Tuesday, November 4, 2014

5 days in the land of smiles - Bangkok, Again

Hi guys! I am back to blog about my most recent bkk trip which is one of my most favorite topics to blog about which interest you guys too, I hope? Have been pushing this back cause my schedule has been super packed. Counting down to korea trip in around a week so the next blog post which will be up should be about my trip to korea already heh.

Basically this was a trip well spent with one of my besties, my twin whom her identity cannot be revealed due to personal reasons which made this trip super impromptu. It's her first time in bkk and our second trip tgt (WHOO) and now she finally understands the reason why I will at least travel to bkk 3 times a year. 

Lastly, not forgetting myself, tour-guide in navigating her around. Bare faced selfie in the plane~

Traveled via Air asia. But my favorite budget airline is still scoot as the seats are indeed more spacious. This trip I had this super obese guy sitting behind me so I couldn't even budge my plane seat..

some heavenly green tea + barley flavored drink which was so good?! The wonders of products in thailand and their concoctions. 

First time landing in DMK - Don Meung airport. Its nearer to town than the usual BKK -Suvarnabhumi bangkok internation airport but I think this was by far the most budget airport terminal I have ever set foot in. Doesn't even have the proper SIM card stores which you will trust your phones when purchasing the bkk sim card. Unless you have been to bangkok several times before, I guess its better to fly to the (bkk) airport instead of (dmk) even though the cab journey to your hotel would be further haha!

everytime I'm at bkk I will try to stay in different hotels and this hotel was by far the CHEAPEST one I have stayed in, its like 50 SGD per night only?! And its along pratunam area which I always stay at. 

First House
14/20-29 Petchburi 19 Road
Soi Juldis, Phyathai District, Rajthevee
Bangkok 10400

The hotel isn't as sevy-tech as most hotels due to the budget price, so to me its more like an apartment, the corridors are not air-conditioned, but we managed to stay here for 4 nights and I thought it was rather ok?! Like no "dirty" stuff and everything checked, super convenient, pratunam morning market and stretches of street food stalls situated right outside of our hotel!

This is our room and the bed is quite hard though HAHAHAH not as soft

Our first meal was settled at 

Zaabver Fried Rice and Tom yam
2/1 Soi Petchaburi 19 Pratunam
10400 Bangkok, Thailand

its right next to the very very popular wanton mee + pork leg rice shop in pratunam for many singaporeans which I have blogged about it before so you can go & see my previous bkk travelogues cause I am lazy to repeat myself haha

and I wanted to try something new since personally I think the wanton mee at other places is tastier than that one so many singaporeans rave about, you can see the instagram check-in of the place, all by tourists. And the queue is insane, I rather look at queue-rs in glee and walk right into Zaabver hahahhah

Its like a mini thai food shop which specializes in tomyam and fried rice if it wasn't obvious enough.

my not so secret travel bud. LOL I LOVE YOU 

hungry and greedy me eating

the photo lighting of the food does not do credit to the taste! Cause somehow the food photos all turned out super orangey! >(

But their fried rice with crab + seafood omelette was the bomb!! :)

not forgetting our love for seafood tomyam! :D

and yummy fried chicken bits too heh everything so simple taste good in bkk!

had thai tea instead of adding milk which I normally do hehe

Off to platinum! One of my fav shopping districts in bkk :D

traditional thai snack forgot it's name

bought strawberry milk tea from Coco super good, haha I love bubble tea.

Met up with twin's korean uni friend yoon at starbucks ~

went back to hotel to nua awhile before gging out again.

didn't forget to stop at the convenient mart once again to stock up all my favorite yogurt drinks from bkk hehe

Day 1 - Went to Huai Khwang night market in the night for dinner

And settled down for dinner at 
Noi Seafood 
very easy to recognize, along the streets of Hwai Kwang

Its a very cosy seafood restaurant which serves standards comparable to the famous somboon/T&K seafood in bkk which is popular among the locals!

outside looks like a mini seafood market!

with yoon!

and excited twin (her favorite meal was this hahaha) dressed in korean style

hopefully we all looked korean mixing with a korean instead of the usual thai breed ppl like to mistake me as tsk!

Super yummy Grilled prawns!!! Dipped in the green chili is the best!

Steamed squid in Spicy Garlic and Lime juice SUPER NICE!

Their pineapple rice was good as well!

and the typical bkk seafood restaurant must order - Stir-fried Crab with Yellow Curry Powder!

meal was around 80 bucks SGD super affordable, if this was singapore, I think I can have seafood everyday.

ended the night 1 of walking with meiji papaya milk!

Day 2! in my new velvety black hat.

twin's virgin tuktuk experience

Day 2 Lunch settled at 

Nuer Koo
Level 4 Siam Paragon

one of the best beef noodles in bkk so I have heard!

Choose the broth, then the side dish of beef of choices ranging from sirloin to kobe, then the noodles/rice!

pink milk which is like strawberry milk but you know I ordered cause of the color ahahha and thai milk tea as usual! So pretty *.*

My beef shoulder and slim noodles in bone marrow broth :P

twin ordered sirloin and flat noodles in traditional beef broth, actually we can't taste much of the difference but I personally prefer my slim noodle and shoulder beef choice (easier to chew) heh but both was yummy!

the sirloin!

resting selfie at one of the fountain area outside siam paragon

selfie with twin <3

Brought twin to my fav dessert cafe in bkk 
After you!

huge arrays of crepe cake!

Earlgrey milk tea ^^

Strawberry Mille Crepe cake for Mille crepe lovers like me

and their must order toasts, this time had Matcha Toast!!!! Rly super good hehe

Since we are in the Siam area, settled for dinner at my fav Somtam thai food!

super tired!

so happy with my new iphone 5s cover hahahah

twin loves their chicky wings

ordered too much for two hahah

Went to Rod Fai Market (train market) an authentic open-air bazaar selling a range of vintage collectibles and the place is super pretty. But we went on a weekday which was kind of a mistake cause most stalls were closed!! :/

but still their pubs with live bands there look so lovely!

decided to get AIR BRUSH tattoo (not real, guys) when we had nothing to do alr hahahaha last for around 7 days

me aka AKS ang kong siao

twin's marilyn monroe

"eh help me take my arm leh"

hahaha twin say if I continue to eat so much i'll be like her

otw back got this super good Mikucha pearl milk tea tasted super awesome! I know it was some best seller milk tea flavor I ordered.

and thats all for day 2! ;)

Day 3!! 

We started our day early at one of the street food stall selling omelette and rice so we took-away one to eat on the cab otw for our brunch~

oil splattered on me while i was tryna take this shot meh

yummy omelette

cab selfies with my new fav shade *.*

made our way for some pizzas at

Mama Dolores
20 Yen Akat Road
Sathon, Bangkok 10120

made friends with the boss and he gave us his contact card so the next time we are there he will give us some discount haha

super nice al-fresco dining

and we can even watch the chefs prepare our pizzas at our seat

I love my strawberry smoothie

Honestly I have very high expectations of pizzas and I feel that the ones served here is not good enough for me to make a trip to that area just for that!

and their recommended lamb kebab which I think me and twin didn't know how to appreciate cause I don't rly eat lamb so we just only cleared most of the potato fries. LOL

their marinated wings was good tho!

On the other hand, their desserts and breads were good cause I think the chefs all painstakingly battered and roll all the dough for their bread all to come out super aromatic!

by far our most disappointing and expensive meal we have spent over in our whole 5 days in bkk LOL - my ootd taken in that area!

Union mall after and saved our tastebuds at one of the stalls! 
Kane Mochi

yakult ice cream + milk tea mochis + my favorite jellies + gummies combi *.*

mad love!

dinner at the boat noodles shop which I have been raving about since my previous trip (prev bkk posts) here!

fucking cheap at 50 cents a bowl

and our fried ham and cheese rolls DAEBAK

contented twin

before we went back, we had another round of milk ice cream flavored mochis hahaha my love for mochi never dies!

started to pack back all the snacks we wanted to bring back to SG~

Day 4! Time flew by so fast :(

Finally tried this roadside crepe I have always wanted to try right next to the lane of Glow Pratunam, at the edge of Petchaburi Soi 19!! (opposite platinum mall) Their business is always so good and I am super glad I tried it this time round!

Ordered the one with sausage, ham and pork floss. By far the best crepe I have eaten in my life! Prolly cause their portions are soooo generous and super saucey! I think they have added some bbq sauce in it!

while waiting for the crepe to be prepared with da twin!

this stall is endorsed by one of the leading national channels TV3!

finished it till the very last bite!

Cabbed over to chatuchak and surprisingly the weather was not hot at all!

always wanted to try the quail eggs but nothing much imo!

fanta flavored ice pop!

fav coconut icecream and twin was sold!

steam face HAHAHA

pig face

super romantic minnie and mickey selfies with twin hahahah

bee berry once again

Came across one of the must-eats in chatuchak weekend market!

Chatuchak Wanton Mee
Chatuchak Weekend Market 2 Soi 40

while waiting for our noodles, taking with our cpl mickey phone casings we got from union mall the day before hehe

mickey and marie the kitty!

We had the dry noodles and I loved it! The noodles were very "Q" alongside with yummy wantons. 

goes super well with chili powder which made my twin choke cause I poured too much of it HAHA

another one of my favorite wanton noodles in bkk found ^^ wink*

After shopping and walking we settled for another famous eatery in Chatuchak

Mix Me Grass Jelly
JJ Weekend Market
Section 3 Soi 1,
 Chatuchak Weekend Market

black rock sugar and grass jelly with loads of ice!!

doing silly faces~

retarddd hahahaha

ended the day quite early and decided to go back to the hotel to get some rest cause Twin was feeling sick :/ 

still managed to get a bowl of phad thai mama mee alongside the streets of pratunam morning market and it was sooo good! It's just different from the ones you can prepare at home cause the locals will add in some extra ingredients and seasonings!

yumyum in my tumtum

lol non-stop eating

Changed and went back to siam area before meeting my friend whom was also in Bkk!

Finally tried

Mango Tango
Siam Square Soi 3

one of bangkok's most popular chain outlet serving mango sticky rice! They have another outlet in Asiatque and in chiangmai 

Newly renovated and I really love the settings! So unique!

happy me cause DESSERTS~

Sooooo good. Mango pudding, mango ice-cream, mango and sticky rice. I finally understand what's the craze about!!!

spot clean LOL

i'll be back!

walked over to mbk for dinner at

Hachiban Ramen
7th floor, MBK Center
444, Phaya Thai Rd., Wang Mai, Pathumwan
Bangkok 10330

they have many outlets around bangkok and its distinctive by its '8' signage!

One bowl of ramen is around 4 bucks SGD only! You kidding me!?

Place is recommended for ramen and dumplings, ordered a platter of pork dumplings!!!

my guava fruit juice hehe

Tom Yam Ramen

Soup noodle with Siew Duck

Noodle soup with seafood gravy

thanks jovan for the wonderful treat :D

back at the streets of siam, I FINALLY GOT TO TRY 


The banana egg prata with condensed milk, sugar and chocolate!!!
Super sinful but a must try in bkk! Got it along the roadside of siam night market!

After which, we caught a movie in Bkk, at siam paragon, Paragon Cineplex.
Can't believe we caught annabel in bkk HAHAHAHA I seriously wondered how me and twin survived!

it was a weekend and the tickets for this SUPER GRAND THEATRE -Siam Pavalai was just like 8 bucks? hahaha cause we don't rly understand which ticket booth to book from so we just aimlessly chose this HAHAHA

jovan zy and me hahaha snapping around in the cinema cause we were like "wow its damn grand" typical singaporean behavior

the cinema was HUGGEE and the sound systems were superb!

imagine watching a horror movie then everyone suddenly starts to stand up.

you must be wondering what happened but its actually cause thais are super patriotic to their king so they actually stand and sing to their national anthem song before every movie!
not kidding!

supper in our hotel after the movie hahahah

these sweets are damn cool

matching matchy luggages, as usual, twin had to buy another extra handcarry in order to take every loot back to sg.

last meal of bkk at zaabver again since its near!

me and my silly shades

chrysanthemum this time round yumz

I thought their phad thai was not too bad too!! But twin hates bean sprouts - sad for her but more for me!

got some fried chicken skin before last min shopping at platinum

spent my last few bucks on cold stone cotton candy flavored ice-cream :D

super hot in the taxi otw back to the airport cause my luggage was blocking the aircon

that's all for my +66 trip! 

enjoyed this trip with you my twin will be back for you soon! :D

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