Sunday, May 6, 2012


Hello guys! sorry havent been updating my blog often! not much also :) Went for jenson's wedding ytd~ 
everything was really pretty and fantastic, i think i have more guy relative than females, i have more guy cousins than girls. haha i guess, the guy genes run strong in my family tree. explains why i am such a boy-ish girl!
but still, most my cousins' girlfriends/wifes are always very pretty!
so means next time i will have more pretty and handsome nieces and newphews muahaha.

okay here are some photos i took on facebook!
                                   taken during the wedding dinner.
                                bride's shoes and wedding dress

 damn sweet. haha their wedding car is also one of the kind :D

 LOL. some of the games the bride's friends played on them hahaha i think these kind of stuff is really fun and touching la, can u imagine like 10 years down the road ur friends would help u taunt ur fiance when u guys are getting married! :P

                                  LOL post it notes
                                 groom drinking some bitter shit.

                                 haha jumping to remove the post its while wearing bra damn hilarious.

 wedding at mandarin orchard. haha there was this photo booth for friends and relatives to take photo which would be immediately printed out.



                                                        me and my parents LOL
                                                          and some of my cousins




 the food menuuuu

 haha damn sweet la i think he actually cried while saying sweet stuff to his wife on the mic, haha good husband!

 wedding was damn cool, haha with dance floor and dance itemsss

and the food damn nice :D hahaha!

 spot my face

still have more photos, yet to be uploaded~ 

 okay after that went for a poker session at amk.
wow feel like the future gambling queen ahaha recently like learnt poker majiong etc HMM not bad quite fun.

 a random day aft school on thurs went town to eat dinner with timothy junhao nicholas and his gf vanessa aft some basketball trail at sp.
at hot tomato. first time eat. Not bad quite nice :D they recommended this dish~ some steak and prawn thing with pasta :) hehe and wenmin's back from swizerland! i think she'll like this. haha her fav aglio olio.

helipad on friday~ didnt really take much pictures!

 regina me jorgineee :)

 with sheryl :)


 sam's friend cheryl!

some funshots, lol practically, a weekend with not much sleep, returning home at dawn, so my eyebags were damn bad!


okay sorry for pic spammingggggggg. love u guys, next week shall be a makeup free week ^^
xoxo eugeniania~

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