Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Supply & Demand (Jj's 20th Surprise) + Yellow Submarines + Taiyaki Sweets + USS Halloween + Zouk Halloween Slaughter House 2014

Just gna briefly update the dead space over here before I get started on my trip to bkk (again).
Approximately half a month to korea and two more months before uni starts.
& here's an ootd of me when I went to SIM to submit my enrollment particulars. 

Nothing much recently, since I'm working so any extra free time is spent dating my friends, eating SUPPER (need to lose all of these excess weight before korea asap lol), watching my dramas (fav WGM couple so far - Kim So Eun & Song Jae Rim!!!) and learning driving since my TP is in Dec! Hopefully I'll pass before 2015 if not my first new year resolution to myself would be go fuck yourself since you failed your tp HAHA kidding.

Some food which played some parts in my weight gain:

Yellow Submarines
200 Victoria Street
Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021

Some quite new fast food chain my colleague recommended me to try. Since I love cheese, and fast food (lol I eat fast food almost everyday when I work o.o) I really like this place?! Most of their items on their menu is cheese themed hehehe

both their grilled chicken & beef wraps are so good even though I personally prefer chicken usually compared to beef ;)

& Since the instagramming of this Tai Parfait has been going quite viral, I gave this a go as well because it was nearby after my meal!

200 Victoria Street
Bugis Junction #B1-03A
Singapore 188021

Basically, a taiyaki is actually a Japanese fish-shaped cake made from regular pancake batter with the most common filling being the azuki red bean paste! But Tai Parfait gives the traditional Taiyaki a modern twist with a list of sweet savoury choices in their menu~

It is very easy to order as shown in the menu!

I got their No. 1 bestseller which was the Tai-Parfait Strawberry Chocolate and I had azuki for my Taiyaki Filling. Super yummy for icecream lovers and sweet tooth-ers like me!

Another night chilling with the #KLMADNEZZ clique with my mickey tee

My love for bubble teas never die, minimum will have 3 cups per week.

markcus, mae, me and shan : Na kas?

TGIW supper and we ate at this stall!
Restoran See Hai

food in malaysia is always so affordable and yummy! We had super yummy seafood fried rice and frog legs~

3rd year in a row to USS Halloween, but it wasn't as fun as the previous year in my opinion!

I never fail to get my fav mini-balls icecreams whenever I step into uss lol. Since I can only find this in Singapore's uss now :(

Zouk afterwards and this is a drunk brendon trying to message kyler after I introduced them first time to each other for the night! hahaha I have known kyler since he was my junior in secondary school (6/7 years?) and brendon since my first year of poly alr (4 years) !!

kard and shan~

group photo and I realized shan stole my cat ears hahaha

and jeremiah and vanessa!

Got home at around 7 am in the morning. Thats what happens after you visit a siamdiu after partying at a club! 

Some gloomy ootd taken after I ate sushi with my mom~

and a kbox followed by supper session with all my besties whom I love the most and here's louis and wenmin hehehe the longest couple I ever known.

Should I pierce my nose? HAHAHA

zouk with jess since she was feeling down. 

and my famous banana hat with jon's dog murphy!!! As I went to chill with my bros on a TGIF and caught some quite intellectual movie - The judge - its something you shouldn't watch at 1 am in the night since all the guys were almost dozing off.

barefaced selfie

Only shot with one of the guys! Ben since he is the only one who still styled his hair for such a lepak meeting hahaha! IT HAS BEEN 6 YEARS SINCE I KNOW HIM ALREADY.

and an awesome saturday spent with one of my best bros, a belated birthday celebration for him since he was in London during his actual birthday.

Model and act cool ootd shot with Junjie!

and group shot with the guys which came down to surprise him with gifts and cake in the midst of our dinner HAHA.

choonyiang, roy, andrew, j and me!

met the twin afterwards so here's a selfie!

and more model ootd shots I didn't post onto my instagram heh

His birthday treat from me at one of the popular restaurants over at the newly opened Orchard Gateway and fret not because they only open after 6 pm for their dinner thus we were still considered early at 5.45 pm thus the queue!

Supply & Demand
277 Orchard Road
#02-14 Orchard Gateway
Singapore (238858)

My handsome bff :D

and a ghastly photo of yours truly

Garlic Truffle Fries ($15)
Must order! This is one of the best truffle fries I have eaten with the combination of my favorite garlic and the yummy dips!

Aglio with Shrimps ($18)
Had my typical aglio olio as I was craving for pastas for a long time now and Suppy & Demand is good for their pastas and pizzas so I had mine with shrimps! Yumz

Carbonara Classico ($17)
Jj's fav carbonara with bacon and egg-yolk cream base. Yummy as well!

The Morning After regular ($18)
Had a regular sized pizza with generous toppings of egg, mushrooms and bacon ~

A blur photo I took of the surprise visit! haha!

handsome boy making a wish!

helping themselves to da cake

Kaiming's birthday!

and a tub of udder's icecream delivered to me when I was working haha

With my bae conzy :)

Yoguru before Ouija (not a very nice horror movie)

and supper at Sin Heng Claypot Bak Kut Teh.
Good place for yummy bkt suppers~

Udders again. We absolutely hate alcoholic ice-cream. I'll never like it.

My simple attempt for this year's zouk halloween.


At members with the lovelies jess and shiyun ^^ 

Killer clown couple Glen and twin~

lol I shall end this simple update with a tired selfie of me and the surprisingly nice ice kachang I had at work.

love this kind of sugary shit!

will be back soon xoxo.

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