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CNOS3 Challenge #3 - Local Heroes presented by YONO Flashpay

Its none other than the......... hehe my new gelish manicure of captain america!!
Did these set of nails cause I love superheroes & last Saturday I finally had the chance to be one! Or something similar to one...

So this is an update on CNOS3's 3rd Challenge!!

Local Heroes presented by Yono Flashpay
In the third challenge, we actually have the chance to be entrepreneurs. 
(guess what, its the module I was majoring in during my last year of poly life) 

So we were actually given $300 of amount in a Yono Flashpay card, to purchase any items in Cathay Cineleisure. With marketing concepts, we get to set the price of these items + $50 worth of items from SPCA - Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and sell it during 3 pm to 6 pm (3 hours) & it happened on 5th of April, 2014!

& All of the proceeds of the event will be garned to Cathay Organisation's Adopted Charity - SPCA!

So this challenge is all for a great cause :)

Let me introduce the location for the challenge!
Its at basement 1 of Cathay Cineleisure, wow, great location to get all the crowds staring from above.

Somehow I have colliding fates with the number 9. In challenge 2, my group was 9 too.
SO GROUP 9 IT IS! With our booth name
(do you guys see the creativity there? PAWS for hope)

My lovely group members are

So... whats a Yono Flashpay Card?
Don't worry, when I first got the challenge deliverables, I had totally NO idea what was the card used for too.

- Gives you ease of cashless shopping
- Tap it for transports, be it train or buses
- Tap it for shopping, dining, entertainment to many leisure activities!!
- Comes with loads of perks and privileges too

what are you waiting for, 
go & like NETS.SG's facebook page right now and be instantly updated!

Selfies and photos with the issued card~

We were given the timeframe of 1 pm to 3pm (2 hours) to shop for items in Cathay Cineleisure.
& we got most of the items from

8 Grange Road
#03-05 Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
Singapore 239695

one of my favorite fashion stalls in the mall that is always on sales! 
After carefully deciding on the pieces we wanted, we snapped some pictures n order to generate on-site publicity for the event!!

Prior to event, my group set up a facebook event page to create awareness beforehand to our pals online!

I did posters for us to post on each of our social media platforms too!

This blue one was done by dawn!

Slightly before and during the event.

OOTD shots to be uploaded online to boost sales!

Here are all the booths each with different concepts and ideas! Spot Sathy at our booth!

Banners & posters printed out to deck and decor our booth!

So technically, our concept was more towards fashion and accessorizing despite having one of the few rare males in our team!

Pretty pieces all picked by me aka the fashion adviser hahaha & hanged out neatly!!

And spot me being so busy at our crowded booth since many friends came down to support too! (picture taken from clinton~)

Cause we wanted to work harder for charity, PAWS in #pawsforhope stands for our extra services my team thought of!

I was in charge of doing simple Express manicure at the price of 4 SGD!!!
 (which kinda explains why I didn't really have much time to take more pictures or even a picture with the judge of this challenge Miss Shelia

Okay I think I did an acceptable job, shall not praise myself HAHA. Had at least 7 female 'customers' or 'donors', you may call it, for the day!! In a row, was seeing stars *.*

sooo long since I touched this, used to work part time after secondary school period at a manicure salon!

& Dawn was busy doing temporary tattoos for 5 SGD!! 
She used simple liquid eyeliner + foundation + hairspray (saw a youtube tutorial and it actually works!!)

Hey, I think my service should have been priced more right?! heh

My instavideo submission for the challenge!

Time for the result of the best sales for the day!!

In third place, we have group 8 making the profit of $322!!

And my team, group 9, actually came in second!! Couldn't believe it!! We actually made $359! hahah look at our stunned yet happy faces.

The winners!! GROUP 1!!

Overall, all the teams managed to garnered to the sum of $1832!!
So I bet it was a great and different experience for all the teams and everyone should be glad they did a small part contributing to charity & learnt something through this event! :)

Okay shall end off this post with me, Chrysan and twin playing around with the Ringlight at Damien's booth he brought for the event!!

hope you guys had fun reading this post!

xoxo, eugenia!

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