Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thank god its thursday ;)

Hi people! :) im in a good mood i think, Sorry for the boring and lame updates lately, what could i possibly talk about when school has already resumed!
thankfully, Im looking towards every thursday because i have no school on Fri, sat and sun.
Should be gging to town tmr with my babes! :) Hopefully update my blog with a more interesting post because i guess more people is interested in my friends? cos they pretty? LOL >:(

this shall be a rdm post with ten random facts of me :
1. i can flare and unflare my nosetrils at a speed of lightning LOL

2. im not a very feminine girl :(

3. i might be quite unfriendly if you are a stranger that talk to me online becaz its online! real life usually im damn friendly unless if u make me feel akward! so sorry if i am damn fierce i shall try to be more friendly :(

4. I have like 8+ diff nerd specs at home HAHA, all no frame, i have perfect eyesight. its all about the look!

5. If you are close to me, you'll have to get used to my way of typing smses. SUPER alot of typo because i have fat fingers and cant be bothered and usually i reply msges damn fast. so its like for example, i want to say HI I AM A FAT GIRL i might type it "ni i m a fat gurk" aiya i dont know how to explain but YA kind of like this haha, its just really horrible english and really horrible spelling.

6. i love to act cool even though theres alot of rubbish going through my head ROFL

7. if it isnt obvious enough, im the ultimate camwhore, take pic of everything, esp my face and food. this symptom has been getting worser by the year.

8. I treat girls nicer, HAHA so old fashion i know, but i hate to be labelled as flirt or what, so ya, easier to get closer to girls for me. im a shy girl :P I love making new friends okay im super friendly hee

9. I remember everything bad or good you do, it stays with me! hard to forget hah

10. I hate bathing :( mom has to call me ten thousand times before its late and i have to bathe, hah not because im dirty but cos im lazy to stand :( like have to stand so long inside the toilet OH GOD i rather sleep you know.

hah okay i really cant think of any cool things about myself la so i think this is actually ten rdm facts of what i can think of now HAHAH really dunno la.

anw i think my ideal type of guy most importantly have to make me feel comfortable around him. I recently think those shy and innocent kind of guys quite cute! heh, and manly voice PLUS POINTS :) hopefully can be tall but oh well~ i think, for the look factor, hmm pleasant looking enough should be fine? i believe even if you are not very goodlooking, but pleasant looking, and if im ur good friend, U would instantly look better or smthing yea!

but i dont really like guys who keep talking about girls or keep flirting kind, kind of a big turn off, no? Like i'll probably feel like just any random girl in his life that hes playing with. Ohh i like sweet guys that does little sweet stuff for me, its just damn aww and i wont say it and act like cheh but i'll definately remember it :)

NEW RESOLUTION (look at TOP such a inspiration)
anw i have a new resolution im bound to fufill! by hook or by crook, im going to lose at least 5kg! :) heh my best friends have all mostly been the skinny kind, im like the more chubby kind so i think i'll look better once i lose more weight! heh :/ so good luck to me! who want go running jio me please? ^^ LOL okay la i know i suck :( damn lazy one.
and i just had fab jap curry for dinner ^^

since this blog post is kind of boring~ shall just upload a lame short 54 seconds of vid i took in uss that day with my iphone. cam no batt alr! heh catch short glimpse of regina tessa weishan and tricia and me inside. heh and my horrible screaming HAHA

anw ytd i just decided to watch the call me maybe song and this song really inspires me! other than the obvious fact that the guy inside damn hot HAHA...... and the girl is so pretty cute too! i really like this song :)

thinking of making a better music video cover of this song not just like my usual put my camera at my face and record immediately kind-of-singing! any hot guy wanna star inside? :)) HAHAH does anyone know where can i record like high quality background music with my singing? Or should i buy a mic! hmm.. idk Or who wanna collaborate with me?:)))

formspring me please? :)
give me ur opinions and suggestions please?:D
im really keen!

xoxo eugeniania

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