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Bkk Day 1 - 3 (Kuang Heng Chicken rice + Pratunam Egg Noodles) x (Another Hound by Greyhound + Funky Villa + Demo + Scratchdog) x (Roast + Boat Noodles)

hihi I am back and gna blog about +66 once again! 9 days trip to bangkok, thailand my most visited and prolly my second home now, with some of my besties~ MISSING IT TOO MUCH, SO MUCH VERY MUCH RIGHT NOW (haha this addictive thai song regina kept replaying throughout the tripp)

anw I have already blogged about all the shopping locations & places to go before, so I'm not going to repeat myself you can read the other posts here: or simply press on my bangkok tabs

me & shan are pretty much the bkk experts now that brought tess & gina around so we kinda had loads of fun ^^ everything is so affordable there and I LOVE TO EAT THERE. 

so the highlight of this trip is prolly
-Clubbing in bkk
-more FOOD places
-shopping, as usual
-******s haven't decided if I wna disclose ;)
-getting more tattoos
and others~ haha read to find out.

lol anw first pic of the post because I was super exhausted and lack of sleep days before the trip SO my first day there was prolly the most shagged.


Otw to our hotel in the cab! With my travelling buddies - Regina, Tessa, Weishan. I realize I always go overseas with them the most in my clique. Haven't traveled with the rest before! Hehe I like tour-guide for this trip, cause I get to keep/guard all our spending, traveling and food expenses :D

Shades for me cause I hav no makeup on.

Tip 1 - buy your SIM card once arrival in sukhumvit airport. Easiest and most convenient unless you wanna find these servers in other malls. 

So I got a thai number ;) hahahaha which will not be working now alr. 
I got mine - unlimted 3G for 15 days (faster speed) and the rest got the 7 days package one or smth (then they all started to leech on my hotspot for the remaining two days of our trip) good to be kiasu for once HHAHAHAHA go buy 15 days LOL


btw i tried DTAC and TRUE (like starhub and singtel there) I think I prefer DTAC or maybe my package more atas, then the speed faster this time lololol

stayed at

The Berkey Hotel Pratunam
559 Pratunam, Ratchathewi, Pratunam
Bangkok, Thailand 10409

this time round via agoda.com  Best online hotel booker. Gets you like best hotel rates for travelling! Our hotel has been running for quite long alr, and its like 5 stars? Weishan prefers this more than glow, the prev one we stayed in. But I am fine with both, since I really like staying in the Pratunam area. Cause I am familiar with it! 

(how our hotel looks at night from the opposite street)

so grand looking hehe. but we unluckily got the second tower for our 8 night stay so we always have to transit at the 11th floor. SUPER TIRING FOR MY LEGS HAHAHAHA

super biggggg room with a king sized bed + super single bed, more than enough to accommodate 4 girls, 8 nights cost about 800+ SGD which means 100+ for us four per night! *gaspssssss*

super huge corridor

clean and big toilet, which I like, cause I always get the creeps while bathing overseas, like maybe cause of a ventilation abv the shower head or smth, then my thoughts will start running wild like 
hahaha but this toilet totally not scary at all, PLUS POINTS HAHA

settled lunch at the famous bkk pratunam chicken rice

Kuang Heng 
960-962 Phetchaburi Rd. Soi 30

the competitor (workers clad in green shirts) of Kaiton Pratunam Chicken Rice (pink shirts) right next to each other only!

Kaiton was closed due to SONGKRAN (a festival in thailand, explain later)
but I prefer kaiton btw! 

they dammn hungry LOL


wanted to try thailand's famous fish maw soup, but the one I had here was MEH (not that great) :( 
hello?! you rarely will eat until 'meh' food in bkk, so I damn unlucky, but lucky I was hungry so....... haha but who will go order fish maw soup in a chicken rice stall so... SERVE ME RIGHT HAHA mine still served with the pig blood and stuff OMFG
no wonder my friends forever complaining I eat weird stuffs 

the thing about thailand's chicken rice is the sauce and rice they serve is different from the ones we have in SG!

and kuangheng has the option of fried chicken as well, so thats the diff between kaiton and kuangheng, but I still prefer kaiton's meals. Like nicerrr in our opinion. SHAN agrees too.

you can order half fried and half boiled chicken, or all can be fried like what I ordered :D

my first thai GREEN milk tea I had there :D and shan's chrysanthemum. 
Drinks that are served to you in bkk are really sweet (I guess most of my weight gain from this cause every meal I'll definitely order one haha) Confirmed spammed with syrup. So I guess ordering chrysanthemum there will be better for health conscious people :D not that healthy, but like got less sugar.

this meal is one of our worser ones in BKK alr :D

Shopping at Platinum mall after.

where to get contact lenses in bkk
Usually, I always get my contact lenses from those optical shop since I am way too lazy to order my favorite EOS series online cause they are always OOS or take quite some time to be delivered.

This time round my trip there, if you always go to bkk you can see many boutiques or street stalls selling EOS lenses at many places, especially in places like union mall, many many stalls. So I am just recommending one of the safest place to get them from if you are in BKK where I got mine.

Platinum Fashion Mall
Bangkok, Thailand 10400
Room 441, Oxford 2, 2nd floor

They are really comfy and many nice series to choose from (next time maybe I'll show the series I got).
But disclaimer, for me nothing has happened for me, but if you have sensitive eyes then purchase at your own risk! Cause eyes are very important to everyone, I wouldn't want any accidents to occur!

anyways, the prices are really affordable!

1 Pair = $9.20 SGD per pair (230 baht)
2 Pairs = $8.00 SGD per pair (200 baht)
3 Pairs = $7.20 SGD per pair (180 baht)
5 Pairs = $6.80 SGD per pair (170 baht)
10 Pairs = $6.40 SGD per pair (160 baht)

with or without degree. We all spammed here and bought alot so its rly cheap to buy more!

"Songkran - New Year celebration, Rot Nam Dam Hua, a traditional way to celebrate with elders, most Thai people go back to their hometowns to meet their elders."

Thai new year. 13 April to 15 April.
Before booking out tickets, Nicko was encouraging me to like go on the 13th with them she was like
"Its gonna be damn fun!!! like everywhere on the streets people will spray water at you rdmly and you can like buy those toy guns and spray at thai ppl!!!"
BTW clubs allow people to bring water guns in too...

Me on the other hand, first time listen to such festivals was like 
"wow okkkkkk but aiyo I don't want get sprayed leh! but can go see see lor." 

I thought like since we going 9 days, like go on last two days of songkran to "see see" won't be that bad.
buttttttt........... anw nicko and her friends were rly enthu they went to like buy all the gadgets and sat on tuktuk to like play with water during the fest so you can see her insta vid below. 

I can't explain how mad their water festival was, you got to be there to experience it!

while my friends and I were so unarmed. We were like coming out from Platinum holding LOADS of shopping stuff, then we were "attacked" by those rdm thai ppl. HAHAHAH IDK WHY BUT THEY ALWAYS LIKE TO AIM US LOL. I swear those uncle and guys from morning to night nothing to do just camp at there aim ppl one, EVERYWHERE! LOL!

LIKE DAMN SIAN LOL reg and tess

and shan and ME wtf.
Me: walking slowlyyyyy "aiya water only, also won't die, anyways I heard some ppl will even like put flour on your body leh!!! But we only kena water, so nvm la chillaxxx"
shan: AHHHHHHH *runsss*

then suddenly this GUY comes up to me and started pinching my face with flour WTF LOL rly, my mouth never once lucky. I WAS LIKE WHATTTTHEEEEFUCK


.................. a moment of silence plz

lol aft that we were all damn wet and my friends were laughing at me cause I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO GOT THE FLOUR SHIT. 

LOL then we spent our next two days avoiding all those, which was rly quite unavoidable, I swear, Like even when I bathed nicely, heading out of our hotel for supper ALSO CAN KENA SHOOT WATER LOL so we definitely did not want to club during songkran as well. 
Imagine you dress up so nice then get powder/flour/water thrown on you LOLOL.

yes we definitely got hit by water before entering this place LOL. Its like opposite our hotel only, so near YET SO FAR, rly, to walk to the overhead bridge so that we can go to the opposite side was such a chore during songkran, have to run away from all the water guns THE HELL HAHAHAHA

Anw you know many ppl RAVE about bkk street stall wanton mee as well, which is called "egg noodles" there. I swear this hidden find opposite our hotel was one of the best suppers I had there!!!!!!!

YEAH with the thai name IDK the shop's name but its located opposite The Berkeley Hotel (our hotel, AGAIN)

Phetchaburi Rd.
(Between Soi 30 & 32)
Ratchathewi, Bangkok

10 am - 12 pm
089 028 9999

yeah, means its like also next to the two chicken rice stalls also hehehe

there's like phad thai there, egg noodles (alot different varities) and like even sell zichar!! traditional side dishes~

yumyum love their cute beverage glass bottles. chrysanthemum tea again for shan~

my lipton ice tea.

Our side orders, yummy omelette

some spicy veg with cripsy bbq pork hehee yum

Egg Noodle with Shrimp Wonton, Barbecued Pork & Extra Crab Meat. 
(shan's damn yummy!!!)
I think that even though the noodle portion is not that much, but the ingredients were quite generous and fresh! I bet this place's specialty is like the crab meat which comes with the egg noodles! Goes super well!

Tom Yam Egg Noodle with Wonton, Barbecued Pork & Crab Meat. 
(Mine and regina's) 
MY FAVORITE. rly too good to explain. So unique also!! tomyam wanton noodles?!

lovelove love it! Thai wanton noodles are different from the ones in SG!

Egg noodle with Shrimp Wonton & Crab Meat 
(tessa's hehe yummy tooooooo and served with soup)

its a pity we didn't come back for second round, but its definitely my fav wanton mee shop in bkk. Idk why people like the other one I went to! Its like so dry, but their pork leg rice there is nice and that place is bustling more with Singaporean customers!

Usual invasion of oversea's marts

and potato chips, another source of my weight gain. I practically eat at least 2 packets a day there, especially when I am like trying to wake my pig friends up. Then I'll lay in bed for two hours in the morning, snacking, before they finally wna wakeup.

 Their lays chips are soo nice!!! My favorite flavor is scallop flavor!!!!!!!!!!! third from left! The grilled squid lays flavor is good too (not in the pic)


Settled our lunch at a more than decent restaurant serving Italian-thai fusion dishes. reminds me of PS cafe in SG, but much more affordable~ Love the ambiance there too!

Another Hound Cafe by greyhound
Siam Paragon 
Floor: 1F
Rama 1 Road
Bangkok, Thailand 10330

11 am - 10 pm

Shan and me. haha with two bad photographers sitting opposite us. LOL which explains the awkward photo.

tess and gina!

Iced Tea with Milk
Mandatory milk tea every meal, very niceee.

complementary piping hot bun served with butter for all diners!

April's special - Mushroom Onion Cream soup
Weishan loves it!

Calamari Fritti, chef recommended but I think so-so only.

MUST ORDER. Greyhound Chicken Wings!

Fried Shrimp with Thai Herb Spices
served with plain rice and soup. Very yummy prawns n soup!

Another chef recommended -
Spaghetti with Thai Anchovy
This is my first time eating pasta and spaghettis in thailand and I really loved what I ordered! 
Its my kind of thai style spag so not everyone will know how to appreciate it maybe, cause my friends all ordered what they preferred and everyone's pasta was good! Somehow the pasta in thailand are finer and not so thick which doesn't makes you sick (ger-lat) esp after eating those creamy ones.

Fettuccini with Shrimps and Champignon Cream Sauce
regina's fav, pretty dope!

Spaghetti with Thai Style Pork Balls and Tomato Sauce
Tessa's, very good as well! Even for non-tomato lovers I swear!

happy me aft lunch~ can I eat you weishan?

Next to another hound, is also another cafe under the same company, Sweet hound. Which serves super good desserts too! (They are linked, so while we were dining at another hound, we could order from sweet hound's menu too!)

Coconut Sherbet (DOPE, first coconut icecream we had in thailand!)

Strawberry Sherbet

And I ain't leaving without trying the raved red-velvet waffles. Even though in my prev posts, SG finally has a ice-cream place which serves it as well, but it's a must try at greyhound!!
They serve many diff waffles combis, but we decided get this DIY 3 Toppings waffles to share!

usually I'll definitely eat icecream with waffles, if not I wouldn't really enjoy it but....... their red velvet waffles were too good and bursting, so despite with only the toppings, we enjoyed it as well too!
we had it with chocolate sauce, strawberries and raspberry sauce!

ate so much but only around 20-30 SGD per person... whut

off to the next location, introducing MR MARNIE. haha, the minion which keeps all our expenses during the trip. Attract less pickpockets.

yes this is a stretch at siam square area. all just selling water guns, see how cray songkran gets?! so we cabbed everywhere practically.

headed back to platinum again cause we were too terrified of songkran HAHAHA and I found my favorite yogurt drink in thailand from the 7eleven's of bkk! Damn good I swear. Me and shan had it everyday! If only we could buy cartons back to sg!

Club night for day 2 since songkran was ending. So me and tessa, the more hungry souls decided to walk down my hotel stretch before club, for some street food phad thai near my hotel! just walk out turn left all the way and look out for this empty big space with a few carts! (sorry don't have the address)

Anw walking there, before I even ate my phadthai, some thai dude go and aim his watergun at my mouth when I talking to tessa, so I ended up drinking like one mouth of dk-where-the-water-came-from before MY PHAD THAI. 

NEVER COMING DURING SONGKRAN EVER, once is 'filling' enough. hahahhaa

lol me and my another yogurt drink

plain without seafood, phad thai :D The uncle was super friendly and nice!! even though we could barely communicate LOL he asked if we from hk? very pretty blabla HAHA

the oyster omelette served there too, but I prefer their phad thai hehe

Cald with most loots from platinum mall bkk, I am off for my first club night experience in bkk!
(By the way in Bangkok, the legal age to club is 20, birthday must pass in order to get in)
unlike sg, 18!

btw nicko & pals were all also staying at the same hotel as us hehe
so with Regina & Linette!

Nicko & Minqi!

Shan and tessa!

Went to the Thonglo area, with loads of bars and pubs!
So we tried out Funky Villa & Demo 

Funky Villa
225/9 -10 Soi Thong Lo 10
Sukhumvit Rd. Khlong Tan Nuea
Bangkok 10110
7 pm - 2 am

demo is just next to funky villa, and in bkk most clubs close earlier at like 2 am :// 

girl group shot! Minqi, Regina, Linette, Nicko, Me, Shan, Tessa!

opening bottles in bkk clubs is sooooo much cheaper than in sg clubs hahaha. So chill! With good music and company at demo!

Met dexter, sebes, wanhao and gang there too and jeff etc!

with regina!


with linette ^^


and nicko~

not forgetting jeff!

I kinda prefer funky villa than demo though! More of like thai club, siam tiu feel. With live band, and slightly more crowd!

night was still young, so headed over to 

Scratch dog
8-10 Sukhumvit Rd. Soi 20
at the basement of The Windsor Hotel in bkk.

A club where most ppl go to to party till at least like 5/6 am in the morning at bkk if every other place closes

with jonas whom was also with his work colleagues at bkk!!

and tess and i~

sexy regina hahaha


Slept in and went for late brunch at Thonglo area in the afternoon! One of the best places for brunch in BKK!!

Roast Coffee & Eatery
2/F Seenspace
Thong Lor Soi 13
Bangkok, Thailand
02 185 2866

the seenspace building area has loads of other restaurants too!

such a nice bright ambiance

their brunch is available until 5.30pm

and I will definitely come back for their dinner menu!

Roast Iced Tea (lychee and jasmine)

Very cool Strawberry Honey Tea
look at the ice cubes!! (pity they forgot my latte order cause that looks pretty awesome too :() Next time!

just me and gina sippin'

Hot Chocolate

We had desserts served first HAHA
Chocolate Souffle

ahhhhhh, such a unique way of food plating too.
roast's Strawberry waffle!!!


Very good Tomato Garlic Soup

top recommendation & my favorite main! Crab Cake Benedict
super unique Benedict served with crab meat cake, rosti and asparagus !!

another recommended item - Pulled Pork Burger. Fries was not too bad, but unless you guys like the taste of pork floss, think you can give this burger a miss.

My unique looking dish - Cassoulet. With chicken sausage, toasted bread and like tomato & baked beans relish type. Me and my weird taste bud tastes again but I liked it!

Croque Monsieur - ham and cheese bread served with a nice salad and rly LOADS OF CHEESE.

can add eggs for that dish to go with it as well!

also another overorder yet only 20 - 30 SGD per person. haha if this was singapore. I think I could go cafe hopping everyday!

haha ootd taking time

Union mall for our day 3 shopping! This time there, I actually bought more loots from platinum the most compared to my other favorite shopping places Siam night market and Union Mall - so I guess different seasons, diff variety at diff places!

Dinner was settled at some restaurant Nu-smth-nu HAHA idk thai :( 
which serves pretty good boat noodles!

Boat noodles are like yummy kuay teow in soup/sauce in bkk which is served in a super small and tiny portion. Like rly, just one spoon-full kind. (When I heard of it, I didn't believe the portion was THAT little) But its super duper cheap as well! One bowl was like around 50 cents SGD here. 
But anyways, for people like me, maybe have to at least order 5 bowls for myself then will full haha.

Very easy to spot the shop!
Union Mall
F4 (4th floor)
Ladprao Rd.
Chom Phon, Bangkok

beef and pork meatballs~

comparing my first bowl with my hand. Dam small rly!

Tum Yum - hehe my favorite flavor, hot and spicy soup! Very good. 

Thicken Soup with Beef - quite yummy as well, tessa lovesss beef. and the portion. haha one stuff into my mouth and its gone.

Brewed Bean Curd - another one of my favorite flavors, the soup kind of taste like "yong tao hu" soup from SG and its rly quite good! (think my friend wenmin will love this)

Dry noodle without Soup you can order it in beef or pork! Pretty gooooooood too ^^ 

and last but not least. The most recommended Thicken soup with pork. I think its better than the beef one! rly. Somehow pork stuffs are better than beef stuffs in thailand even though my friends are all STUBBORN beef lovers.

the order kept coming hahaha

haha okay thats all for bkk day 1-3, ending off with a very spastic photo of me and like looking at the poster of WHAT 12 BAHT NOODLES?!


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