Sunday, May 20, 2012

Start of Poly year 2 days


 hi guys. missed me?:) haha sorry for not blogging as regular already! have been quite busy with school? And too tired to blog. its like going school, going out, by the time i reach home, i will just surf the net a while, visit a few sites, laze around doing rdm stuff then sleep late. same old same old cycle.
I actually use more of Twitter, facebook, instagram and formspring basically 24/7 super active there!
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here are some pictures this week after school when i met up with #CBC after not seeing them for a longgg time at town. Regina and tessa decided to get their hair chopped off. hahaha! if i was skinnier n had a less chubby face, i might do that too. super nice la:)

i think short hair makes ppl look younger, fresher and cooler! plus recently more and more idiots say i look OLDD :( something i didnt expect or neither am i accepting!
ohwell, i told weishan n trish if they cutting short hair also then we'll do it tgt! i doubt they'll cut. tricia's like the ultimate die also against short hair kind.

 regina's gonna kill mee. btw, if u are reading this regina, i have at least heard u repeat "my short hair longer or long hair nicer? :D" this exact phrase 1000 times. #justsaying. LOL hope u stop repeating it. ur short hair  NICE LA NICE LA OKAY HAHAHAH

 regina with her short hair!!! lol im not always that photogenic bitchplease.

 okay maybe i am LOL~


 i look so horribleeeeeeeeeee sigh sometimes i might think alot and some things CBC says might hurt my feelings!.. nvm dont feel like EXPLAINING

 okay and new app everyone is recently crazy about introducing. GIFBOOM. follow me there! @pinkyniakoh too LOL

 sooo HI GUYS LOL no fringe
 regina and her short hair. and zavier whom came to find me awhile!

 oooh finally tessa n her short hair OMG :d

 SOMEHOW i tried to take a pic of my ass hahaha if u can see it. for a spilt second there.

 weather really damn hot recently. LOL damn annoyed because i think i lost my way otw to town, cos i took bus from school myself to town that day for the first time! haha

 ok me chewing on this super nice waffle-lish biscuit FATTENING wenmin bought me the other day. LOL when i was upset wahaha

 flare nosetril LOL

 new style i was trying to go for HAHA

 wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok i am extrememly selfobssessed HAHAHA

 friday helipad night~ fun ^^! went with the usual regina jorgine sheryl gervina zijun zav samuel zigui etc thanks for taking care of me peeps ^^ regitna was gone that day LOL and i think i did alot of stupid things as usual, hahaha have so many bruises and cuts N BLISTERS :O
, k shall take pics with them nexttime hehe
saw alot of ppl from my "past" that were close to my heart before lolol.

 ytd night at haji lane. drank and sheesha. haha i dont really like to sheesha! hurts my throat etc. i think i dint even touch much of the sheesha and my friends force me drink more cos i came late and actually i dont like to drink hahahah i just like the high feeling


 watcha lookin at

 weishan angry face so i covered it with a hand

 had my dinner around midnight. #sinful

 act one cool HAHAHAHA
 aft that went play mj, ok i swear i should stop gambling since im not those ppl with extreme luck. so tired aft that and have to cab.

 ate alottoday.

 helipad gif
 hahaha i should stop putting hearts on my photos

 me smsing o.o
 tricia cut her fringe

 weishan's bf gary like ghost rider.

 really hate holes in my fringe hahaha



 terrible eyebags

 tired days in class

 decided to go for a jogggggggggg

 #checkered outfit
 i like take pics from bottom though i have fat face

 mom make one all this hehe i like

 me and bro louissaw wear pink
 sinful monday dinner..

 wenmin ^^
 me and my saibong face


ok so i dropped my less than 5 months new laptop on the floor =.= was like raging and zavier and enjia keep taking vid of me raging. apparetly its funny.

zavier's mac and mine :( if u are a mac user u will feel my pain. imagine opening and closing ur laptop then can feel the hinge twisting because the mental part i zoomed in at the sides are bended so need SCCCRRRRRRACTCH when opening kns.

i lazy to go change it. blame my muddleheadness. i drop it in the toilet cos i never hang my laptop bag properly. i thought i hanged it. but i dint :( LUCKILY MY dad fixed it abit for me with a plier.
i said i will be vegan for a week? k start tmr. :(

xoxo eugeniania
super sleepy. and have alot of homework to do. still proud of myself did ppt slides alot damn well ytd before i went out BOOYA i rock

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