Wednesday, June 6, 2012

practically hurt.

 I just cried for like what, 3 hours? :/ Sorry for always dwelling my moody thoughts to my readers. But this is just my little space for me rant my fragile feelings, or at least some.
I guess it was mainly my fault that i cried. My pride couldnt take judgement, especially from those who i thought are my friends. Or at least were, since i think i dont think i'll be able to face them now.
But i think my feelings were a tad little too explosive, my apologies. Lucky for those who talked me through this. But currently i feel rather stupidified ?

Anyway this incident would make me feel more motivated to be a better person, So thanks guys. haha. And yes i have to try my best to tame my egoistic-(secretly thinking that i am cute when i am not this kind of things) and hot temper(being super sensitive and rage at the smallest things). If you did not know, im really kind of a extreme mood person. can be super friendly funny optimistic and bhb at times. but now i just feel really tiny, insecure, terrible, horrible, and with many negative thoughts feeling my head.

I dont think i'll be updating my twitter/ facebook for awhile. and my handphone currently is out of service so pardon me if i did not reply ur msges or smth. Was not really looking forward to the overseas trip my mom forced me to go from thurs to mon, but after tonight, i think it would be great, some time alone for me to sort out my thoughts and hopefully return to singapore all to be a better person. so bonvoyage for me? I shall truthfully express that i hope my presence would be missed in this timeframe.

ohwells, I think when im in the thinking mood my english is rather professional i must say. -suddenly burst out laughing- haha. I have gave up on many things. My dream, my goal for this year etc, i am too tired. I cant be the only one trying can i? I shall just leave things to fate and how much the others appreciate me. good night.

 shall just end this post with two pics, one which was the meal i had ytd at cinelesuire after watching BAD GIRLS -a ella (from SHE) taiwan comedy love movie- with tessa tricia nico felicia and jeremy . Hot pot. yum :)

and of course a pic with my darling tricia. i was going for the tribal image ytd.

 recently felt that my complexion wasnt that good, in other words, degraded, so stopped putting makeup for quite a number of days. even ytd headed out with quite light makeup :) no bbcream.

 my hair is really becoming browner again :/

 xoxo from eugeniania. haha. i look happier yesterday..

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