Monday, June 4, 2012


i havent updated in SOO long. ok always the same standard phrases i'll use when i start a post.
So, was rather occupied with studies, social life etc.
Its finally the holidays!:)
Mid years just passed, which makes a pretty good excuse of me being lazy.
I really wished i was smarter, more hardworking and a less last min kind of person :/
 have been pretty tired. staying up real late, not having enough sleep which explains on why my eyebags are just horrendous.

Last friday at Clarkequay. like more than 20 plus Singapore poly peeps all gathered at helipad that night la. including this three big clique combined. TGIF-ZKXSC-CBC (my clique name HAHA cbc)

all these photos i took from gervina's blog and zhiyan's blog. Cause they brought their camera along unlike me, whose already too shocked that i could actually lose my wallet during clubbing the previous friday. Which brings me to another point of -not bringing my camera- cos i know i'll probably lose it, smash it, some sort.
 with gervina! :)
 with enjia and zavier korkor! :) hahahaha. enjia is like 192 cm so i look really like a tree stump next to them.

 hahaha look at zavier's face. he did that cause he wanted the anonymous on my formspring to know that he is not trying to get his hands into my pants.

 with some of the girls :)

 jorgine and gervina agn!:)

 trishy me and gervinaaaa

 me and zhiyan babe, using her new G12 canon cammy!

 zhiyan, me with a retarded expression and jorgine HAHA :)

 I Look stiff n fat. with regina and zhiyan.

samuelllllllll me and zhiyannnnn!:) 

 i like this pic :D with tricia, zijun, regina, me gervina.

 hahaha i so dont match nude lips

 okay all these are outdated pics.
 one of my tops which i wore to school.

 so weishan's legal now.
 took polariod with my classmate huijuan!

 half of my class!

 town day i think.

 another friday night oot to helipad. the night were i wore
 shan me regina.
 tricia weishan me!
 me weishan tricia.
 tessa regina me.
 zavier and regina!
 hankypanky ah

 regina and zigui!
me and sam!
coincidentally wear demin tops with all of them leh

 me and zavier! Rage king and queen, whole day shout at each other. hahaha we are good bros :D

chubby cheeks, same and a drunk tricia LOL

 group photo. i look really unglam.

 nic, me, sheryl gervina weishan :)

zigui and me!

 my clubbing makeup really is the best hehe

okay then i had a more 'studious' period i guess. LOL no makeup and backpack otw to go meet tricia for a 'study'date.

and you wondered why my results isnt that great.

 some candid shot of me without makeup nor contacts~

 another study date with CBC which ended up like this. haha ice cream that wont drop.

 yum new fries. omg i swear i ate too much recently.

 after my last paper. i met kyler! :) ate lunch and icecream, some cheesecake flavor thats suprisingly green in color, the top ball abv HAHA. nice :) he's another one of my good bro hahaha

 regina me tricia!

some supper ytd night at geylang after mahjiong with wenmin louis nico tessa regina
At 126/216 i forget some very famous dimsum place. i think its really not bad, but the portions are way too small and quite overpriced.

 i love century egg porridge hehehe louis say rarely girl like one leh

so i keep eating with wenmin one, my most fattest food buddie. hahah i swear my stomach feels so bloated now. 

 i am a retard
 lOL i tried mimicking her dog hahaha!

 my back sexy back

 my retarded face

her hamster's babies zomg

  wenmin and meee

you guys believe i am a certified gold swimmer? :D hehe

anw, i finally did a new cover. i think i should have recorded with my camera, it was charging, so sorry for the lousy quality. I recommend you guys to use your iphone to listen to it. cos i used iphone to record it :/ :(

I was quite contended with it until _ told me it wasnt that good. sigh i spent so long doing this. :( sigh.
I wanna cry sometimes. not so easy to upload a singing of yourself online. haha. coz actually i already kind of gave up on my singing already, cos i know its not that great!
i hope you guys still enjoy it though :) thanks. if only i can play guitar or smth :( i think my face looks very dumb. hahaha if can playstop  guitar like better. k i shall stop complaining oh god. hahaha
my hair is getting browner and frizzier again >: k bye. LOL.

anw recenly wenmin modelled for a blogshop hehe < go see more of her pics there! prettaye hehe

xoxo eugeniania

little reflection corner of the week :
:( next time dont drink too much. sigh i damn annoyed at this thing. but i cant type it here.
swslnamfa.siata.iheg -code level extremely hard

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