Saturday, April 28, 2012

Hot summer + Sending Wenmin off

 Hi, super hot these days sweating like mad as i type this post. I wonder what temperature issit now seriously, with the moon high above in the sky yet SO DARN HOT.

 Have been rather kind to my skin since i started week one of school applying makeup (sunblock during weekdays and bbcream is the furthest i'll go during weekends)

so week two not much~ just simple lipbalm for my chipped lips, most important stuff.

 yeah and i still cant really wink technically i guess its because my eyes are already tiny, so when i wink, both eyes will close HAHA. sigh!

 fail again. heh
 satay beehoon at ecp. rather famous for it but heard the old stall owner is currently sick so the shop now runned with newbies, mom says the taste deproved 20 percent? haha i think its still rather not bad tho :)

 yeah and my darling wenmin went overseas this week. miss her so much now~
i wanna go overseas soon tooz

 yeah my watermelon dress ._. never gonna wear it to school again LOL.

 LOL ok my eyemakeup was quite harsh here heheheke

 see what wenmin whatsapp me the whole day and sent me. envious~ MISS HER alot also mehz

 whoooaaaa lao HAHAHA this like become her blog already #okcan hehe

xoxo eugeniania, okay so tessa convinced me to go play majiong LOL.

really just want someone true to care for me that much.
dont really feel like talking about other things. Dissapointed really. k really bye alreadyz~

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