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Chock Full of Beans + Segway Sentosa + Wavehouse + Beer Market + MooJaa+ Ayam Penyet Ria

So its approximately 4.30 am in the morning and I just finished my supper so I am going to start on my very very VERY lengthy post.
 (ugh forever eating at these timings, tell me how to lose weight >;( ) 
Anyways I just cut my looong fingernails at noon today so typing feels like such a breeze today :) heh heh

Since I'll be going to hk soon, I wanted to just update this space which is already too bombarded by my bkk posts previously with what I have been up to in SG for the last week of April as well as the start of May!

I am so happy cause I finally made up my mind to get this new camera so I'll have something fun to fiddle with in this trip to Hong Kong so you guys can await for some nice photography shots soon. (I hope) & so I started the header photo of this post with my new baby Canon EOS 70D and I offically getting together on 16th May 2014 *.* HAHA #eugeniaisahappygirl (I'm wearing a tube top in the photo BTW, I'm not naked guys)

ootd + without makeup slack tribal tube dress for dinz on a weekday

Bedok 85! Love the chai chee porridge stall there (choosing my favorite century egg flavor for da porridge #eugeniahasgrandmothertastebuds) and this stall that my dad recently claims to have damn good xlbs (xiao long baos) so we had like two carton of it hahah and other yummy stuff ^^

& my fav sesame glutinous rice balls ^^ prefer it over peanut and red bean :)

Near bedok 85 market and food centre there is this place in the east which serves nice waffles and icecream too! Too many of such places popping up in SG nowadays. 

Milk and Honey Gelato 
86 Bedok North Street 4

Sun to Thurs: 12 pm - 12 am
Fri & Sat: 12 pm - 1 am
Closed on Mon

Too full to sit there for waffles so I got the take home pack of the combi 
Shy Green Nut AGAIN cos i love pistachio flavored icecreams (their signature - pistachio flavoured gelato mixed with specks of chocolate chips) + Salty Malty (better horlicky-ish gelatos i've tried) 

Date with da twin

As gay as me and zhiyan always gets, I always love our little get togethers even though we will always chid each other if we have no time or new companies (?) in each of our lives but we are still damn close hahaha and BEHOLD, my recent really the ultimate geek spec fetish which makes me look RLY smart my friends claim.

got so many mosquito bites taking this behind the scenes and zy was like death staring at me cause she got them too HAHAHA two fatty pigs mozzies wanna suck

So we went cafe hopping as well, and finally striked off something I had in my list once again as well. And its none other than 

Chock Full of Beans
Blk 4 Changi Village Road 
6248 8839

one of the rare few cafes in the east!

Place serves decent food, in the sense where its edible but not extremely mouth watering, but place is worth going just for their coffee cause the latte art or 3D latte art is really endearing and cute!

my twin~

I ordered one in 2d but I guess the order was heard wrongly so we both had our latte art in 3d (and twin was like exclaiming that the cute female kitty was her and the uglier guy kitty was me, her boyphrend so I'm just like okay -_- HAHAHA)

Iced Caramel Latte ($6.50)
I'm not exactly what you call a caffeine fanatic but this tasted good to me. But twin could only appreciate the cute kitties cause she didn't really like how bitter some parts of the latte was before stiring so I ended up drinking more caffeine, which was why I HAD INSOMNIA THAT NIGHT. I rarely drink super caffeinated drinks hahaha 

Iced Vanilla Latte ($6.50)
Thought this would be sweeter overall than the previous but nah, they really take pride in pouring the espresso shots in their coffees man I swear hahaha. Next time we will just not stir the thing and just drink like the vanilla flavored part of the deal hahaha

Didnt tried their brunch menu items so we settled for some pastas instead.

Carbonara ($17)
with poached egg and bacon and cheese flakes

Seafood Linguine Aglio Olio ($17)
More spicy than the previous, prawns were quite juicy, but both pasta was more of a home-cooked edible standard for me tbh.

Okay, super loads of shots cause the latte art was too cute, kinda had to wait a longer time for the 3d coffees too *.*

check out me and twin's similar expressions hehehaha

sorry we are the selfie queens

us trying to act gay and all in the cab LOL

Labour's day

Yup and this was how I spent my labour's day, curbing a hangover so I was late for like 3 hours, but I still had a gongcha matcha latte waiting for me so yumyum like this flavor and ty~

B brought me to one of the coolest dates I've been on haha

Have you guys heard of whats a Segway Personal Transporter before? Watch my instavideo below and view their website for more details cause I am lazy to explain hahaha

basically riding this transporter (which you can actually buy it home) and tour around sentosa in it. different tour and routes at different prices, quite easy to ride, I only fell down once cause bryan's one was too near mine so my butt really hurt, but luckily I was in my retarded looking safety wear which he didn't need. so yup haha

Go Green Segway @ Eco Adventure
Beach Station, Sentosa
10 am - 8 pm daily

the view and breeze and sunset was great!

Dinner at 

Wavehouse Restaurant & Bar
36 Siloso Beach Walk 

Daily: 10.30 am - 10.30 pm

and I think the food there is GREAT there are like 1-for-1 deals on their food and drink menu on wednesday I think? But we went on a PH on a thurs/tues I can't rmb.

you can choose to dine outside at the bar area or indoors, with aircon, the restaurant area. There are different menus for both their bar and restaurant but I think you can order what is found at the bar kitchen as well if you are sitting indoors at the restaurant area.

I wna try this out some day! The FlowRider~

Strawberry Martini 
oh boy I have a weakness for pretty cocktails!!

and some other cocktail he ordered but I forgot its name! tasted better than mine though, like more towards milkish? hahaha

Most of their amped appetizers at wavehouse is rly good and we had

Pan Steamed Black Mussels ($17)
Simmered in bird's eye chilies, sweet basil and white wine broth 
they also have it alternatively sauteed in garlic then steamed in white wine and tangy tomato sauce

and maybe we were prolly too near to the sea so Bryan ordered everything almost sea-foodish haha

Seafood Linguine ($19.50)
Ocean yield of black mussels, prawns, squid and scallops in linguine, delicately whisked in a pesto of cilantro and cashews

Hoisin Roast Duck Pizza ($17.80)
Roast duck, shitake mushrooms, hoisin sauce, sallicons and crispy wonton skin
from their bar menu and I thought this was so so sooooooo good, like better than Timbre's famous duck pizza!!

yummy dinner, I loved the place haha thanks for the treat!

took the Skyline Luge Sentosa's ride up as it was late cos we were going to take the cable car!

lol at my short legs

scenery! can't wait to go on cruise with jessica soon~

Party Nights 

with my twin, as usual, but recently she don't care me alr :(

with Nicholas my poly ent classmate at members!

Dream Night

and recently I kept hanging out with shiyun and the guys hehe kinda like their company!! I think its the first time I actually stayed at club dream with them all the way without hopping to zouk on a wednesday!
with shiyun and bjorn :D

and ben, one of the guy twins!!

Syun and ben!!

With Glen, the another twin hahaha

And more shots with my bb girl Shiyun heeeeeeehee

And many with this cutie Bjorn too!! Forever stealing my specz

super high and crazy Ben and bjorn HAHAHA

Supper after wards at this bakuteh shop near dream!! drunkards seriously

guess I wasn't exactly super sober myself either HAHAHA

dk whats the place called but its rather new and renovated and one of the better places for bkt in SG, or maybe everything always tastes a million times better if you are hungry after drinking hehe

Met the clique

I thought that the place should have more promotions for their beer (my newest addiction before alcohol esp when I got a fever that time ahah) but the live band was super interactive and humorous so its a good place to chill and watch the customers get called onto stage to sing hahaha! would try like their bar bites from the menu next time cause we only drank but the other tables ordered them and they smelled so good *.*

Beer Market
3B River Valley Road
Clarke Quay S(179021)

6 pm - 2 am

Before even having a single drop of alcohol in my system, I already got sabo-ed up onto stage by my friends to sing a song, the band chose "call me maybe" for me so YUP wasn't rly that awkward other than the fact that this older guy really asked me to call him LOL

with tricia~

clique reunion without tessa (cause shes in taiwan boohoo. soon it will be my turn of being the bitch in HK and missing weishan's 20th birthday I'M SO SORRY T.T) and the new brother in law Terrence!

with trish again, always get labelled as promoting the beers for them hahaha

"eh my mouth haven't close properly la"

lesser in percentage but this strawberry beer was so yummy!

me, trish, regina, shan and min!

went to Colour/Color, HAHA some thai club aft for more beer at bugis area

and I usually don't get why people always go and "diao hua" (hang flower) for the thai accompaniment but this was the first time I actually thought a thai guy, "siamka" was damn handsome!!!!!! like mario maurer *.* my fav most handsome + cute thai actor!!! Regina thought so too so we asked for a picture, girls will still be girls HAHAHA

Supper afterwards (told you about my suppers) again at Seng Kee Black Herbal Chicken Restaurant!!! 
And this strawberry beancurd/soy pudding was so deli hehe

had some tzechar and I was the only one who ordered their fried meesua again instead of the soup one which they were famous for. and I broke my trying to abstain from chili record again -_- see how many dishes of chili padis were placed in front of me

And another typical friday night! With leonard and ben and zy~

with shan~

Group pic ;)

Bjorn, Syun and ME

ultimate jokers HAHAHAA


w bjorn and keith! at Jupiter!

Scoopz Ice Cream
222 Upper Thomson Road

was there for an ice-cream buffet (FREE FLOW) for some baby birthday celebration thing.

The buffet includes like waffles and milkshakes!!! choose any ice-cream flavors they have to be blended into shakes haha but I got a extra peach smoothie as well cause cause I was getting too sick of all my favorite sinful desserts hahaha

frozen themed bdae partyyy as backdrop and greedy me of course, I am the ultimate ice-cream lover haha

Their salted caramel (?) and rum and raisin and waffles was good!

Another Kbox singing session with my new clique hehe at cash studio at douby! Bjorn sings damn well btw was quite shocked :O

BBQ supper at Newton food centre but I like the fried rice the most and I had chili, AGAIN


Finally went for my driving practicals and I suspect Imma be the new road hazard, but I can't wait to pass and drive my parent's new car! but #notetoself next time I should have sufficient sleep before driving or I really might kill my instructor and I!

My first driving practical, then zacson drove me for some SUPPER as well, haha tried another mookata in SG!! *Smiles*

Craving for mookata noww slurps

Moojaa, Mookata Thai BBQ Steamboat
25 Keong Saik Road

11 am - 2 pm
5 pm - 11 pm

Wanted to get their sets (prices shown below in the menu) but Zacson thought that their Ala Carte Buffet was more worth it. Free flow drinks and meat meat meat!!

So i think this place is rather good for mookata buffets! Total bill was around 80 SGD for us two for dinner. 

All these under their ala carte menu was free flow too~

Fish skin (free flow) which was already gna be 6 bucks ala carte, AND MY FAV THAI ICED TEA and zacson's fav cheese balls HAHA everything free flow, such a singaporean statement. And definitely their chili is important for the finishing up!

vermicelli, prawns, beef, pork, chicken etcetc 

Quite yumz and can fight with my another fav mookata place at katong overall.
Soup and everything was good!! Me and zac preferred their pork and chicken though, he kept reordering the chicken!! Good marination. 

Sat and ate non-stop for 2 hours straight.......
Thank you zacson for da treat and the cook of the night :D
(Sneaky snapshot credits to him)

Dyed my hair

did treatment as well as dyed my hair but honestly not much of a difference, just that the roots are gone, but my hair seems rougher now -_- need to do smth about it soon and i really don't want to bleach my hair but the color is always not outstanding enough recently so I am getting annoyyyed

Sweater weather + crepe at fareast

Ayam Penyet Ria
Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road

I LOVE THEIR CHENDOL or issit cause its too sweet thats why I like it #hahaha #unhealthyfaggit

standard seemed to have deproved and its not that cheap compared to my school's (singapore poly's fc 6!!)

with gado gado and kangkong

yup one of the most spiciest chili that comes with the chicken. haha I seriously can't get over my chili addiction, my throat is gna rot soon :(


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many places have started to adapt to the nets yono flash pay card system so the lunch I had over at cine with twin another day was also technically sponsored by them hehe :* cause there were cash value in my card given to me!

this scallop mentaiko spaghetti was good!

yup and my fav Maron Shiratama Kakigori dessert at shokudo!

Mount Fuji Omu Curry Rice with super loads and yummy japanese curry and beef steak! comes with potato salad too.

Hakodate Seafood Cheese Pizza

decent yummy food all dishes were good and hit the spot!

ordered domino pizza delivery on some day

and shall end off this post abruptly with a pic taken during tgif with wenmin and shan few weeks back :)

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