Thursday, December 4, 2014

Oct/Nov Updates + Regina's 20th; Tawandang Microbrewery + Tessa's 20th; Park Royal x Sofitel Singapore

Sup guys have I been missed?! This is going to be a very short and rushed post since I have to get to my birthday dinner later, yes its my birthday today! And I just wanna quickly update this dying space of mine right here before I do all my updates for my awesome two weeks long (half a month) korea trip this month! I rly wanna migrate there now and never come back T.T even tho I gained like 4 kgs over there. I really love that country alot and all the oppas there HAHAHAHA kiddingz :'(

So a brief update of what I have been up to in the month of November and so!

PS (got myself a new desktop which makes blogging so much more easier as my SUPER BIG FILES of my photos doesn't make my computer as lag compared to my laptop~~~) I swear my laptop is running super slow due to the immense amount of photographs and shit I have collated in it throughout my poly years thus always making me so pissed off when my chrome browser restarts itself & make me needa retype everything!! THE WOES OF BEING ME.

discovered something super awesome coconut jelly hehe similar to chatuchak's icecream right ;)

oh and as for now I have stopped working at the airport alr, cause my school is going to start soon. Rdm but yeah since I got my pay so i treated my parents to dinz!

G7 Sinma Live Seafood
163 Geylang Road

my fav place to have frog porridge in my humble opinion :D

a rdm butter fact night with jess

stan and melissa!

Regina's surprise at her house this year before me and tess went to korea~ 

love of my lifes~ and our rainbow hair colors

went for another round of frog leg porridge supper aft this.

Next day black themed to go play lazer ops with da clique on her actual birthday~

(plaza singapura new extension The Atrium @ orchard)
60A Orchard Road
Singapore 238890

What is Laser Tag?

Indoor Laser Tag is an interactive game in an indoor arena where players attempt to score points by tagging targets and opponents with a Phaser gun.
More info on:

it was quite a cool experience hahah

Dinz settled at

Tawandang Microbrewery
Block 26 Dempsey Road
#01-01 Singapore 249686

Best thai-german bar and restaurant recommended by tess~

Tawandang Microbrewery offers authentic Thai cuisine such as Tom Yum Prawn, Pad Thai, Steamed Sea bass with Chili and Lime Juice together with finest quality German Brewed Beer, Lager, Dunkel and Weizen. They are the first microbrewery in the world that offers Asian food!

very good ambiance and entertainment

they even serve my fav only-can-find-in bkk's thai curry crab!! 

w da bdae girl~

Tried their Lager beer (their all time favorite selling beer there) and Weizen beer (made of malted barley and fruit so more fruity fragrance) in their very cool looking towers. But to me taste quite similar to carlsberg/hoegarden heh heh or issit all beers taste similar 

selfie in the toiletz

the dishes we ordered~

love their tom yam soup! we ordered two and I think I actually prefer the one with coconut milk added over here.

this was damn good! one of their most recommended dishes - Deep fried pork knuckle served with spicy sauce, a must order!

chicky wings~

and my favorite steamed seafood; sotong & steamed seabass with Chili and Lime Juice

look at da thai curry crab *.* drools

special performance and more chickey wings complementary to us since it was regina's bdae!

Shaun, trish, Terrance and regina~

and I actually sang on stage w regina lazy to put the link here so check my insta for the insta vid~ hiak

last but not least they served yummy desserts too~ mango sticky rice and my ultimate fav...

red ruby!!! A tad sweet but i love it :P

mandatory girl group photo #cboah 

went for a short drinking sess aft.
throwback to another halloween night!

sonar w drunk bin! and shannie!

w the girls. jess, shan, trish and me~

Another night of drinking (oh my beer belly LOL) w regina and tessie :*

Saizeriya Ristorante E Caffe
2 Handy Road
The Cathay S229233

They have many outlets around sg
and I can't believe this is the first time I'm trying it. Their food are super affordable!!! And tasty! Fusion of both asian and western cuisines. 

My third time trying escargots and I am finally sold. (First two times was just quite disappointing and proves to me why the hell ppl even eat such stuffs LOL) Its sold at such a cheap price yet it rly is the best and cheapest one I have had! Cos escargots is one of their recommended dishes here~
Had nice carbonara and chicky wings as well :)

Supper aft at seng kee

and went to prawn @ Hai bin!

till dawn, super shagged.

met up with wenmin for some old airport hawker supper~

finally had my manicure done before my korea trip WHOOP

New chabuton ramen outlet at Tampines one,
not that great but set lunch is cheap~

satisfied myself w some mochis and icecream aft tho hehe

and finally tessa's 20th~! When I just reached sg from korea!

taking pic with one of the gifts I got for my pals. HAHAHA leeminho oppa's sticker!

Dinner was settled at Park Royal Spice Brasserie/Plaza Brasserie. ITS A CRAB BUFFET!!!
didn't take much pictures so you can just refer to ladyironchef's blog post hehahaha

some cool pumpkin flavored crab omooo

their crab in fried beehoon rly is the best!

one of my fav sushis among all that they served. SALMON ABURI!

Many many many different types of crabs they serve. Flower herbal crab (yum), white pepper, black pepper, chili, salted egg and more!

stuff like the pork belly, fried fishies and sambal prawns were not bad too! I mean this buffet was ok for the price :D

desserts available too

fruits and choc marsh and icecream!

HAHAHAHAH i was play w the chocolate LOL joke

surprise and rather nice hotel studio booked by stanley for tessa~

Hotel Sofitel So Singapore
35 Robinson Rd


fucking sweet letter written roses and cutie balloons for her~

kisses from bdae girl to her boyflen

hahaha and not forgetting the clique's favorite bdae cake we are forever ordering ever since they tried mine.

happy birthday to my retarded fun pal in coldrea~

w wenmin :*

and trishy~

greedy faggots eating cake

the view of the hotel is super nice as well as the pool btw~

shall end of abruptly with these few selfies of mine with tessa's roses cause too pretty alr HAHAHAHA. Nice things needs to be shared, KIDDING.

be back soon xoxo hope you guys enjoyed this post !

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