Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bing Go Korean Dessert House + Hot Spot Cafe Restaurant + Bbq w CBOAH

short weekly update cause I can't rmb the last time I had the whole day just lazing at home in bed watching hilarious korean variety shows (ROOMATE PARKBOM HEHE) so I am treasuring this time now! I think short and sweet posts are also preferred so I might try to keep my posts shorter as possible!

Finally had time to pamper myself this week by dying my hair an ash brown color, i would never bleach my hair again but there seems to be not that of an obvious difference from my previous hair color ._.

Finally enrolled for SIM January intake as well, heading down to the school tmrw, hopefully can go visit a cafe or smth since it has been so long since I ate brunch :( nor club, nor drank... but my complexion seems to deteriorate maybe cause I have a new bad addiction (NOTE TO SELF PLS) and I still sleep the same old unearthly hours at 5am daily tsk.

countdown to KL in four days and BKK in ten!! *.*  

since I am kinda working now I like to give my friends some small treats when I meet them so met tricia as she dyed her hair first and bought food and some taimei bbt for her did the same for the rest when I meet them too since I only have friends to dote on n love them hah

I am all my friends' best ootd taker hahaha

and my ootd for finally a bf free clique reunion dinner that evening!

selfie w trishy

I think we dyed the same shade or smth man LOL

so we went to wenmin's house (great host) - prepared the most food and went to the mart get food for our korean bbq at home which is rly comparable to the ones you pay 30 bucks for outside. Min,time for you to open a korean bbq outlet maybe?

blur selfie w tessa HAHA


the sauce was rly deli!

the four of us started first since we arrived first.. I started the earliest actually and ended the latest. My stomach is an bottomless pit.

my favvvvvvvvvvvv bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms.

didn't have pictures with the rest whom arrived later cause I was prolly too busy gouging myself and fingers were oily, but I have to say I rly enjoy this kind of clique time when all 6 of us gathers tgt and talk abt anything and everything!

I had like 8 mini cornettos, 3 cans of 7 ups, 1 yakult, and all the meat........

and they were like saying their each gna hire one guy esort for me if I am still single by 21st ._. so i have 5 choices and shit LOL

Saturdate w the twin! ugh, finally more ootd shots of myself cause I BARELY HAVE TIME TO DRESSUP NOWADAYS T.T

Mr bean for desserts w the twin, whom was my secret lover haha 

Another day w mom

and finally satisfied my tomyam cravings at this eatery I used to always frequent w my girls, near laselle and bencoolen, bugis area! Queue seems to get longer and crowds seems to get larger as time passes! But rly this place serves the best tomyum noodles/banmian in sg!! Their ingredients are so fresh and yummy too *.*

Hot Spot Cafe Restaurant
175 Bencoolen Street
#01-34 Burlington Square
Tel : 68357752

Dessert afterwards at this new hidden korean stall *.* Got to be one of my favorite dessert stalls from now onwards! Love everything icy cold :D

Bing Go Korean Dessert House
102 Guillemard Road #01-01
Tel: +65 6440 5509

12 pm - 11 pm

I think the main concept of this place is that it actually serves BingSu! The early form of desserts from the Japan Dynasty which is quite in trend in korea now I think? I always see this on my instagram feeds! Some plus points, the place actually serves some drinks which can only be found in the cafes in korea which I really wanted to try as well!

Ice Sweet Potato Latte ($5.70)
So this was the unique drink I really wanted to try and it actually turned out quite good even though I think it might be weird picturing out how a latte (non-caffeinated) might turn out to be being sweet potato flavored! Can't wait to try this out again in korea!

Injeolmi Bing Su ($9)
Their speciality bing su with soy bean powder and rice cake, comes with an additional serving of condensed milk at the side for those (me lol) who will prefer it sweeter! I really love it especially with so many yummy and chewy ricecakes inside!

Milk & Red Bean Bing Su ($9.50)
They have other flavors which I can't make my mind on deciding, will come back to try their oreo and matcha one another day, but this was good for me too! Because I love milk and icecream!! This has a little ricecakes on it too, but I think it matches the previous bing su a tad more.

their portion was actually quite intimidating (Its like almost the size of my head LOL) as I think one bowl serves two, which explains the price as well, but lucky I am the kind of person whom stomach is designed for an everlasting space for desserts no matter how full I am... I  rly loved their bingsus, but if I had to choose one between the two, I guess their traditional injeolmi one won my heart a little more.

Cafe Latte ($5.40)
Its was a hot day but i had too much cold stuff I was actually shivering alot so I ordered hot coffee for the first time in my life? LOL and it was actually good! Especially after I added the remaining of my condensed milk in it hahaha

I'll be back!!! I hope no one discover this place before it starts getting crowded again hahaha there is a korean bbq shop next to this dessert shop as well!

look at how dull my complexion looks ._.


and another one of my work day when I actually got to see one of the biggest celebrity in my life - david beckham! He was like just 300 cm in front of me coming to my workplace to promote his newest (we are the first to premiere it in the world) alcohol - single grain whisky - Haig Club. Before I could secretly whip out my phone to take a decent photo, all the crowd came alr. If I could I would have just bought a bottle of his whiskey and request for a proper photo w him man *.*

you can view the video I took of him on my instagram @pinkyniakoh heh

I think I am considered super lucky to have alr seen two celebs just in a month of work in the airport.

adrupt ending hehe 

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