Tuesday, May 8, 2012

No Makeup

hi guys, im Super tired........!
short update. technically, met up with the busy tricia after not seeing her face for years. and went for a quick shopping and dinner session with jokes and heart to heart talk with her and regina at town.
pics while we wait for madam reginatantantan to do her nails for the gazillion time, i swear im the best friend ever.

ps. i have no makeup on at all today :/ check out my eyebags omg.
the thing is, i feel super :/ when i dont apply makeup nowadays, too used to it. Women's best friend. 

not supposed to be like this! one thing i wish for now is confidence! :)


erm ok, so thats it. heh sorry for always complaining about my eyebags, no makeup etcetc
i know its really annoying as sometimes it also annoys me when ppl post stuff like.
IM SO UGLY then *paste a pic of themselve smiling happily* and im like wth.
but then again, i am a weird girl with weird thoughts.
but i really think i look horrible, just that i will complain but dont really care if ppl see my unglam side i guess :/

My friends say i sound bitchy when i blog? unlike reallife, where im much nicer hahah! serious they said that.
So i shall try and blog more humbly.. #notworking
I think my typing skills sucks la...

oh well.. kinda disappointed in some things. but its okay, I dont really feel like explaining, im those kind that says things halfway, HAH annoys ppl.
me: eh that day...
friend: huh? what? repeat?
friend: ARGH.

k thats me
love u all.
xoxo eugeniania

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