Friday, April 13, 2012

Arnold's Chicken + Cold Crab

hello loveliesssssssss heh i know i havent been blogging recently, nothing much also :) so just have some rdm pic spams okeh~ see what i have been doing for the week. heehe

basically this top i got from editors market. heh have been spending alot of my money there heh with the girls x) always accumulate our things so that our total buys have 15 pieces, much cheaper. cos they count by 1 PC price, 3 PC, 6 PC, 12 PC, 15 pc. The max la. the more piece the cheaper. so its a better deal to get 15 piece yea ;)

ok and this pic was probably taken with my iphoneee makeuplessss

heh instagram spam :) i love cherries~ one of my fav fruits. follow me on instagram? @eugeniania :D


i think that day i ton play majiong at weishan house. heh ps for ^ unglam face LOL was taking a pic of my tiles cos really i that day too sleepy or smth then never win at all finally get these rather good starting cards i dont win can really knock wall die.
today me and regina ^^ heh we went sing karaoke with rachel chua cos she was giving me advice on my singing. appreciated much, shes damn good la. envious. hope one day i can be like her too. regina accompany me. so nice of her~

hahahaha i look fat here nvm. that day me and weishan and regina became three little greedy pigs went to visit jcube the new shopping mall opened at jurong. nothing impressive about it i guess, except maybe for the so called outdoor ice skating rink that looks quite nice? hah.

heh seriously we couldnt finish the icecreammm really big portion i swear. had strawberry cheesecake, coffee and some cookie thingy flavour. NICE yumyum. im so phat


LOL ya i look weird without fringe ^^
hehehohohaha finally is a new mask that i bought from lush. heh made with no artifical ingredient at all. reviews were good and my friends all recommanded me because they've tried it and think its beneficial for their skin. heh actually im the kind that heck about my face.

facial cleanser, pimple cream done. daily routine.
my friends all damn WOW. what toner la, steam face, face scrub blablabla hahahaha all damn pro at this kind of stuffs and fussy too, hehe so i think i needa try some masks to catch up with em right ;) and of course if they think its good i think it probably is :D

u can see how fresh this is. heh made so recently and have to be finished using by like a month. and refrigerated. cos its all manmade and non chemical, healthy for the skin! theres alot of diff masks to match diff kind of skin :))
do a little research or u can simply go to wisma atria's basement which the shop is located at i think. just simply ask their staffs to recommend u for ur skin type. their friendly ^^

some toner LOLOL for dry skin - normal range. haha i personally think the mask is better because i dont see what the toner does and somehow it seems to make my skin even dryer but i want it to be less dry, cos my skin is the dry kind :/
this mask im using suppose to clear ur pores, hydrate ur skin. then the toner is supposed to close the pores for a even better effect i think.
aft i use both my face without makeup in high definition HAHAHAHAHA k
doont judge plssssssssssssss k shouldnt have laughed :(

yay and i have contacts on, and lipgloss. heh i have dry lips too so i think if i have to choose a 'makeup' i'd need if i have to elope or smthing it will probably be lipgloss HEHEH and contacts(?) counted heh?

had arnold's chicken today. located at city plaza, level 2/3. i think its niceee heh like can fight with kfc, my ultimate love HAHA. but their chicken somehow seems less artificial than kfc! should go there try ^^

oh and i heard the top level of city plaza's banmian like famous and nice but i somehow got caught up by this on my way up so havent had the chance to try the banmian yet HHAHAH sad i wanna try it soon damn STOMACH GROWLINGG

wenmin came my house the other day~
ate alot as usual yumyum then watched a movie hahaha wanted to watch this movie called ATM that i saw online is some thriller kind then in the end we bought this show atm then realise its a thai comedy HAHA they wanted to kill me so much for my recommandation, seriously. cos the english thriller ATM is coming out on 17th april la. HAVENT YET.

this is some hot yam desert, pronounced as, orrrr-neeee
my fav omg. looks like some elderly woman's food but really damn nice.

heh had dinner with my parents and their friends the other day. dad's treat so i just go there eat hehe they all think im some xiao meimei below 18 that cant drink much alcohol HAHA but idc actually, foods more impt. hehehee

ULTIMATE YUMM cold crab. damn yum, got try before? heh is cold and then u have to dip it in some honey sauce. AHHHHHHH so nice ok.

ok done blogging hehehe

xoxo eugeniania

okay i have a new obsession i guess haha, NAT HO. some singaporean actor- turned singer.. okay la, not that crazy over him yet, just think hes really charismatic and handsome HAHA

but he cant sing i think :/
its like english version of those kpop group which sounds a lil weird. but claps for the effort ^^ heh
feat xiaxuueeee :0

was stalking his youtube channel and i think he really very cute the way he talk n stuff HAHAHAH in this vid i mean wow how can someone look so good when u r like dying ur hair O.X i'd look like crap :P

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