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Bkk Day 4 - 6 (Bar-B-Q Plaza + Ban Khun Mae) x (Banana Banana + Route 66) x (Chicken Noodles + Mellow)

Just booked plane tickets to Hongkong.. (and macau MEH, do you guys have any suggestions on places to go or visit at the two places? ask.fm/eugeniakoh me pretty pls :)
and ugh, down with a bad flu again and insomnia, couldn't sleep since last night.. so I shall continue with my bkk blogpost..
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Woke up earlier to accompany Tessa to Terminal 21 cause she wanted to buy guy's stuffs from the retail shops at the mall. I don't really like to go there for shopping but I guess the food outlets they have at in this airport-country themed mall is not too bad, worth at least going once, but to be honest, where aren't there great food in bkk?!

Settled lunch and had some legit thai mookata at

Bar.B.Q Plaza / Joom Zap Hut
Sukhumvit Soi 19 (Wattana) Sukhumvit Rd
Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Terminal 21 Shopping Centre 
(BTS Asoke Station)

they have more than 65 outlets in Thailand, 30 at least in Bangkok alone.
(Siam Center, Mahboonkrong (MBK), The Mall at Bang Kae, Big C strip mall on Ladprao Road and more!!)

if you are a more hygienic person and wouldn't want to try bkk's mookata by the streets, I would suggest you this chain restaurant!

cute gina and tess

the kohs, me and shan.

so eggcited to try mookata in bkk~

I loved the drinks there. I had Watermelon, super refreshing, I love ice blended drinks btw! Regina had grape which tasted too superficial for my liking, and tessa's love for coke tasted like coke - ice blended version.

ice blended sour plum juice. yummy too!

the self mixed sauce by YOURS TRULY which is different from in SG! like mix the brown sauce + garlic + my fav thai green chili. hehe its spicier & different than the wanton mee green chili we have in SG ok! 

Recommended and must order Garlic Fried Rice. SO yummy and fragrant!

ordered one of the Beef Set from the menu!

They have pretty good ala carte side dishes which we ordered too!
chef recommended mushrooms which (I forgot what its called)

KIMCHI, was missing korean food too much, had two bowls of this.

corn with bacon, yummy, had two of these as well!

bacon wrapped over enoki mushrooms and asparagus TWO PLATES OF THIS AWESOME SHIT TOO HAHAHA

And we did something dumb, (mountain turtles) hahaha we thought this was oil or smthing, ended up it was lime, then our mookata was pretty sour at the start HAHAH was wondering why was it splattering?!

all these for around 40 SGD in SG. 5 bowls of garlic rice and other repeated items. Weishan's fav meal in bkk! But I think I prefer SG's mookata. Cause this was pretty much really like more of a BBQ feel to me (barbecue) hahaha just with yummy broth at the end!

typical cotton candy from baskin robins, so cheap hehehe. The white sauce is actually MARSHMELLOW SAUCE, which was prolly the first time I heard of it? Is there such sauce in SG's baskin robins too? Its quite unique!

Headed over to Siam Square night market for some shopping in the evening, and I guess this period was bkk's HOTTEST climate of the year, so I felt damn sick that night prolly due to the heat outdoors.. But I instantly felt better after settling for some REAL thailand cuisine food hehehe at the famous

Ban Khun Mae Restaurant
458/6-9 Siam Square Soi 8
Rama 1 Road
Patumwan District
Bangkok 10330

Tel: 662 250-1952-3
Daily: 11 am - 11 pm

actually there are two famous thai food outlet brandS at Siam, the one I frequent is Somtam which serves slightly cheaper thai food there as well, in the area. But all my friends prefer Ban Khun Mae. 
BKM's menu variety is bigger, and the food are more directed towards tourists - meaning, less spicy. WHICH IS WHY I PREFER SOMTAM HAHA.

ws and gina looking shagg

Not forgetting tess and the feeling faint grumpy eugenia, WHERE'S MY FOOD

Super minimal makeup after sweating the entire evening, brows + eyeliner ONLY, look so tanned haha.

Thai Iced Tea ;)

my favorite dish, which mostly was eaten up by me, cause my friends couldn't take the spiciness, hahahahahaaha our only spicy dish for the night in my opinion -_- Glass Noodle Salad!

Our typical "kang kong" which is named Fried Water Spinach over there in bkk.

Tom Yam Koong. tad too milky for me in my opinion, but everyone loved it, especially tessa, since it's prolly the only time she can handle 'spice' cause she really can't take spicy stuff, and this was still acceptable. Yeah-yeah the ingredients and all was still fresh and good. 

Pandan Chicken Must order!

Rice in Pineapple. ordered this dish for tess cause we were damn scared that she couldn't eat everything there cause of the spices, but turned out okay in the end hahaha!

Prawn in red curry sauce. The sauce was great! But we prolly had too much prawns in all of our dishes, kinda overwhelming hahaha

Ahhh my favorite Red Ruby - Water Chestnut Ball *.*

and their very awesome Mango Sticky Rice!!

around 56 SGD altogether for this scrumptious meal!

& my best buys from siam night market. HAHAHAHA ONE PIECE TEES. The shop had loads of very nicely printed character tees! Should have bought another sanji tee shirt for myself, :/ since he loves to cook and I love to eat. (You will understand what I mean if you watch one piece as well!)

me and regina clad in her date's sweater she got from terminal 21. So guys can actually check out the retail shops there!


my tummy after four days of endless eating -_- HAHA
oh and there's this shop that I always get my belly studs from. one of their outlets are at terminal 21. called NOO YOO. Slightly more pricey but of good quality, should be even more exp if you buy them from those shops in SG. Got one for wenmin and this was the design I chose this trip there.

My morning face, decided to head out without any eyeliner and stuff that day!

forever waiting for them to puff a puff

me and shan!

spammed photos cause we actually walked quite a distance to Ratchadamri Road for the Four Faced buddha

soooo hawt

cheeky eugenia and regina

shady tessa

in the backseat with tessa and regina otw to MBK to meet up with tessa's uncle living in thai!

spotted this shop that I had to take a photo of, hahaha named PNK!

Back at the most popular seafood restaurant in bkk, that I will ALWAYS dine at when I am there. 
This time I dined at their main branch! Its a pity we didn't get roasted duck that day. 

PS Becareful of those cheater taxi drivers that says that they wna drive to to 'somboon dee" as somboon seafood only have 5 outlets in bkk and the ones with d are the counterfeits! I bet they pay the drivers commission and stuff for them to bring in the customers.

Their Bantadthong branch.
895/6-21 Soi Chula 8
Bantadthong Rd., Wangmai, Pathumwan
Bangkok 10330

Tel: 02-216-4203-5

finally one of our only proper group girl photo.

loveee the chili

ice blended coconut & mango juice!

MANDATORY thai style fried curry crab!

this dish was my favorite! some steam fish in like super yummy, sour, spicy broth which was sooooo good

another tom yam goong

yummy fried rice!

more prawns in vermicelli, super yummy 

one of our best and most exploding meals there....... ate till I wna puke LOL

 mango sticky rice for dessert! super good as well.

hehe thanks uncle for the treat :* he ordered way too much for 4 of us only!!! Somboon never fails to satisfy.

after that explosive dinner, the girls were intending to get their tattoos done (seen in the next upcoming post), so we headed back to siam area and I found my FAVORITE HIDDEN FIND EVER IN BKK.

Banana Banana
Lido Multiplex and Lido Plaza
Level 2
between Siam Square Soi 2 & 3
Rama 1 Rd., Pathumwan
Bangkok 10330

Tel: 02-5819-34

This shop is pretty much banana themed and all of their desserts and smoothies are sooooo darn good.

no one wanted to try my banana + oreo smoothie cos tess and regina hates bananas, whereas weishan was too full, and I myself didn't really like bananas that much, but thought that I'll just give this a try, and I fell in love with it!!!!!!! 
The only thing I came back twice for this trip at bkk!
hahahah but this kinda drinks are so sinful!
My main source of weight gain there..

I am sooo gonna try customizing a banana + oreo smoothie milkshake in SG soon!

went back to the hotel to prep for our final party night!

Went to RCA that stretch, many clubs and pubs around that area!

went to one of bkk's hottest clubbing spots!

Route 66 Club
RCA Bangkok
29/33-48 Soi Soonvijal Rama 9 Rd.
Huai Kwang
Thailand 10320

damn hyped haha, even outdoors also got light *.*

music & crowd was dope

green apple smirkoff jelly!!

clubs in bkk tends to end rather early so..

haha jk, went to seven eleven to stock up all of these maggi mee/ instant noodles and potatochips! spot my fav o' gummy bears I have to eat at least one packet a day in the top row!

anw the brand MAMA is thailand's most popular maggi mee brand. I bought a whole lot back.
there's loads of yummy flavors! Ranging from creamy tom yam, pork rib soup, green curry to vermicelli and more ^^


shall start off day 6 with an instavid! off to the weekend market! Many cheap clothes and stuff for both genders!!!

Met up with some of my guy friends and brought everyone to this damn good chicken noodle broth stall for lunch!

Noodle Soup with Chicken
Section 21, Soi 29 facing Soi 47
Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road
Chatuchak Weekend Market
(Thailand, Bangkok)

watermelon iceblended, I always buy this fruit juice brand at chatuchak!

these bowls of goodness are really really good one bowl for only 50 baht?! around 2 SGD..

And most of them ordered kway teow soup that comes with the chicken. Be it the wider kway teow (noodle choice) abv or the narrow one below, I think kuay teow brings out the flavor of the delicious broth much better!

than the usual glass noodle option I always favor :/ hehe


me stealing a mouth of kuay teow HAHA

chicken feet that only I dared to eat!

Hongsheng, deon and hs's poly classmate!

This time round there I was quite sad cause I didn't manage to find my favorite ice-cream mochis, but boy did I try loads of beverages to quench my thirst as chatuchak was RLY RLY like a dessert to me.

the girl's fav strawberry yogurt drink!

cute pups *.* at the wholesale market

not forgetting my mom's fav dessert shop in bkk...

Mix Me Grass Jelly
JJ Weekend Market
Section 3 Soi 1,
 Chatuchak Weekend Market
(Thailand, Bangkok)

sat & fri 
11 am - 5 pm

(as you know, chatuchak is FREAKING HUGE, with loads of sections ranging from clothes to furniture, I have been there numerous times but it's one of the only places in bkk that still confuses me.. So locate this shop and this whole stretch around and down the grass jelly shop lane is the best area to shop for clothes in chatuchak! you can ask around for directions to here!)

grass jelly + ice + rock sugar YUM

I like to buy the mandatory coconut ice cream from the young coconut branded coconut icecream pushcart!

regina hates coconuts but she still nomomnoms

as for me, I like to have my ice-cream with natadecocos and attapchees, say nah to corn.

thirsty AGAIN, before leaving so we had to buy drinks again

and I had the weirdest combination of ice-blended yakult + jellies. My friends all thinks I am weird now.. But I myself think the drink is rather cool and drinkable leh HAHAHAHAHAAAA the colors are so cute pleeeease! Just picture all the flavor of the ingredients I mentioned above coming together. OKAY WHAAT.


while the rest sticks to strawberry yogurt, BORING

actually I preferred chilling at pubs compared to clubs this time round at bkk.. 
So i'm all dressed up for some drinking sesh with my babes + my round shade~ after the long tiring afternoon.

went to thonglor area again, and it looked real different at night!

Mellow Restaurant & Bar
Penny's Balcony
16 Thonglor
Bangkok 10110
Tel: 02-382-0065

Set lunch available 11 am - 2 pm

double storey restaurant & bar with great ambience, but I thought our seats was slightly too dark despite having lighted candles on the table :/ Should have reserved a seat next to the windows! Will come back to try their brunch and pizzas available during lunch though!

drink prices are more 'steep' there at mellow considering we are still in bkk, so I would advice you guys to go during 5 pm to 8 pm in the evening, where there's 1 for 1 happy hours every sunday to thursdays. (we went on a saturday)

regina and shan!

 me and makeupless tess.

x4 Peach Sochu I thought it was rather okay, but tess and regina didn't like it. Me and shan are the alcoholics.

The yummiest things there are probably the appetizers.
Duck Spring Rolls
SOO GOOD, must order!

Mellow Wings

My favorite main. Mentaiko with Scallop Linguine 

Their Shepherd's Pie wasn't too bad as well.

Stuffed Pork Chop which came with yummy potato wedges was filled with loads of cheese and mushrooms. One of their chef recommended. Quite a big portion! But I am not rly in a favor of it even though I am not a picky meat type of person.

Sirloin Steak served with sticky rice.

Me sulking cause I had to use my iphone flashlight to take all these pictures. HAHAHA damn dim. Like dining in the dark, don't even know if there are cockroaches on ur plates. :(

Peach Sparking Sake which was SOOOOOOO YUMMY. best drink ever! its like a jelly, jello shot!

And White Haze, mixed vodka and other ingredients I can't pretty much remember. hahaha

TGIS cheers.

hehe love these h2h talks and drinking sessions trying out new cocktails! New found hobby really.

meal and drinks cost us about 150 SGD, one of the more expensive meal we had there after somboon seafood!

I guess we paid for the ambiance of the place, will come back for their sake jelly DEFINITELY, and their appetizers are more recommended! Wna try their brunch next.

shall end off with this seven eleven cheese sausage that they should start importing to SG's seven eleven as well. Cos its so good! They replaced normal white breads with croissant as sandwhich to be pre-heated up!! We had loads of this for supper HAHAHA

keep a watch out for my final post!

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