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Sunday Folks + National Day 2014 + Rumah Makan Minang + Golden Mile Mookata + Jumbo

Hey guys, IM SO SORRY I recently take like million of years (exaggerating) to update my blog once, but I am rly very very busy, rarely have enough time to go out and meet my pals, or even partying, cannot deny that I am already super bored of that routine, by the time I reach home I just get too tired or lethargic to dress up and meet my friends for drinks, my life now currently is just work work work and work. Night job, day job, the most I do is to like head out to eat suppers or catch midnight movies... 

(talking about that, If I stay was kinda crappy in my opinion compared to the fault in the stars.. its seriously more of a makeout tutorial than a touching and impactful movie in comparison to its competitor)

Kind of a 360 degree lifestyle change for me right?! My alcohol tolerance decreased a hell lot!!! But anyways, a quick update on august when I DID head out before this boring routine. Can't wait for bkk & korea already! Promise you guys more interesting updates by then! ;)

As a full fledged ice-cream + waffles lover, I went to try the newly opened sister outlet of Creamier (where I had one of the best ice-cream waffles ever in SG). Whats so special about this place is that they serve their ice-cream in soft-serve!! Pretty new waffle and ice-cream concept you'll feel like trying the moment the arrival of it spams your feeds!

Sunday Folks
44 Jln Merah Saga
 Singapore 276118
Tel: +65 6479 9166

Tues to Sun: 12 pm - 10 pm

They currently only have 6 soft-serve flavours; Summer Strawberries, Roasted Pistachio, Earl Grey Lavender, Madagascar Vanilla, Seasalt Gula Melaka and Dark Chocolate. All are freshly churned from their dispenser onto your waffles/cones! 

Sunday Folks offers a wide range of toppings for customisation, cones come with a few toppings of their own, already prepared. Each cone is $6.90 and any additional standard/premium topping will be charged an extra $1.50/$1.90 respectively.

With my new nuffies blogger buddies for the cafe hopping session :)

and Evelyn! :D

Simple Madagascar Vanilla soft-serve with maple and chocolate syrup!

instagrammer doing what instagrammers do

and my Seasalt Gula Melaka soft-serve with maple syrup, chocolate sauce and I added some yummy jelly (forgot the name for that) and Gula Melaka Mochi for the extra toppings!

In my opinion, I would only visit this place again if I just wanted to get their simple soft serve in the cone. Like this pre-customized Roasted Pistachio soft-serve - look at those yummy toppings!

Soft-serve ice-creams melts a little too fast and somehow, I prefer the option of having at least two balls (quantity) of ice-cream over your waffles cause I am an ice-cream lover, one portion of soft serve is really not enough for you to savour and accompany the waffles with. 

Other than that I guess the soft-serve concept is really cool still!!

w the girls :*

corliss, evelyn and me! I'm like the youngest of them all already hahaha

will meet them soon for more cafe hopping sessions when I'm less busy hehe~

On national day this year, had a room at Marina Bay Sands as usual so that we could watch the parade and see fireworks from the hotel room. And this is me drinking an ice-blended mocha caramel frappe - something I never fail to order at MBS's sweet spot, which is located just at the lobby of tower 3!!

I love it cause their chunks of ice are really thick, I hate it when I order something ice-blended and the drinks comes out super watery or something. Its like; hello bro did you talk too much while blending my drink cause the ice just went back to the exact form it was in...

Since it was national day, many restaurants at mbs was super crowded by dinner time and we settled for some high society set meal as usual *.*

Some salmon starter

Love their crab caesar salad

mushroom soup

very yummy and tender beef tenderloins 

as well as fish and chips :D

strawberry cheesecake

lemon meringue tart

and one of the better tiramisu cakes I have tried (trust me I'm picky) for dessert!!

super pretty view of gardens by the bay at night!

decided to head out since MBS was so near town area, had to go chill right?!

Went to playhouse w shan and the guys hehe 

with bin! 


shan and joshua~

With markcus! have no idea how he drove home that night..

and bin again.. me, mark and bin died LOL

me shan and josh

And I seriously can't rmb how I got back to the hotel room, actually I can, hahahah thanks for sending me backkkk :o

Woke up feeling super hangover but EXTREMELY HUNGRYY

and ordered my favourite in-room dining in the hotel!! hehehe

Beef again! Super yummy Flame-grilled wagyu beef *.* with mash!

and club sandwich!

not forgetting their mango sago but I thought that the previous chocolate tart with ice-cream dessert I ordered previously was better..

chilling at the infinity pool~

Too bored and at town area again, seriously this excuse never grows old, so headed down to sonar cause I haven't seen the usual party peeps in a very very long time T.T

next morning-
Checking out and more of my fav caramel frappe for me hehe

Headed down to get some authentic nasi-pandang at RMM, which is located next to the sultan mosque, alot of popular shops serving like-wise food in the vicinity. Its a halal Indonesian Restaurant that specialises in Minangkabu cuisine. 

Rumah Makan Minang
18 Kandahar St
Singapore 198884
8.30am to 7.30pm
Tel: +65 6294 4805

in their air-conditioned second level dining area!

I love their side dishes and this Ikan Bakar is one of their most popular padang dishes. Super spiced up before grilling serving alongside with sweet soy sauce and chopped chilis and onions! 

not forgetting my favourite brinjals 

I seriously can't rmb all the dishes' names but I love this kind of food cause I love spicy food hehehe and this place was good!! They give you so many different types of curry to go with your rice as well if you request! Used to always frequent here w my parents heheh

heavenly balachan & the wonders it will do to you in the bathroom but I love it 

Other Random choppy picture updates

Another night as Sauce, some open bar at esplanade area w the guys

buckets and buckets of asahi, beer makes me super bloated man

Supper aft at 

Mookata New Udon Thai Food Restaurant
5001, Beach Road, #01-66B
Golden Mile Complex

one of the authentic sites you can actually go to check out for yummy thai restaurants to dine in especially good for supper monsters!

Ordered two Standard set which cost about $39 bucks, drinks and rice as additional charges, I finally had my thai milk tea. 

first time seeing markcus mix the vermicelli with egg and it was so yummy! hahahaha I swear me and shan ate more than gary + joshua + markcus combined..... & bin didn't even eat

so I finally tried some golden mile mookata my friends were always flocking to hahaha as usual everything tastes so good once they serve me chili lol

Godiva Chocolatier
391 Orchard Road
Basement 2, Takashimaya Department Store

got some matcha white choc frappe there, even though people would usually opt for their soft-serve ice-cream made with the goodness of godiva chocolates. (thats why its abit more pricier than normal soft serve) That pretty much shows how much is my love for anything chocolatey is like.

Pizza on a day basis, love their new cheesy pizzaaa pizza hut always come out with *.*

tried to go running after ONE YEAR and it was no joke.......

me in my principal clothes haha jk ugh this is what I wear almost everyday now thats why the lack of ootds on my BORING INSTAGRAM :(

bought a ring for myself in DFS cause of the discount i can get. burning my pockets haha the things i get is more than what I can earn in a day ._.

sprained my leg while walking cause I was too tired. Until now it still hasn't healed fully cause I keep straining it while working long hours daily gahhh

fish hor fun and fav cereal prawns after that session 

and guess whom I saw while working! Chapman to!!

some yummy noodles from namnam

One of the less typical meals I have during my work breaks......

yay or nay to slightly cheaper twg macaroons you can get in transit areaaa

drinking session with my colleagues on a tgif whom they practically serve this all day to customers and most of them are like all bar-tenders whom can mix all those cocktails ._. 

Tried the strawberry flavored hoegarden and their pizza too at Shuffle Music Bistro Bar at CQ alrea!

ending my post off with more food at ECP's jumbo hahaha

watermelon juice yumyum

and I really really love their whatever fruit sago dessert aft our meals there. Super refreshing hehe

be back soonnnn

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