Friday, June 22, 2012

51 beancurd + Hot-Star fried chicken + thai express + dad's birthday

hey guys sorry for not blogging aft quite long. was kind of lazy slacking my holidays away. so if u want daily updates or what. just follow me on twitter. its the best @pinkyniakoh :D

this post gonna be kinda boring but better than not updating right? this weekend's gonna be fun. wenmin's birthday and louis booking a hotel room for her and we are all going to go there to celebrate. pics will be up yeah!

Met wenmin aft she returned back abroad at town with her clique chantel, samantha, isabel. First time meeting them in real hehe was kind of nervous HAHAHA aft that louis came to find us and we had dinner similar to nandos.

i cant believe how unlucky i am again everytime. lose my stuff cos that day, i bought this bag of  like makeup stuff. then i couldnt find my mastercard. then i went around to find it. then found it in my coin zip, which is like stupid. then i left the bag of things i bought somewhere in the midst of finding my 'lost' card. SO SUPER ... and i dint even realise it until dinner time. so it was too late. ohwell. USED TO IT. misplacing queen No 1.

 recently addicted to earrings again esp long and dangling ones. Have been buying like around like what 6 pairs? already in these few days of trip to town. in the abv two pics can see two pairs of the looooooong earrings alr. most i bought is like feathery one though hahaha! I know the trend of feathers would be out very soon. but i just love em :)

yeah and i love paddle pop so i got like the carton of 10 sticks to stock up at home hehe

some of my fav chocs

k sorry this post like spammed with my face. cos i dint put makeup what when i went to the overseas camp thing. so i finally like could put some makeup now so i like took alot of photos of myself  hahaha

tried 51 beancurd for the first time. prefer laoban though. and no more flavored beancurds for me. original flavor best, the rest are ok just kind of easily like get-sick-of. one of the days of my holidays i ate too much junk all the sweeeeeeeet stuff, sweets chocs icecream chips and then the next day i had diarrhea -.-

newly opened shop at T1 which queue is incredibly long. waited for like at least 30 mins wtheck those sell fried chicken takeaway kind. tried the seaweed and sourplum flavor with trish and i think i prefer the sourplum flavor. Next time im gonna try the lemon chicken flavor. looks the nicest and most unique!

i love avocado milkshake. my mom makes it damn good.

 no makeup and haha tried wearing maxi dress. went to play majiong at tessa's house in this outfit

mom got me a new wallet. thanks :) hah. i will REALLY try my best to takecare of my things properly. :( lost like a agnes v walet and coach wallet which probably cost more than this juicy wallet my mom just got for me in the past half or a year or so.. all my neoprints and memories n ic are goneeeeee

childhood icecreams ^^

mom took out like one of my baby albums around pri school period and i have to say i really looked and did the most hilarious things HAHA but i think i was real talented when i was young. i could dance and


and lead singer for singing in some performances and stuffs. hahaha i should have continued all the way till now la.

 a night where i met jh and tricia and watch madagascar. I WATCHED THIS MOVIE TWICE -.- so stupid haha put very minimal makeup. like lipstick or so only.

white mocha frappe fav starbucks drink


 going to school for proj heh tied hair. i look diff right

 super ugly movie night with the babes without anymakeup at ALL NOT EVEN CONTACTS ;P

 Yeah and today. wokeup to a really swollen face mouth . everything.

finally opened new contacts even tho i have already 4 opened pairs. the very preddy turquoise colored contacts i have been saving hahah cos i think its harder to find.

no makeup~ lazylazy

ate at thai express

aft drinking the tomyum soup mouth more swell

bought alot of food from marks and spencer. haha really i think my blog can be FOOD BLOG. hahaha :( why am i always eating so much good food manz

percy pig :) hehe imma pig too

hehe near view of my contacts

very delicious father's day dinner that I PAID for hehe im such a good daughter

 lala drools*
 some nice fish

 black pepper crab

taken with my cammmmmmmmm

 i promise a more entertaining post next ok ? :/ 

heh anw i am seriously considering of buying a mic so that my youtube channel covers' audio quality can be better. Already saved enough money for it. but i REALLY dont know if i should buy, because i cant play the guitar.  (i can play the piano, but i dont really like it) Do u guys think buying a mic to just sing is dumb? im not that gd at this kind of stuffs yet. i mean i can ask some of my guitar playing friends to help me play the background music sometimes but i dont know if buying a mic is really necessary. comments on my formspring or smth pls?

thanks. xoxo eugeniania

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