Tuesday, March 25, 2014

CNOS3 Opening + Nara Thai Cuisine + Dolce Tokyo + Lao San Kway Chap

Hiiiiii back for my weekly updates before #CNOS3 offically starts (if you read my blog and do not know it by now, it is pretty much like a blogging competition event held yearly promoting cineleisure as a youth lifestyle mall) and i'll have to dedicate my entire blog to it for like a few weeks! 

Have been pretty much meeting up with my friends and clubbing hell lots last week + have to wakeup early on certain days so my complexion really sucks! Which explains my slack attire of mostly caps with just simple eyeliner for the week! *.*

Met up with my bros + twin for dinner, wanted this korean bbq I had been craving for weeks, but it was raining, so it was quite inconvenient, so we settled for some thai food in town. Recently opened, and twin was like a complete thai food lover and she keeps harping on how GOOD the thai food is here. 

But her recommendations sucks as usual in my humble opinion. LOL hahahhaaa so I rather you guys go to the usual
 to get ur cheap + good fix of thai food or others that I have tried, all better than this hahaha.

Nara Thai Restaurant
Ion Orchard
2 Orchard Turn

Daily: 11.30 am to 10 pm

roy, jj and sean~

lol and the guys each took our camera cos me and zy wanted them to help us to take pics but obvious they suck so yup these are candids from zy's cam! hahaa

me: "oi enough alr hor"

ordered and waiting for fooood

with twin and jon~

jj, sean and me!

all the photos was quite shitty so i went like I think I should take out my cap, then the spotlights can shine clearer on my face, then ended up even worser hahahah wtf is this hahahhaah

Lime with Grass Jelly ($7.90)
This refreshing unique combi of their recommended drink I ordered! Abit too sour for my liking, plus it was actually a wrong order, I thought it was a smoothie. Lesson learnt, just stick to thai iced tea in thai restaurants!

Mango and Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk ($9.80) (Large)
Our dessert actually came first and this is one of the better or acceptable dishes that night, but I think I have tasted better from the streets of bkk. But twin and the guys liked it!

Pandan Chicken ($12.90)
Not too bad, at least has abit of pandan taste, comes with sweet sauce as well.

Stir-fried Squid with Salted Eggs ($13.90)
This just tasted like squid and everything else that was mentioned but nothing special. Other tze char places would have served better salted egg squids!

Green Curry with Chicken ($13.90)
Can have it with other options such as prawns/beef. This dish was not bad, one of the better few and must order if you ever dine at Nara thai! Jon's fav.

Tom Yum Kung ($19.90) (Regular)
This was good as well, despite the tasteless prawns but the soup was good :) Another can order.

Stir-fried Noodles in Chili and Basil ($14.90)
Like the usual normal fried kuay tiao.

Fried Rice with Chicken ($12.90)
Also has options of frying it with beef/pork/crab/prawns. This should taste better than the pineapple main which is coming right up.

Pineapple Rice ($12.90)

Bill came up to around 155 SGD, not that filling plus I wouldn't mind paying more for thai food at a restaurant but seriously, other places serves much better thai food at much cheaper prices. So I don't think I'll come back again, despite the okay customer service.

After slacking around we went for dessert at Honeymoon dessert's newest outlet in SG, also at ion's b3 near nara thai.

Eating my glutinous mango and durian rice balls. Durian ones are better! Kinda like these shots we both look so chubby in a good way hahahah

with jon & JJ

always an enjoyable night fooling around with them!

On friday, finally went to have my PDL done, so im in progress to be the newest road hazard in my clique. And finally finally satisfied my kway chap cravings!!!

Lao San Kway Chap
Blk 232 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3

6 am to 12 am
Closed on Mondays

I shall go on a hunt to find the best kway chap in SG, but some of my friends have been harping so much about this stall, I went to try!

Bowl of Kway with broad and flat rice sheets that was very smooth, soft and just the right thickness with the flavorful broth. 
Plate of braised pig intestines (I LIKE), pig skin (I ALSO LIKE), fish cakes (meh), tau pok and braised pork belly (not bad).

overall a cheap and good lunch, quite a generous portion too, so you can give it a try :)

At night went to meet up with most of my babies as wenmin is back from korea and got so many loots for me haha. Me and my 3ce addiction, esp lipsticks. LOL lipsticks are definately my favorite kind of makeup & a weakness for my pockets.
If you guys want me to do a color check review you can try hitting me up on my ask fm!:)

with wenmin and a half-wiped neon lip!

hahahahaaha sneaky us trying to do a photo in a photo shot.

trish and wenmin and meeeeeeee

At Zouk! Jingyi, weishan, tessa and me!

Had pretty much 30 mins of sleep and went for CNOS3 briefing session held at 

Charlie Brown Cafe
Orchard Cineleisure

Photo taken with one of the judges this year. She's extremely humble and really nice in person, Bong Qiu Qiu! If you guys watch budget barbie on clicknetwork, you'll definitely recognize her, she's the host!

with some of the contestants this year!

and a group pic!

Settled for one of the worst brunches ever at dolce tokyo, (haha I realized all my food choices pretty much sucks in this blogpost, despite them looking great cos of my food photography skills wahahah)

Dolce Tokyo
313 Somerset 

I would suggest the option of drinks/desserts/cakes to chill and dine in here, can read about the cakes I had there the other time in this link below.

Hey there, my face with only 30 mins of sleep + eyeliner + concealer only, wanted to look good for the first briefing session cause first impression counts but...... haha even wore my scariest grey daily contacts cause my eyes were too dry for the rest due to the lack of sleep!

but food sucks so I would be lazy to elaborate so more photos of my face haha

Iced Macha Shake Gelato ($9)
NOT TOO BAD as I have said, their drinks are good!

Shiratama Kuri Mitsu ($9)
Vanilla soft freeze icecream with white fungus, strawberries, jellies and blueberries.

pretty twin who didn't party like I did the previous night, cause she is sick, she's not so good on a daily basis hahahahah

and meeee the vampire (cos of my eyes boo) + panda

Unagi Benedicts ($20)
What I ordered for myself, cause actually its quite a unique combi of unagi with egg bens?! The poached eggs were good actually, just that I thought the unagi was abit too hard, like the bones could have been muccccccccch softer. I didn't like the bread that was served with my dish though, too hard as well, made my jaw hurt hahaha (symptoms of old age)

 But my main is definitely better than twin's. Despite her's being a chef recommended unlike mine.

snapped right before my bouncy egg decided to give me the slip and burst

Shrimp Toji Set w Grilled Garlic Shrimp ($19)
too horrible for words

this egg side dish was the only thing zy finished, but it was bland. the rice was so overcooked and not even those jap style of sticky rice we liked.

skewers and cold appetizers which came with the set as well, but it was so mehhh too

Total bill of 67 SGD. I guessed we paid to take pretty pics with our desserts.

Zouk poptart event at night, and the music at zouk was quite lousy. Took some shots at zouk photobooth with weishan and twin.

and joosheng who sent me theseeee

so unprepared with astin hahahhaa

with jess on wed!

Best part of saturday night was prolly stuffing myself with dimsum after club at sweechoon with marcus and weishan after.

such a short and lame update. haha have a great day guys!


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