Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Manhattan fish market + Twelve Cupcakes + Sakae Sushi

 hello! im currently in quite a good mood i guess. just abit worried for a close friend but YEAP i am quite happy with life now actually. I am like a extremely happy girl. Even though i have failed my new year resolutions for one year and i think im probably going to fail it again since its already june.. so Forget it! im just going to work on losing weight. HAHA. have just resumed running. my stamina sure improved. But i still like eat too much good food everyday so running is like kinda useless if my mouth is not stopping.

 some breakfast in the morningz
 HAHAHAHA some day when i didnt put makeup to school cause i was late. oh my i look so blur. k im late almost everyday :( skipping the morning lessons. i look really ugly. i wear my 'spec' when i dont put makeup. i have alot of specs HAHAHA like 10. in diff colors. I dont dare wear out sometimes cause i scared ppl think i crazy. cos i think can cover my eyebags ^^ I have lipgloss on tho :) most impt thing!
 went to eat MANHATTAN FISH MARKET one for one with classmaties! :)
im glad everything is better nowwwwz i am really glad for my classmates esp zav and enjia!

 any guy reading this wanna grow fat with me :( i hate trying to lose weight :( i want to eat and i want someone who likes me for being fat . not being despo la. im happy with all my friends cos i love them more than anything now hehehe

 oh well, i met up with wenmin and junwei today.

summary :
They are technically one of my longest good friends i still keep in contact with. Junwei bullied me from sec 1-2 we were talking about it. cause i was a nerd. in lower secondary.

LOL and me and wenmin had been hot and cold since we were in the same clique and such. then always quarrel and bitched. so now we are super good friends and we dont quarrel anymore. Cause we both changed and nothing can really affect us now anymore. last time was like lame HAHA.

 and it was my first time trying twelve cupcakes! :) supposedly quite famous~ esp their salted caramel flavor?
bugis opened a new outlet! :) i think its not bad :D

can u see my plaster? i went for an injection heh im a brave girl! :(  the injection pain cant be compared to my hospitalised period!
 my outfit of the day.

 i like beancurd skin better than seaweed ^^

 and not to mention my love for chanwanmushis. ate like 2.
 junwei can eat alot man. sakae buffeh!~

 so i look better with like abit more makeup right. i still dont put foundation this kind though :)

 i know i look fat here but i kinda like my natural cheeky WIDE SMILE
 watcha looking at hehehe

 spammed polariods like mad

 im a retard. secretly!
and so is junwei.

 anw they both damn lame i realised. wenmin was called ''wenmin'' in sec school and junwei was called ''junwei'' now they each go new school, decided to have a english name. one call herself charmaine. and the other jayson. ROFL.

 i love her! and this pic hehehe

 junwei and his jiao expressions

 near view of the polariods.

 i think i look weird smiling with teeth!

 oooh marks and spencer toffee sweets ^^

 one of the reasons i like my camera because you can change the shutter speed; which makes like the capturing of pictures more lag. which explains why there are lights around in the pic :D

xoxo eugeniania thanks for reading :)
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