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Korea Trip (Part II); Guide to Jeju - {Day 3:Cheonjiyeon Falls x Jeongbang Falls x Alive Museum x Teddy Bear Museum} & {Day 4:Hallim Park x Hyupjae Beach x Yongmeri Beach x O'sulloc Tea Museum x Songak Mountain}

Sup guys I'm finally back again to continue my #twofuckersinKR adventures as school is starting tomorrow so I have mixed feelings about it. After almost one year of not touching any books *.* I can do it! Without further ado, let me clear up some of my overdued posts hahah
And you can read Part I of jeju; day 1 & 2 here

Day 3 (Jeju)
Breakfast > Cheonjiyeon Falls > Jeongbang Falls > Lunch > Alive Museum > Teddy Bear Museum >  Town > Dinner

Started day 3 at paris baguette, franchised from korea, and yes, jeju has some outlets too even though seoul has plenty more

Whats with me and ice-cream anyway? Having this super early in the morning. HAHA I can't rmb if singapore's outlet has this but this was so good!!

me and my giant icecream macaroon hehehe which doesn't melt ;)

opted for the cookies and cream one ~

and more sandwiches from paris baguette

matched with a coffee in a breakfast set :D

btw its tangerine season so my folks got like a carton of tangerines so me and tessa kept stuffing ourselves with these cousins of oranges throughout all our long rides hahaha

taking shitty selfies like a monkey

Cheonjiyeon Falls
Worth to go: 6.5/10
Cheonji-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do 666-7
Admission Fee: Adults 2,500 won Youths / Children: 1,000 won

Waterfalls are so pretty~ and calming to the eyes

my cutie parents and the stone sign

at the bottom part while walking up to the waterfall, must take an ootd at the stream

okay i know my straw hat is fugly LOL


taking ootd shots with the dol hareubang, believed to be the guardians of jeju, protecting the people staying there.

inserts tessa's caption here: "I am a potato!"

more shots with the cheonjiyeon falls~

roadside cuttlefish which tessa hates and i can blow my breathe into her face after consuming them :)

Jeongbang Falls
Worth to go: 8/10
(This waterfall is even better than the previous one!!)
37, Chilsimni-ro214beon-gil, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do 
Admission Fee: Adult 2,500won / Youth 1,000won

long climb down the stairs to the rocky area in front of the fall!!

super nice i swear, and its pretty refreshing to stand so close to the waterfall!

a group shot with the falls w my parents & tess~

What I like about this place is that you can get to climb up and down all those rocks, quite thrilling actually, hope you have already watched the insta video I uploaded on my instagram!!
I managed to climb all the way to the big rock all the way behind me (if you can see it :D)

tess da lousy rock climber

icecream againnnn *.*

my fav mini melts~

Settled for lunch at this pretty famous chinese noodle restaurant in jeju
Chinese Noodles Sea
(If i'm not wrong, translated, the stall should be called something like abv in english)
Seogwipo, Jeju 2084-2 Yigoyo Street, Jungmundong, Jeju-do, South Korea
Number: 064-739-9255

love the complimentary kimchi pancake that comes with all the side dishes!

hungry tessa *slurps*

so happy to be eating noodles again~

their famous for their pork dumplings!

my favorite out of all their speciality noodles, cold noodles *.*!!

pork noodles in broth

spicy noodles was not bad too ;)

I feel so hungry right now!!

Alive Museum
Worth to go: 8.5/10
Decided to experience it here without having to queue at where it originates from, there's a trick eye in seoul too, but I think they are slightly different and the one here in jeju should be bigger as the alive museum contains five themes including trick art, object, sculpture, provence and digital art!
 42 Jungmungwangwang-roSeogwipoJeju-do
Admission Fees: Adult 9,000won / Youth 8,000won

let the fun begin!




I used to be a ballerina, now i can't stretch!!

call me thor

anaconda attack!

opps  caught me trying to post for the hungry gorilla picture!!

angel vs devil

oh it stinks LOL

we are in venice hehehe

and now tessa's a barbie doll

and im dating a mermaid

48 kg > 10 kg

aladdin adventures~

are we gna die?!

well I can only say my photography is better than tessa's hahahaha you are supposed to crop this so it looks like you are on a super long pole

and little kids' feet kept intruding mine so oh well LOL

tessa is not so scared of the ogre right?

Teddy Bear Museum
Worth to go: 7/10 (More for first-timers)
2889 Saekdal-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
Admission Fee: Adult 7,000won / Youth 6,000won

I've been to the one at Seoul before when I was much younger so the teddy bears didn't appeal to me as much as it did once upon a time hahaha since they are more or less the same... but the one at Jeju is bigger la!!

I am only going to take some of the exhibitions cause after awhile it all gets pretty much the same, bears as titanic in here!


snowbear and the seven cubs LOL

disney bears

kobear bryan issit? LOL

notti bears


me and tessa at the bear's fruit stall. LOL okay i feel damn lame right now

this was quite cool, teddy bear fashion show with the bears rotating around

haha cute, bears in korean folk villages.

and last but not least, remember the kdrama goong!?

did the same pose as psy oppa gangnam~

had lotteria after walking briefly through the museum (one of korea's leading fast food chain) I swear the beef burgers are sooo good, plus cheese sticks hahaha

bought a souvenir from the teddy bear museum 
(by the end of the trip my pink bear got so black and dirty just cause I hanged it on my bag T.T) hahaha

Daepo Jusangjeolli Cliff
Worth to go: 7/10
2663, Jungmun-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do 
Admission Fees: Adult 2,000won / Youth 1,000won

Many tourists will come here to admire the beauty of the Jusangjeolli cliff. It's really quite unique to see the beauty of nature of how the rocks formed into hexagon shapes due to some volcanic facts of jeju island!!!

looks abit gross actually LOL idk why my twin think its beautiful.. I think those people who have fears of holey pictures will hate this la hahahaha just imagine if giant bees came out of these

selfie with it!

and with my parents since we are here ^^

asked andy to fetch us to the 'town' area at night which I have mentioned in the previous jeju post so that we can finally have some free and easy time after visiting SO MANY attractions for the pass few days!

settled for this randomly for dinner as were with starving, sorry, I totally have no idea how to find whats the location of this, but its similar to yoogane's concept of chicken galbi maybe just another outlet in korea~ but I think any food is rly not bad in korea (or maybe i just am meant to be born in korea), like at any corner, no matter which rdm shit you settle for HONESTLY

tessa loved this, esp with her udon addiction.

Day 4 (Jeju)
Hallim Park > Lunch > Hyupjae Beach > Yongmeri Beach > O'sulloc Tea Museum > Songak Mountain > Dinner

Hallim Park
Worth to go: 9/10
300, Hallim-ro, Hallim-eub, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea
Admission Fees: Adult 10,000won / Youth 7,000won

Other than the fact that the weather was kinda fucking cold, and I always stubbornly wear very little layers so only insane people will spend such a long time roaming outdoors as this attraction is actually one of those which needed more time, this has got to be one of my favorite attractions as yet in jeju.

Chose this cause tessa has some weird fetishes for plants (caring friend is me ) LOL so I was surprised that I enjoyed this too hahahaa

Almost 100 thousand square meters, has a variety of gardens like Palm Tree Road, Jeju Stone and Bonsai Garden, Water Garden, Subtropical Botanic Garden and much more. 
There are also some famous tourist sites in Hallim Park like Hyeopjaegul and Ssangyonggul Caves known to be the only two-dimensional caves in the world. Not forgetting, a folk village and other outdoor resort facilities make it enjoyable for both children and adults.

so pretty right~

yes there are alot of reptiles and animals kept in tanks or cages in hallim park too, which is one of the reasons why I like the place even more!!


trying to take nice shots at the pretty flowers section but I ended up looking like a thief in almost all the shots LOL

why tessa one like fairy :(

i look like three blind mice HAHAHA

cactus park~

look like fungus

yeah, and here we are at the caves!!

my favorite place in hallim park!! the Macaw house!! have to pay like 1,000 won extra per head for entry but its so worth it..

you get to interact with all sorts of farm-ish animals hahaha

Especially this darling!!!

rly rly damn cute this monkey, the first time I actually get to hold and interact with this mammal. Feel like bringing it home if singapore laws allows T.T 
You HAVE to watch the instavideo I took of it of me interacting with this cutiepie @pinkyniakoh #twofuckersinKR cause its too cute and smart!!!

I bet the animals must be like what's this crazy jiejie doing


tryna take a proper photo with the baby monkey but it is super naught and fidgety hahaha

gave it a marker to chew on cause it was probably attacking every shiny and silvery accessories I wore that day

Folk village!!

Lunch was settled at one restaurants IN hallim park cause we were kinda hungry already~

Restaurant Stone Grandfather

yummy korean snack - pumpkin rice snack~

And more korean pancakes

and black pork

saba fish!

and bibimbap!

food was pretty good there despite looking so simple. very traditional!

that's how I am going to be shaped like after the korea trip.

more garden for birds~


I wanna see your peacockcockcock~

Hyupjae Beach
Worth to go: 8/10
Hyeopjae-gil, Hallim-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
Admission Fees: Free

I love the sea so we actually stopped here for a short while as this is a very famous and popular beach in Jejudo during summer, but it was damn cold for us la, but still should at least go and check the place since there are no admission charge anw!

windy and freezing as fuck.. LOL

Yeah im a loser whose fingers are going to drop off any moment


I thought I'm suppose to look cool

tessa is cooler

Yongmeori Beach
218-10, Sanbang-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do 

Supposed to be a very unique looking cliff around the ocean, which is why there are entrance fee of 2,000 won for this beach but I think the tides were too high that day or smth so it was closed, but we still managed to walk around the area and catch some rather scenic sights.


my pretty girlll

we love this field of flowers!!

seems like we can film a drama here ^^

sucha heart warming photo hhahaha

O'sulloc Tea Museum 
Worth to go: (If you love macha definitely yes!!! 9/10)
425, Sinhwayeoksa-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do 
Admission Fees: Free

O'sulloc is famous for their green tea shakes,drinks, soft ice-cream, & confectioneries (you can find many branches in Seoul) But this is the main one with the innisfree store (say yay to spending some of your money here finally in jeju) where you will be able to purchase some limited edition innisfree items that can't be found in the normal branches.

look at the crowddd

bought some green tea and citrus tea here as well as some other facial products from innisfree later!!

fell in love with this super awesome hot green tea matcha latte, when I usually don't even drink hot drinks at all.

Their icecream is great as well as their charcoal black roll cake with green tea cream filling which my mother loves *.* they are famous for their green tea swiss roll with vanilla cream filling btw!

I like their masks and green tea face mist. (can't say I love cause I actually don't use much beauty and skincare products on my face other than makeup opps I'm horrible.) 
Their clay masks and everything green tea should be good cause innisfree utilizes only organic and natural ingredient in all their products so say YAY to the brand hehe

Songaksan Mountain
Worth to go: 7/10
421-1, Songakgwangwang-ro, Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do 
Admission Fees: Free

A very pretty small mountain with a great view, thats why some korean dramas were filmed here!

cause we were lazy (standard) to walk all the way up, we went down to the coastline instead to grab some sea-side RAW foodies to eat

fyi you can see I finally gave up fighting the cold so I wore like a jacket for goodness sake


me and my daddy

hmmm i think i can't appreciate the beauty of sashimis (means raw for food in korean) only the squid was okay... but the abalone (which is usually my fav) is too harddd!!! and the mussels felt weird LOL.

Dinner was settled at another one of korea's speciality. Pork ribs soup!!! Like singaporean Bakuteh but its super korean. This outlet seems to be quite popular but i think its okay only, so I'm lazy to find the address for you guys but there's the hotline in the pic below heh

chinese siboz

korean style bakuteh!!

but actually I would have just preferred this very simple fried pork cutlet with rice, also served in the same restaurant as well. hahahaha

and so, I shall end of day 4 with a very scenic photo of me and tess at hyupjae beach. #twofuckersinKR to be continued!!


  1. Hi,

    May i know when did you travel to Korea? What is the weather then? I'm gg for the first time with my bff in mid-nov 2015. Thanks!
    Cheers, Steph

    1. I went around 14-27 nov last year I guess. Jeju weather is slightly colder than seoul's, around 14 degrees like air-con. But sometimes it can get quit chilly too. You an check the temperature and climate you'll be facing slightly before you are leaving on google. :)

  2. Hi!
    I'll be going to Jeju (and Seoul) this coming November and your blog really helps me a lot in gathering information for my trip!
    Can U tell me how long do U actually spent in Hallim Park? And what time do U start your tour in Jeju?

    Thank you! :)

    1. around 9 am in the morning daily? I spent around 2 hours since the park was big and had lunch there! glad my post helped! :)

  3. Hi
    how much did you pay for the private tour? per pax

    1. total was around 1310 SGD. so around 330 per pax in sg dollars! :)