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Shoon Huat Bak Kut Teh + BWB + Spider-Man 2 Movie Premiere + Jia Xiang Kuching Restaurant

HEY GUYS, so I'm back from bkk and I am feeling extremely FATTTTTTT. My appetite has increased to that of a king's for the nine days I spent in bkk and I gained like 4kgs. That's prolly due to all the suppers, good food and drinks I had at bkk PLUS
I am always the first to wake up among all my friends so I would like lie in bed for two hours in the morning and snack on potato chips and gummies before I wake my pig friends up FOR NINE DAYS. haha all the snacking and feasting... ugh, *shoots self*

So before moving on to my bkk trip, I shall first blog about the day trip I had to JB as usual just this month back. Its 4 am now btw and boy my stomach is already growling T.T (despite eating so much just a few hours back... I NEED TO EXERCISE BADLY BUT I AM SO LAZY sighpie)

With my usual JB partner, wenmin *.*

Settled our lunch at one branch of BKT, one of the food choices most ppl travel into JB for!!

Shoon Huat Bak Kut Teh
236, Jalan Sutera 1
Taman Sentosa
Johor Bahru 80150

Daily: 8 am - 5 pm

btw they now have an outlet at Simpang Bedok in Singapore called Soon Huat!
Bedok Shopping Complex (Simpang Bedok)
302 Bedok Road
Tel: +65 6273 3338
Daily: 11 am - 9.30 pm

I lovee chili *.*

and Honey Jelly!

my pretty fwen

The heavenly bowl of Bak Kut Teh, infused with both malaysian and singapore flavors. There's like tau kee (beancurd skin) in there too with enoki mushrooms. Very refreshing garlicy and white pepper taste. Soup is good and there's an individual portion or for 4 pax.

(I wna try their always sold out Dry Bak Kut Teh there toooo!)

My fav preserved vegetables; Xian Cai

Yummy Ginger Sesame Chicken with yummy sauce!

they have many side dishes and here's another very fresh sambal chili fish! (forgot the name)

spent around 30 plus SGD there for 4 people!

Bought many of this Lime Honey Jolly Bee drink from them too! Like a carton, which i finished hahaha only can be found in Malaysia stalls. Super good!

Went to do nails, as usual at Holiday Inn Plaza, back for my ultimate craving.

Cool Blog bubble tea *.*

tried the Teh Tarik ice blended flavor this time round!!!

Sinful but goood

did multicolored on my toenails

bought my favorite chanel inspired handphone cover there for only around 8 - 9 SGD so cheap!

and my captain america nails~

Supper was settled at this stretch full of yummy malaysian street food stalls like loklok and more! Great area to drive in here for, for supper!

Restoran Ah Piaw
Jalan Keris
Taman Sri Tebrau
Johor Bahru 81100
(famous for their wanton noodles, claimed the best in JB)

Restoran 59 Fifty Nine
14 Jalan Kelewang
Taman Sri Tebrau
Johor Bahru 80050
7 pm - 4 am
(famous for their abalone soup!!)


very yummy wanton mee with generous servings of ingredients, wenmin loved it even though she don't even eat wanton mee in SG!

Best wantons in JB!

yummy horfun too, which normally wenmin don't eat either. hahaha & she was supposed to be on a diet

abalone noodles (dry) with loads of ingredients. fresh prawns!

ok i realized how much wenmin loves JB food hahahah you can read up her ravings at

chicken & pork satay

end off with min's nails~

like I have promised, cnos 3 finally came to an end around 2 weeks ago & thankful for my friends who came down to support me and twin! her clique - sheryl, wei guang, gervina, alex, zijun! and mine without stupid regina hahaha and roy & andrew!

settled for dinner with the clique afterwards at

BWB - Burger VS Wings + Bar
Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896

its one of the most hippest dining spot in town today with an american style restaurant with a sports theme of boxing. Sometimes while sited inside, engaging the crowds are hyperactive boxes and ring card girls who often appear during 'half-times' with placards featuring attractive 1-for-1 deals going for $1 and more!

Other than their sets & menus. 
BWB offers the Tapas & Dessert Buffet which cost $4.90+ per adult and $3+ per child during lunch, and $7.90+ per adult and $5+ per child during dinner. with every main course purchased!
(I ordered ala carte but this looks pretty worth it too!)

tessa: *HIDES FROM PIC* ended up looking like some rocker hahahahaha

They serve sucha wide variety of wings & burgers :P yum

with tired shan after her work but she still came down & wenmin :))

trish and tess too~ the Ts

very popular and DELISH Cheese Fries ($3.80 Add-on with burgers or wings)
served with generous topping of cheese, sour cream & onions!!

Chef recommended Boxing Wings ($14.50) comes with two different dips and its so good as well!!

Hot Buffalo Wings ($15.80)
available in 3 levels of hot sauce; mild, medium and suicide. Had medium and it was so good too! Juicy, tasty chicken meat! I want to try their ultimate spicy challenge~

Seafood Spaghetti Marinara ($20.50) 
not too bad! Tessa's

Ordered 2 of their recommended Classic Burger ($19.90) 
think I still prefer the unforgettable one I had at Jewel Cafe and Bar
but this was packed with smoky bacon, fresh tomato, onions, sunny-side up, juicy angus beef patty topped with savory chili con carne (tasted like baked beans to me) and french mustard with a sesame brioche burger bun.

BWB Mini Burger Sampler ($20.50) if you are indecisive & its perfect for sharing. weishan likes this! 
First burger was prolly beef with black charcoal bun
Second was prawn, scallop & caviar
Third was pork cheeks with a cute mini sunny-side up?

Burgers VS Wings, I'll have to say, I will definitely give the winning vote to their chicken wings, as this is overall a great place to chill with their house cocktails in town with friends savoring their wings. Which will be the ones I come back here for.

Bill was around 120 SGD for 6 ppl!

TGIW this wed with wenmin ;)

and shan :D Had loads of fun drinking and chilling with them like a proper GNO! Girl's night out! bought super flaming for wenmin (heheh her first time trying :D)

blue spin

and Yesterday, I got invited by Nuffnang for Spider-Man 2 Movie Premiere at vivo. 

Enough said, this movie is definitely a MUST-WATCH IN THEATERS. Mind you, my expectations for movies, especially my favorite superhero movies are really high. And this marvel movie is DEFINITELY not a disappointment, compared to the others, even though movies like captain america wasn't too badd, since the main characters are always those hot, muscular and handsome dudes which will pull the ratings up. 

But in this movie, the plot, comedy and everything was so good! Trashes all the rest; despite Andrew Garfield not being as hot as Chris Evans (HAHA) and much better than all the recent ones I caught! You don't have to save money by catching it online. Shall not be a spoiler but......  I kinda cried at one scene though. :'((( 

with andrew garfield and emma stone (shes so cute!) (loved her in the friends with benefits movie!)

super sweet sighh

haha and my stupid batman ootd for the premiere event. with my new nine west red killer heels. my friends say I look stupid matching red and green HAHAHAA

Thanks Nuffnang for the tickets once again!

oh btw we caught it in 3D. usually don't like 3D movie but the effect was good for this with all the spiderweb shootings.

Since almost everything was closed, had supper with twin at

Jia Xiang Sarawak Kuching Kolo Mee
1 Harbourfront Walk

they have quite afew outlets in sg and i rmb to always dine at one last time when I was young cos I really love their malaysian style noodles different from usual banmians and all the minced meat fish ball noodles you have in hawkers. perfect for noodle lovers like me!

twin first try there!

and me

had the standard Jia Xiang Mee ($13.80)
very generous portion with yummy char siews and minced meat! It looks like maggi mee but its totally different from that!!! its called like kolo mee and you have to try it! twin adores it now!

oh ya and you must add this chili they have at each table and mix it around with ur noodles cos its soooo good.

yummy prawns and wantons which comes in their soups~

Fried wantons ($6.30) (Small)
ZY's fav! yum!

my twin whom laughed at my stomach size aft bkk and not seeing me for 11 days :( and me drinking their milk tea there yummy hehehee

tired but happy us and twin with the goodies and clothes I got for her from bkk~

hope you enojyed this post xoxo eugeniania!

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