Thursday, June 14, 2012

BACK! + Harry Potter Exhibition @ MBS

 HELLO! im back :) haha. its like approximately 4.37 am and im trying to blog despite being extremelyy sleepy! Being rdm, - One of my fave brands of bbt is share tea. I like the mango ice blended smoothie flavor with a scoop of vanilla icecream ;)

so the starting half of this post will be like about taiwan stuffs and second half would be the harry potter exhibition!

 Lemme start of with my parents' arrival back home from taiwan. They bought back loads of food (My mom is always complaining that i am very fat & eat too much yet always buying food for me and always asking if im hungry and wanna eat this/that everytime -ironic)

Im just going to post some pics of the things i preferred instead of everything cos im lazy and didnt really take pics of everything.
haha i love this lollipop. i think from the time my parents bought for me till now, left like 6 left only :/ either given away or i ate them all.

taiwan's famous for their pineapple tart <3 super love.

Really miss taiwan especially the time where i went taiwan right after my O Levels with Regina Tessa Rachel and Marcus. U can view my taiwan facebook album which is quite down at the bottom of all my albums since it was like 2 years ago and all of us really looked quite different.

sneak peak* hehe tessa still had long hair and regina looks so cute HAH and i just look unrecognizable LOL

k enough.

Taiwan's 24 hour 7 eleven stores located everywhere, their variety of food is just crazy i wonder how those taiwanese babes maintain their figure seriously. I mean when i was there i remember having supper everynight, bought like beef ramen chanwanmushi herbal eggs etc omg. 

I cant wait for Tricia's a levels to be over. i guess this time we are planning the whole big group of us going to go taiwan tgt this year end or so :p The cab fare in taiwan is also rather cheap so we rarely took the subway actually :/ hahaha cabbed everywhere.

 continues* from just now. LOL my mom bought me this paul frank shoe which is kinda ugly i think i'll only wear it at home seriously.. sorry mom. somehow or another, everyone thinks i really like paufrank just because i have a paulfrank laptop case, itouch cover and makeup pouch with all the paulfrank lip balms (tessa got it for me hehe)
 she bought like 3 pairs of shoes for me and this is my fav dress among all the weird dresses she bought for me LOL. haha my mom reallllllly loves longggggg dresses and i find it so weird really :/
My friend claims that i dress up like a sec school kid SOMETIMES and rarely wear feminine. whoa how can that be! haha k shall start wearing all my dresses again

 seriously hahahahahaha i think i wear this kind of shoe very funny HAHAHAHA

 This was the day before i left for the overseas camp, because as u all know, i cried quite badly so i had to wear shades to school to handup my assignment hahaha. :/ my eye was reallllllllly extremely swollen like i got punched.

 First day of overseas camp outfit. just long pants everydayyyy! Do you guys think i look weird in long pants? hahaha something i'll never wear in singapore actually. Cause im also not that tall with slender legs.  Just shorts/skirts/dresses.

didnt really take much photos. cause they 'confiscated' my phone (i gave my itouch instead) I dint put makeup for a week la. And was too lazy to apply sunblock so im kinda tan now, like indiannnnnnnnnn. :(
And i really disliked the heat, and the MOSQUITOES AND THE GIANT MUTATED ANTS ..
cant describe how glad i was to be back home again.

okay but the food there was great. buffet every day, every meal. #fatass

 wrote letters to my five besties while i was there, havent gave it to them yet.

 where we stayed.


 Okay, back to current day! Went to the harry potter Exhibition today with Regina and renee ! :) At MBS.

 my face really looks warped here hehe

 and i have bangsy hair now.

 No photography allowed inside :( So these were just taken at the start of the exhibition.

Okay from here pictures are slightly more blur because i tried to secretly take some photos HAHAHA but fail ok so i gave up

 some hermione's collection of stash very bad aiming.



aiya damn blur. JUST briefly showing u guys okay :) We paid $20 to go in each, i personally think the experience was worth it. A little short though. but i liked the front part the most because the staff will interact with u. Haha and two ppl could volunteer to try out the sorting hat. And so i did. I got into Ravenclaw -.- (chochang & cedric diggory's house) The staff was like oooh only all the smart ppl can get into this house. regina go say im okay only not smart in front of everyone LOL HAHAHA shes mean

 actually i think the most amount of money they earn is through the fair is through the very 'mysterious looking shop' aft the whole exhibition. Which is simply called the sovenier shop.

I kinda regret spending 95 bucks there I mean when u are there somehow or another maybe cos its a  MAGICAL PLACE~ (excuses) okay, its very dark. HAHAHA. then idk? like you'll just feel like buying la. Then like alot of people everywhere grabbing and buying so im like very easily influenced.

 there i saw like this group of more nerdy okay STUDIOUS girls i bet they dont go out shopping or town one, everyday after school just go home and camp cos they were like crazy harry potter fans, grabbing like everything i think up to like at least 500$ worth of items. Either they damn rich or as i said earlier dont go out so save until alot of money all spend on harry potter items.

my cousin tania bought this slytherin scarf ($40?)and tshirt ($50?). 

 before i went i already saw gwendolyn went to buy the time turner gold plated necklace for ($120)

 so i decided not to get that since everyone also bought those. regina and renee bought like griffyndor, hogwards hoodies respectively ($75 each)

 i bought this golden egg necklace, pls donnt laugh at me spend 95 dollars on a egg ._. HAHAHA
it can open and then close one okay!

 haha in the fourth book -Goblet of fire, each of the participants had an egg they had to figure out what was there next challenge, remember? harry put under water then. got melodious music but not in water then the egg damn noisy. K i just reminding you of the story. not saying my necklace can make any damn sound la.

aft that we went fareast :D yum i really love the basement melona milky icescream hehe and ya u see i look like a tan monkey sucking on my icecream.

 phtos all from my iphone. scroll down is from my cam!

 aft i bathe. no makeup.

 i bought like 4 packets of sweets today and ate all finish by MYSELF. i feel like puking now and my throat hurts LOL. i think i broke my max number of sweets per day record alr. really too much. damn FAT! ppl is foodie love food, im a sweetie hehe love sweet! :D k lame.

 mbs! outside. weather look so nice but its so freaking hot

 regina and renee

 where the exhibition is held

 from 2 june - 30 sept :D

 real prop flying car

 hahahaha i look so black next to renee

 yea the place where u burn a hole in ur pocket!

 i stand in the midd of the watervapour thingy hahaha hollogram is that what its called?

 my one week pocket  money LOL okay la but i personally bought this instead of the time turner because i felt that this egg's quailty SLIGHTLY better than the time turner's :/ ok seems less fragile and breakable and more durable! cos u know im a unlucky fella. other than this two necklace, still have others :)

i wanted to buy this because i saw on youtube like really dammn disgusting then maybe i could do a funny vlog tasting these beans but meh regina was not sporting so i dint buy it in the end. k i blame her when i also dont really wanna do it myself hahaha its $6 the cheapest. the chocolate frog also $6.

hahaha the flavors in the packet! damn gross lehhhhhhhh

anw i was doing research on google and..found out
Jelly Belly's version of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans are called "Bean Boozled".
They got lots of different flavors and like come in pairs in the box, so can play with ur friend actually LOL. haha like see who gets the bad one. cos they look the same but one of the pair is a disgusting flavored one. Go youtube search all the vids damn funny! :D

k now im regretting not doing a vlog on the beaaaaaaaaans! >;P

 too long never use camera take photo haha awkward first pic.

 best? :D renee regina me. RRE. hehe

 our dinner at fareast basement. NICE LEH

 i love calamari. quite big portion for 4.50 only! im the calamari expert trust me :D i really worth it.

so i came to the end of my post :D hehe i was camwhoring with my egg just now aft i bathed HAHA comes with the display box.
 i look so weird without makeup and contacts! hha can see my left cheek got pimpleeeeeeee
big and red.

hope u guys enjoyed this post!

xoxo eugeniania. 6am now. gonna sleep!
damn im so worried for my project :( SIGH!

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