Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cathay Lifestyle Selfie of the Month

Hi guys! 
 After viewing that short clip, I hope you guys are interested in this campaign which I am going to introduce!

If you guys are following me on my Instagram by now, you guys would have seen this silly Instavideo I did some time back. Recently, the selfie song by the chainsmokers has been really popular (the song is pretty addictive) which made the recent hype of "taking selfies" amongst teenagers really trendy too!

With that being the trend now, Cathay Lifestyle hosted a campaign named

'Selfie of the Month'
And the chosen winner of the month will actually get his/her selfie along with their Instagram Username Plastered on the walls of The Cathay & Cathay Cineleisure Orchard just by following following these simple steps below!

Step 1
Head to Cathay Lifestyle's Facebook page HERE and like it!
Do remember to follow them on Instagram HERE @Cathaylifestyle :)

Step 2
Take your best selfie to upload onto your instagram!

Step 3
Be sure to tag @Cathaylifesyle along with the hashtag #CATHAYLIFESTYLE_SOTM 
and #SelfieWithPinky before you upload onto your profiles!

Step 4
All you'll have to do is just wait! Cause with just these 3 simple steps,
YOUR SELFIE may get chosen to be the next 'Selfie of the Month' plastered on the walls of these familiar building!
It's just soo simple & Cathay Lifestyle has already ran and put up the selfies of the lucky candidates for the past 2 months. Who knows you might be the next!

Just imagine large crowds heading down to these 2 locations everyday and viewing your username & selfie on the walls, that itself is gonna allow you to gain publicity, followers and exposure. All you need to do is hashtag and follow my simple steps!

I will be chosing one lucky winner by next wed, 9th April 2014, amongst my readers under the hashtag of #SelfieWithPinky to do a simple giveaway. Its my first giveaway, so do support!! This necklace & bracelet could be yours!

So remember,

Its just too easy and simple to get missed :)

I have submitted mine, what about you guys?

Thanks for read y'all!
xoxo eugenia.

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