Apple crumble which is reallyyyyyy awesomeee

I had no makeup on so tricia lent me her shades and I look like a retard hehe

trish, tess and shan my babies :D

Off to town AGAIN. And went to one of the highest level in Orchard Central cause I wanted to try their churros and I was exhausted after all the walking!

Spanish Doughnuts
181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central #05-51

Spanish Chorizo ($4.90)
Normal hotdog bread which was just meh despite all the mustard

Choco Churrito's ($9.90)
They have this in savoury (salty) flavours as well but its was OOS so we had the chocolate combi which was yummy as well! Should be one of the better locations for churros in singapore for churros lovers like me! 

served with three shades of melted chocolate sauces and my favorite is definitely milk!! Should have changed all three dips to white hahaha

okay abrupt ending again and I hope my month of July as well as you guys will be a successful and fruitful one! ;)

thanks for reading xoxo

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