Monday, April 14, 2014

Paul Bakery + Borshch Steakhouse + Oblong + CNOS Finals

& I am flying off to bangkok in approximately less than 5 hours. (follow me on insta for instant updates hehe) 

Since I haven't been updating the space with my personal updates and what I have been up to for this month FOR PRETTY LONG, I shall do a quick summary of April before I fly cause I don't want to have a explosion of things I have to blog about when I come back!!

Oh god, I am so going to die later since I have only slept 2 hours for the past two days and I am prolly gna arrive in bkk in the morning means LONG MONDAY AHEAD, with lack of sleep, so my nose is gonna be soooooo extremely runny. (sinus problems) + RECENTLY MY FACE KEEPS BREAKING OUT IN RASHES :'( itchy shit.

Without further ado, lemme do a extremely rushed post CAUSE MY LUGGAGE ISN'T PACKED YET. ahh fak me LOL. So I'm not really gonna elaborate much in this post compared to usual.

One of the days which me, zy and shixin went over to cine to film (you can my latest video on my youtube channel) (which is also the small box at the left hand side of my blog linking to my youtube channel!!) <<< *points*

Had tea tozz at scape for dessert AGAIN (check my archives). Since its so refreshing!! Had strawberry snow ice and finally tried their thai milk tea pudding which was OOS the other time I went with JJ.

Yumz, the ingredients above blocked the pudding!! 
and my causal outfit to town that day.

with shixin! :) I went to cineleisure for SO MANY times this month I think I am having post cine-sickness

group shot with zy and sx during filming

Me trying to act pretty and take a nice shot but LOOK AT HOW CROWDED CINE IS

everybardi just keeps photobombing me whoohoo

yea and this is what we have to keep doing HAIS

lunch break! the thai food at the basement level of cine's koufu is good.

Afterwards, went over to Paul French Bakery Restaurant during evening time cause we wanted to try their pastries! (more favorable choice for customers there compared to their mains, somehow.)

& Me and zy wanted to treat zijun some food for being such a great help that day! As the videographer. *touched*cries*

391 Orchard Road
#03-16/17 Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872

phone has no batt that day and my portable chargers all keeps failing on me, so only can watch people use their phones.. :(

Zhiyan and zijun~ :)

Sheryl whom joined us afterwards and me!! :D

The usual found in every bakery, 
Lemon meringue tart ($6.80)
My fav kind of tart cause I JUST ADORE pastries using meringues hehe

One of PAUL's classics,
Millefeuille Fraise ($7.30)
Twin & zijun's favv!

some slightly dissapointing apple tart

Eclair Fraichant ($6.40)

Overall, all were decent, just not blow-my-mind-off good? 

BUT.. there's one thing that I REALLY LIKE and would come back for.
Macaroon Frappe ($9.80)
They have it in so many flavors and I opted for raspberry that day. It's like drinking ice-blended macaroons and I totally dig that hehehe


hahahahhaahaa okay I rly was too bored cause I had a batt-less phone and zy was like "dafuq are you doing when I am putting makeup"

very shag ootd face HAHA

Brought zhiyan to one of the best fish soup place in SG ever! Cause its her fav kind of comfort food hiak hiak
elaborated more on this post HERE

finally tried their Salted Egg Sotong which was SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD *.* spot my greedy girl there..

their prawn paste chicken which was good on my first time there but kinda deproved this time I was there? LOL. So i guess their standards will vary. But its wenmin's fav!

And I realized me and twin both love clear soup bases compared to milky ones for our fish soups! :)

One of those days we headed to cine and saw Jessica working for an event and hehehe we are disturbing her! hahahahahaha

Another day when I saw zipeng during one of cnos's events.

A jamming kind of weekday with sean and zy~ :) We shall be doing a cover soon tgt so watch out for it guys! :D

and me being an idiot when sean's driving us out for dinner and zy was like "fuck you for snatching the front seat" HAHAHAHAHAHA


rdmly settled for some regretful dinner (should have had tomyam kungfu which recently opened a new outlet at serangoon gardens!!

Borshch Steakhouse
58 Serangoon Garden Way
Singapore 555954

cause fangyi worked here before and he was like saying the steaks were okkkkk. Then twin was on a budget so we were looking at the menu which kinda looks so totally cheap HAHAHA looks are deceiving, but in this case, NO LOOKS, still got deceived 

okay I don't want to be so bad to this restaurant I shall keep my trap. Hahaha saw many elderly dining there though.

I shall just let the pics speak for themselves? LOL

LOL comparing the small coke to my hand size

eh our soups

zhiyan's chicken chop 

My black pepper steak which was okay actually, just that I opted for medium rare but I still had a hard time chewing it, but we liked their fries and veggiesssss

sean's chicken kebab or smth. HAHA. he took this picture. NOT A TOO BAD ANGLE BRO.

overall, I guess their mains are okay. But I won't go back there again! It's cheaper than normal steak restaurants, duh, but i rather pay more................... I didn't even have the mood to take pics of their last course.

our appetites were saved by..

10 Maju Avenue
Singapore 556688

hehehehe another place serving delicious waffles to add to my list! It's a new ice cream shop which opened recently I think. Around serangoon gardens area!!

loads of cool flavors. I wna have my jackfruit flavor ice-cream now!!!

wowwwww look at dat assssss, lol jk this turns me on more hehehe

had the triple scoop;
Salted Caramel Pistachio
Butterscotch Pecan - sean and my favorite! surprisingly, cause usually i'll be bias towards salted caramel
White Chocolate Blueberries
Red Velvet waffles (with cream cheese) - okay this was freaking good!!! 
drenched in maple syrup

We paid $13.90 for that! Its really very affordable in compared to other waffle places.

10 points for presentation
10 points for their waffles
the first place in SG to serve red velvet waffles, haha the competition is ON!
But really you know heaven when you've tasted it.


Recently my complexion has been damn bad so I try not to put anything on my face and look at how bad it is!!!

only have my eyebrows drawn + eyeliner + liptint!

& I am off to natnat's 21st chalet look at how pretty her cake was!!

hahahhahaa while waiting for bbq food

eh not much pictures at all but fun night! Dozed off while playing drinking gamesssssssss

Friday at zouk member's for round 2 of nat's celebration!

nat and jess~

Last week when I went out with bryan. We had some jap food for dinner & finally caught a horror film!!

aft movie he brought me for drinks at

Orgo Bar & Lab
Esplanade Theatres on the Bay
Roof Terrace

Its really a different experience compared to the usual places I would go to. You can opt to sit outside (to enjoy the scenery) or indoors too! All theses photos was taken using my phone which explains the quality...

thank you!

Another day's outfit to town!

was kinda a bad day for me so my eyes were pretty swollen :/

loveeeee starbuck's deep dish beef pie and their raspberry cheesecake!!

Ytd at CNOS's finals with clinton and smexy!

Luxola sg sponsored items

with Trista and Cheyenne!

very nervous me and twin


still appreciated all my clique ( tess, ws, wm, trish XOXO) + davin + zy's clique on coming down to support us (except for the stupid regina) dinner afterwards which I will blog about next time! and opps this shot I kinda blocked trish's face.

playing around with my new iphone fisheye lenses hahaha!

Abstained from partying pretty much the whole week till sat!! last night!

with qimei :)

First time headed to district one and HAHAHAHA sticker party!

my perky ass? AHAHA

with my pretty awesome twin

dramatic expressions cause she says she's gonna miss me when I'm in bkk!

with shan~ HAHAHAHA Have been laughing so much with her today because both of us severely lacked of sleep

at dream with vanessa (who is gna leave for london again soon :( ) AND I WOULD NOT BE IN SG WHEN SHE LEAVES COS OF BKK.. and shiyun hehe :D

we are the party peopleee~

with andriel and keith~

and bjon! 

cutie vanessa!

HAHAHAHAHAHA my and shiyun's expression is like. WOW MONEY IS DROPPING FROM THE SKIES.

nat twin me and shan~

all these are taken from vanessa's cam~ and I have no idea what I am doing HAHHAAH

supper afterwards at 126. I SWEAR I ATE SO MUCH CAUSE I was prolly not very sober so it felt damn uncomfortable. But i laughed damn hard at this joke shiyun said so I pretty much wanted to puke out all my food HAHAHA

hi bryan~

ordered really too fucking much me and bryan ended up playing 5/10 to settle the remaining dimsums which was totally fucked up for my belly HAHAHA

Flea being super shagged with no makeup at all and stoningggggg 
"eugenia why didn't you sell off this rag that you are wearing" -shan

level of hardwork.... shan vs min

hehe pretty much cleared many stuffs before bkk, so this flea was quite worth it! Sold all my clothes at like 1 or 2 bucks.

Dinner at nam nam noodle bar and I still love their beef soup pho. I prefer their beef slices option! No msg in their food (you can self add if you want to) and so yummy!

and my eclair from maison kayser after i dropped this dessert I bought before this cause I was laughing too hard, again. (lack of sleep symptoms)

my new nikes~

supper ramen date with marcus after captain america.

Another day when I finally saw this mia arse.

After eating korean food for dinner, junwei drove us to katong for some icecreaaam

Ice Cream Gallery
242C Tanjiong Katong Road

too lazy to elaborate further, got to go and pack my luggage now!!

nevertheless, hope you guys still enjoyed this post. xoxo

PS (this post was really randomly and crazily written cause I am too exhausted)

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