Sunday, April 15, 2012

Audition + Scizors Curry Rice

Hello guys, this shall be a rather touching post haha im gonna talk about the topic of my dream!
Hmm, i think am going to regret posting this but oh well, im just going to blog about it.
I guess, many people have dreams right? No matter what kind of dream, its still something you thought you might be born for, something if u achieve, you'll be so happy.
My dream, is of course singing. I mean since young my passion was singing, definately.
I know its stupid and dumb to dream of being a star but i really wantED it.
I mean currently im not too sure now, after facing rejection which isn't that easy for me, because i rarely face that in my life, maybe only in this form, yes i do fear it, it hurts me alot :/ rejection isnt easy, but im facing it aint i. so im brave heeeeehe.
So tmr my new school semester is starting, and to be honest, im kind of glad because at least my year two class might be more fun with gwen and zavier, im thankful, plus did i mention my timetable is only from mon-thurs, despite the long hours. At least i have no school on friday heh :P
And im also thankful because first time in ions, im actually LUCKY, i mean lucky is a very HUGE thing for me recently, because im always unlucky all the time. i mean who spends their birthday in the hopsital last year :/ etc (other unlucky stuffs that im lazy to harp on about again HAH)
okay so where was i saying? OHH im lucky because i actually got into this module (for poly year two we'll have to choose 1 elective out of four which all sucked except for one, and i actually got into that so im really THANKFULL :') idk how to express it but yeap.)

okay so what more could i start this sem with a bomb with?
hah okay i went for the 《华人星光大道》audition link >

yeap ytd at city square, hmm im really thankful for wenmin, tessa, louis, weishan, gary becos they actually came down to gave me some support esp wenmin and tess and louis
esp wenmin as she was the one that accompanied me for the entire day, from morning to night. hard to express how touched and thankful i was because no one actually understands this better than me, how thankful i feel for this kind of thing.. because OBviously this is my dream and if anyone was so supportive of that about me, its really a bonus and i would be really TOUCHED and i actually have not really thought of my future or whatsoever, feel like a failure sometimes! I mean i dun even know what i want in life, if i dont happen to achieve this dream (which fyi has only 1 percent of chance for it to get fulfilled sadly!)

i mean my studies are not that good compared to some of my friends. Not saying im stupid though. confident* heh just like im a playful girl~ and i dont really study hard since secondary school. just enjoying my life...
issit wrongggg? I dont know anymore, live life to the fullest right?

Hahahahah dramaqueen mode
okay, im not the only one with a dream, all along, i've thought my singing was superior like above average and stuff, but recently i know that theres sooooooooooooooooo much more talented ppl who deserve it more than me and theres just sooooooooooooooooo many ppl with a dream, this talent, definately not as easy anymore, since im growing older by the min, i think its a bonus if you are younger in terms of age, and of course im a singapore aye, proud of my country but this kind of industries are harder to strive here.

plus, even i myself know that, Im not giving my very best at this, those people who really wanted this, could just enroll in a art school, take those top notch singing lessons and learn everything, every skill since young, dance with singing, rap with singing, guitar with singing, piano, composing ETC.

and here i am saying" i really want this dream" but im like what screaming, not really taking care of my voice, eating CHILLI AND SWEETS AND FRIED STUFF-sigh my weakness here, food, and im a superb excellent chilli eater HAHA despite my cute and kiddish face HAHAHA im damn good at eating chilli, noone can bet me. ok lame proud about this for what*
continue, and not doing anything much except singing in the showers or uploading covers which is just like meh and little effort. so what more can i ask forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

oh well my participating form

had swensens for lunch while waiting. LOL. wth see i still eat fried stuff, claimed that im gonna chew it until DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNN mini then swollo so wont hurt my throat hahahaha

okay i had TOMATO BASED pasta tho wanted to kill myself feel so bland I WANT TO EAT IT SPICY,
anw dont ever eat at the swensens at city square, the chef there kind of suck i think. same food, at tampines or what the swensens food also like better.

hah ok so shy uploading this but wdv i was number 276 and rachel- another person whom im thankful for her encouragements and help, told me to wear more 'young' looking hahahah so ya how long as it been since someone caught me in a skirt LOL so weird.

okay anw the audition was like in the open air space in the mall, so i was DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN ok nervous. LOL and u only had like 30 seconds to sing la, so i sang 张韶涵's

真的 haha wenmin took a vid of it so im just gonna upload it. anw im not a chinese kind of music

person, my chinese sucks badly. i mean my whole songlist in my ipod is all english or kpop songs, only last two weeks trying my best to blast chinese music, and my chinese pronounciation still has much to work on.

and if u havent realised.

I FORGET MY LYRICS. was so a super hardcore thickskin brat...
i sang this part

wtf worse thing ever, hahahah i was damn nervous i swear, but okay i still saved it pretty well, i just continue singing the * part is the part i say wrong but i just continue HAHAHAHA go hear properly!

okatyokay aft that anw tessa and gary left first so after we watched rachel's performance, me weishan wenmin louis went to eat at this 剪刀剪 curry rice place nearby, heard it was quite famous. heh not bad the food ^^

HAH i look horrible in this photo cos i just teared la, i mean HAHAHA i really alittle disspointed honestly, plus felt so guilty and bad to my friends come all the way yet i dint make it. hmmmmmmmmmmmm wasted their time.
then i was telling weishan one sentence "i think its time for me to face reality and give up on this dream. this is the last awakening call"
after that i teared while saying this sentence. heh HAHAHA like in a movie........

okay take note i went crazy aft that and ate like chocolate ice cream fondue and curry rice HAH both super sweet and spicy stuff cos idc alr HAH i wanna eat my garret popcorn too ! ^^

after eating dinner, wanted to go watch a movie cos it was a sat night, but no ticks alr so went to louis's house at serangoon, first time to his house! his house damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn big :O and nice! weishan was shocked cos she dint know he was this rich she say. definately lifted my spirits the majiong session cos i won, HAHA, i think god trying make me abit happier also right.... LOL cos we damn shiok, majiong and ate alot of nice snacks too LOL.
thanks peeps :))) had fun laughing and stuffffffffffffffff~ good time! thanks host louis and gf wenmin and shanny.

okay so i think is the end of my post i guess? quite wordy right?
hoped u guys read it all!
bless you

xoxo eugeniania :))
So should i be happy that i was born with at least a little small talent, or be sad that i dint get born super extremely talented? hmm i havent thought of what im going to do next.
but jay chou debuted at the age of 21.
korean star rain auditioned 17 times before he got into JYP.
parkbom, so good also auditioned 7 times.
hmm so many talented stars, imagine how much hard work they had to put in to be in their shoes today,
but i think theres also some whose actually very lucky, not really talent maybe their very pretty face?......
not talking about justin bieber, hes actually VERY talented.
ohhhhhhhhhhwelllllll... I should just get borned in korea. hah should be easier to be a trainee since young. or just do plastic surgery to be super pretty or smthing. oh whyyyyyyyy am i not good enough
k bye. sayonara.!~ new school term! jy to myself.
this song matches my mood now

oh well, guess i think i shall be changing my dream into finding a guy i love alot soon and grow old and have babies LOL

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