Monday, December 22, 2014

My 20th Birthday + Faber Bistro + Nosh + SIM UOL Pageant 2014 Risplendour

Have been quite upset cause I failed my first manual Tp this week cause of a stupid immediate failure, HAIS, thus have to wait another 3 months for the next tp. Which explains why I am so downnnn, but oh wells. Christmas and new year is coming soon, which I guess its something to look forward to ? :'(

Short updates on my birthday before resuming my korea trip posts. Quite surprised my friends all came down to surprise me 12 midnight sharp with my favorite cake (the patissier). Cause they alr surprised me like that last year so I thought they wouldn't!

Had the birthday dinz with my friends at

Faber Bistro
101 Mt Faber Rd, Singapore 099201

This is a very uber-chic hilltop den dining bistro with awesome view within a city-facing alfresco setting. That doesn't cost as expensive unlike usual sky-high dining ambient places! 

First time trying out corona beer!

Yummy thick cut truffle fries ($9)

Smoked duck breast pizza with prunes and honey mustard ($22)
not too bad but I still prefer the timber ones!

Bistro Club Sandwich ($14)

Fish n Chips ($24)

Bangers N Mash ($18)

Crayfish Linguine with Tomato, Red chili and Basil ($24)

Herb Crusted Salmon Steak with sautéed vegetables and mash ($22)

Pan-Roasted Mangalica Pork Chop with mushroom ragout and black pepper sauce ($29)

Cboah minus wenmin (cause she was in hk :() + twin shot outside the bistro!

caught a short film and if you realized the birthday theme was to dress in red hahaha before our drinking session!

super hilarious, when the siambus all dressed up in red too HAHAHA

Stanley bought waterfall for me and other what nots but I didn't die surprisingly. Watch the insta vid on my instagram!

First blue box gift of tiffany and co from the clique~

The next day, had another birthday treat at

Nosh Restaurant & Bar
9 Rochester Drive, Singapore 139220

(Image Credits taken from:

Another very nice and ambient restaurant with good customer service you can bring your friends to chill! Food is good too, better than mount faber's in my opinion. You can choose to sit in their alfresco dining area like we did, or indoors. They have swing seating as well as sofa seats outside! *.* Very pretty.

Complimentary bread starters from the chef for us!

Spiced Pork Belly $19
Pastrami Spice, Butternut Squash Purée, Pomegranate, Braised Celeriac
Very yummz!

Vietnamese Spiced Pork Chop $29
Date Mostarda, Watermelon and Jícama Slaw

Flank Steak $35
Asian Marinade, Mashed Potatoes, Garlic Ginger Spinach, Wasabi-Lime Buerre Blanc
had the beef medium done and it was so good!

I would totally come back here to try out their brunch anytime soon :)

thanks for all the gifts and plans!

My completed mcd one piece set! haha god knows how many burgers I have to eat in order to collect these!

Jap grocery shopping to prepare for christmas potluck meal~

craving for jap curry *.* Love the mart's hokkaido coffee milk drink > than their banana milk surprisingly!

Sweechoon supper. Bill up to 200++ I HAVE NO IDEA HOW WE ORDERED.

Another date day with wenmin~

tried kkul dak fried honeyed chicken but still can't compare with the ones i had in korea!

my white mash ootd

wanted to get a new canon compact cam Powershot N2 cause its PINK and looks so cute, my dslr is too big to carry around.. but ended up with samsung nx mini instead. :O So shots with my new cam!

still not a v samsung person as compared to canon, but I like the camera's beauty mode.

Tried the new Juicy slush at scape (rainbow ice blended juices!) I think I like their black tea flavor the most. But you can customise many flavors into one cup thus the rainbow outlook!

Supporting my twin in her SIM UOL Pageant event held @ zouk on thurs!

clique + twin contestant F6!

with my bros

And not forgetting the other pretty pageant girls~ With regina, Michelle (2nd runner-up), Deon and the twin!

totally dieddd

Went down to Sim orientation the other day!

Went to cuppage plaza (cos my new future classmate was craving for some jap food) nearby somerset which hosts alot of quite affordable jap food hidden joints and settled for this seemingly crowded

Shinjuku Restaurant
5 Koek Road, #01-01/02, Cuppage Plaza

Never ever order salmon there cause this plate cost $20 bucks and I felt that it taste like any ordinary salmon slices you can find anywhere.

But their other bento lunch sets which were just around $22 is so much better for the value of money! Order their bento sets if you are there! Look at the generous slices of sushis they serve.

Deon's bento had grilled salmon & mine was fried prawn. Both of us ordered soba which wasn't the cold soba noodles I expected it to be so better to order udon next time round!

if you noticed I accidentally added all the dates in my photo #superugly #noobsamsungcamerauser #camerafail hahahaha

 NTS: stop cabbing everywhere I go T.T

ending of with my mom's homemade bibimbap which was so good

kimchi chicken daebak!


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