Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Heylo! so, i just watched the avengers just now after school with regina zav sam enjia nic zigui etc some of the zkxsc ppl at plaza sing (their clique name o.o) they are jokers seriously..... haha *adds alot of #secretlingo*

The show was awesome, have always loved superhero shows :) captain america was hot, as usual. HAHA but i really think iron man is so darn cool. Hais how i wished i was a superhero myself so i can quit all the studying and just save earth from alien invasions my entire life, and have a statue of myself build out of gold HAHA. ok i shall stop daydreaming.

hais feel damn tired now shall go bathe soon, my eyebags have been terrible, complexion too, really lack of sleep, school tires me. Really glad to have zav and enjia in my class this sem nice and entertaining fellas, and of course gwen, but shes in another group from me :/ they are my motivation for lessons i think but i hope at the same time i could do better this semster too, and not get distracted.

 oh well, recently addicted to GIFs :) one with me and regina :)

 and one of me just bathed~ fresh haha and unglam.. the other night i took.

drank my strawberry frappe today, limited time, but i think i prefer my white choc mocha frappe more and the christmas edition white choc mocha with rasberry crisp or smth one(forgot the name) more.

finally had my KFC double down, right before my avengers movie. haha awesome right, cos the burger advertisement somehow links to the movie,
"double down for double takeoff!! hoho"
ok lame. LOL wdv main point- i ate a superhero burger before my superhero movie.

shall sign off now, short update 
xoxo eugeniania
ps i hate FLIRTS.
and i still hope that i can be better, feel so unconfident sometimes~

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