Monday, May 12, 2014

Bkk Day 7 - 9 (Chinatown Scala Restaurant + Khao San Road) x (Fuji + Sneaka Villa + Audrey) x (YumSaap)

HI hehehehe I'm back! Less than one week to HK, so I guess I should prolly finish up my bkk trip post and other things before I set off.

And guess what? I gooooot a tatt on my leg. Haha kidding, if I get one I won't like choose such a childish and lame looking design which all my friends were laughing at me after. I just wanted to place it somewhere I can cover for ten days thus my thigh. LOL.
Keep reading on cause I actually went to Chinatown and Khaosan road night market in this post! And they are both tourist areas and some of the better places for food finding and late night suppers at bangkok ^^

and tessa and regina got another tattoo in bkk!

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Anyways, Bangkok's Chinatown is known as Yaowarat by the thais and its actually a key scene in Hollywood's hit the Hangover Part II, which most people would know what show it is. Not much for shopping, but many yummy street stall foods like kway chap (thai style) after 5.30 pm and even the famous T&K Seafood is located in that stretch which brings me to the point of why its a good location for food.

Other than that, tourists also like to come to Chinatown for sharkfin and birdnest! Idk if the street side kind are 'fake' or what but there are really a few restaurants down the stretch which serves them in different grades. So we settled our lunch here cause its a restaurant which specializes in shark fin and serve birdnest as well :) Killing two birds with one stone he he.

Chinatown Scala Shark Fin's Restaurant
483-5 Yaowarat Road
Opening hours: 10 am - 2 am
Tel: +66 2623 0183-5

hahahah gna get slaughtered for this unglam

more exp the better quality and grade I presume

Yeah and the service was pretty good there its like we ordered one jug of chrysanthemum tea, the waitresses actually refilled again and again its till the point is like I barely drank a few mouths and they would take my cups for another refill alr hahaha

regina and I!

Sharkfin yumyum haha I'm kinda cruel.. cause my friends says they can live without it cause slaughtering sharks for their fins are animal cruelty but I just wna have it once there :/

Roasted duck I have been craving for days since I flew to bkk..

"water spinach" kangkong

deer meat, measly portion, there were like more leeks in this than the meat -_- yuck I hate the veg!

ordered their signature tofu for tessa 

their cheapest birdnest was 200 baht for one bowl, thats 8 SGD in singapore only!

me and regina had the 800 baht one though. HAHAHAH tasted around the same to us actually -_- both like in sweet syrup and like a nice dessert to me

then added coconut milk for one, hahaha they have those in coconut and other fancy fancy as well

exaggerated faces cause we just spent 32 bucks on a bowl of bird's saliva HAHAHAHA

thats around 110 SGD bucks for four girls. Why SG no this price?

hawkers setting up the street food stall I was mentioning about by the time we wanted to leave! (I think this stall is the famous one) I'll be back here for the bkk kway chap which my guy friends claims tasted like singapore's BKT!

Went to Khao San Road Night Market in the evening! I love the ambiance of the stretch. Backpackers and esp Caucasians tends to crowd in the area, and there are a few must-dos in this area. Good place to chill with friends, have a beer or smth at a pub/bar, massage, get a tattoo? and street side food ranging from pad thai noodles to fried insects, ewwwwwww can't believe I tried it :'( due to shan's temping .... yikes...

anw not much shopping but my friends managed to buy like some cheap and nice bikinis while I was busy getting myself high so yup there are like t-shirts, sandals and shops which sells stuff like that in that area. 

LOL, as we were walking (cause we were supposed to meet some of my guy friends there..) then two thai guys chatted us up so we were like okay we can have a drink with them at this pub, which was quite good and apparently opened by their friend. 
Mulligan irish bar

the menu was kinda funny weishan ordered this drink called "slippery nipple" which cracked me upside down. Yea and my new two thai guy friends I suppose.. cause they wanted to bring us around for dinner and stuff but it was alr our second last day there! and we failed to like return their calls LOL

Girls, didn't your mother warn you about drinking with strangers before? hahahahaha

okay finally hongsheng and the rest reached & it was around night time by then, gave them a slip and we went to try like......

Yes, insects, I warned you guys of the image! Damn sick, LOL I heard from my friends scorpions sucked, so nah-ah and grasshoppers were like the hot favs or smth. SO........

oh fuck this shit LOL, weishan was like the most enthusiastic of all to try -_- she says IT IS NICE, LIKE EATING SALTED CHIPS

Tessa die die also don't want to try, only tried like some larva fried worms or something hahaha

I think regina was like a worm lover too -_-

Okay, for me, I did try like a part of the grasshopper. LOL I thought it tasted okay but THE THOUGHT OF THE EYEBALLS and other body part just makes me creep so in conclusion, I won't be trying insects anytime soon guys........ even the worms fat or skinny still tastes disgusting to me T.T

brave eugenia

hahahah with hongsheng, kenneth (the only person who didn't dare to try anything) and deon!!

Massage at khaosan. haha (forgot the palour's name) My friend suggested Charlie's I think one of the more popular spots for massage at khaosan fyi!

beer drinking time, at some roadside pub at khaosan!

me, hs, regina, kenneth and deon!

with tessa~

and hongsheng!

bkk's shisha is quite good tbh haha

with deon!

and kenneth!

haha had some roadside chicken/beef (I forgot) kebab that hs treat us! 


and some bbq pork satay thing as well

hahahhaah and we each got a temporary tattoo and mine was the ugliest, AHAHAHAHA the guys were like "how old alr still draw pony on your thigh ah...."

regina's feather quite nicee leh

tessa's inscriptions which resembles claw marks so kewl

shan's feathers and birds~

Supper (guy's treat) at my fav chicken rice stall place near my hotel, place seem to open 24 hours

so hungry and yummy, but idk why somehow I thought their roasted duck tasted yummier than their chicken HAHA

Day 8

Settled lunch at
Fuji Japanese Restaurant
At platinum, the food court level, highest level. No address cause this restaurant has LOADS of outlets around bkk, like rly everywhere in malls you should see it. Easily googled! Similar to like sakae sushi in SG but nicer of course...

ohhh and I loveeeeeeeeeee their ice blended fruit juices there?! tastes so much less artificial than most places in bkk. It should be freshly blended then and not the syrup kind. 

Normal but mandatory chawanmushi that I have to order in all japanese restaurants~

yummy salmon sashimi hehehe TESSA'S FAV. She is the ultimate sashimi lover.

takoyaki balls, yummy too ^^

and my favorite dish of all. Soo nice, I think I would order like more of their rolls next time to try if I am there again!!
Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll

my very awesome Apple and guava ice-blended which my friends gave me the suspicious look again when I ordered. LOL

watermelon frost & strawberry frost!! :)

All the above are ala cartes. And I guess fuji is popular cause of their jap food sets! Like feels so affordable
Fuji Steak set

with like appetizers, sauces, salad, kimchi, rice and beef cubes!!

Unagi Iritama Don 

Sukiyaki Beef Set

very yummy! the sauce goes super well with the sticky rice if you pour it over, there are like organic glass noodles inside the lunch box too which was soo chewy ^^

The recommended
Yakiniku Pork Set
hehe pretty yummy too!! mostly pork should be better than beef in bkk restaurants. but okay ah all still nice hehee

We really kinda over ordered and the sets were all quite big in portion so its like super cheap for a jap restaurant?! Bill came up to around 90 SGD only?! For four person and four sets may I remind you hahaha.

ehheheheh me so hungry now

back to siam square area in the evening cos my friends wanted to get their tattoos done. back at my favorite kluay kluay (banana banana) stall for my fav desserts!!!! (address can be found at my prev bkk day 4 - 6 post)

so much love for it till I made an instagram video of me drinking it HAHA
make me the ambassador please. HAHAHA

why is this so good? miss it :(

And of course the most highlighted point of this post. haha where my friends got their tattoos done. Place is really famous in bkk, some bkk stars got their tattoos there too, and of course the price converted to SG, for inking is so much cheaper than SG's rates.

Sneaka Villa
226/7 Siam Square Soi 2 Rama1 Rd.
Phatumwan, Bangkok
Thailand 10330

Tel: 66 89 - 168, 6336

check out their instagram

kinda hard to spot cos it's like a shop house, the bottom is the boutique then have to head up and then up this flight of stairs before facing this sign which is outside the tattoo palour. second level! so keep a watch out of the signs "trendy zone" and the led "sneaka villa" at the side of the buildings!

pouting cause imma have to wait for around at least 5 hours for a session. Especially cause tessa is gonna do color and shading, takes longer time!

regina went first, haha her tolerance level of pain is pretty good for tattoos, but she's afraid of needles. LOL those injection kind which I weren't :)

tessa got a geisha done, haha I honestly thought it was pretty nice!! (nicer than regina's design HAHAHAHA) but she doesn't want me to post it on my blog so :D here's a sketch of it
her tattoo artist is 


so you can check out their instagram, cause they will upload some of their individual work on their insta acc too, haha so maybe you can spot tessa's on on gogh's heh. 2 weeks ago only hahaha

still pouting hahhaa

regina on the surgery table haha

I think she's gonna get it colored soon, or going back to the same place. I rly think their work is good!


while waiting me and shan were kinda bored so we went to this cafe bistro for desserts at siam center (opposite siam square)

Petite Audrey
Siam Center
418 4th floor
Rama1 Road.
Pathumwan 10330

its a thai-fusion bistro and cafe serving photogenic western and thai dishes similar to greyhound (but i still think grey hound day [day 1-3 bkk] was better hehe)

they have another outlet at thonglor area so yup!

The restaurant it just really pretty and I loved their cute menus hahaha

some of the recommended dishes the restaurant is popular for.

Thai Tea Crepe Cake Served with thai custard
One of their most famous dessert cakes other than their monthly special milo crepe cake that I heard much ravings about!

honestly not that much of a stunner for me, maybe cause my expectations were too high but I still finished it all.

who you texting uh shannie? :)

and a recommended calamari with truffle flavor as side, which I thought was a little disappointing cause it had too much batter. But I think I would still give Audrey's mains a try the next time I am in bkk. Cause their pizzas looked good!

hahahha last night there and did way too much activities I actually had to survive on their cup-noodles and convenient stall near my hotel :(

Day 9

Settled lunch at
At platinum, the food court level, highest level as well. 

Should have just ate at fuji again cause unlike fuji, the Japanese food brand, this yumsaap have many outlets around bkk serving thai food. But the food there was just really disappointing I don't wanna talk about it! But i heard different outlets serves different grades of food so perhaps it was just the chef there? -_-

eh but rly quite sad, last meal at bkk and it was the most horrible one...... should have just ate at platinum food court seriously! 

watermelon juice was ok

thai fish cakes were ok

green curry still passable, maybe not, not worth remembering.. hahahha

like tomyam instant noodles lor

haha shag me (look at my eyebags) and my coconut ice-blended juice. also ok

chef recommended.. NO TASTE AT ALL. thank god for the creation of chili

they are supposedly famous for their thai papaya salad, maybe I should have stick to that instead of ordering some glass noodle pork shit which was like errrrrrr

tomyam vermicelli 

phad thai. can find better ones.

never coming back again yah.

haha bought myself some strawberry bbt 

nothing that special as well

departing from out hotel. haha they serve fruit punch and iced water in the lobby!!

overpriced burger king in bkk's airport by 2x but tasted better than sg's burger king! Hahaha I have no idea why everything is soooooo cheap in bkk but their fast food seems to be more pricey there? Are potatoes expensive in bangkok?

me and my chocolate buddies in the flight. kinda was missing SG cause I went for albeit a little long at bkk this trip there!

shall end off with a very awesome chocolate and BANANA flavored pocky. Hahaha me and my new found banana products in bkk this trip. someone buy a carton of these for me please.


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