Monday, March 17, 2014

Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ + Group Therapy Cafe + The Sushi Bar

Hi guys, back for a really short & quick update since this weekend has been pleasant yet an unpleasant one for me. Haven't actually cried so much in so long, so I guess I'll share it when I feel more comfortable to. Lol, stuffing myself with ice-SCREAMZ which explains the first pic. But I guess through it all, I finally have somewhat an aim of what I would want my next few years to be.

And I swear I really hate those bitches who I don't even like read their stats or what until like one of my friends asks me if they are talking about me. Usually I will ignore, cause its really childish, but today's one was over the hook. Haters gonna hate. But bitch please why do you let me affect you so much. Like why do you even care about what happens to me in MY life when you are not even in it & as if gleeing over my misery is gonna bring so much joy in your life LOL. Lastly, quit being two-faced & stepping over the leeway I'm still currently giving.

Mookata Traditional Thai BBQ
103 East Coast Road (Opposite I12 Katong)
Tel: 6344 2985

Operating Hours: 
Monday to Friday 12pm to 3pm, 5pm to 10.30pm
Saturday and Sunday 12pm to 11pm
Closed on Tuesdays.

anyways on a saturday night with my favorite girls! :) I don't date cause I actually enjoy my time with my best friends the most. Even though it was just a simple night with tessa driving me & tricia out for dinner, I really felt so happy :)

Actually I only ate mookata once but I thought this place's mookata is really really really good! So far my top mookata restaurant. hehe

there can be queues so there's actually a q-number system and you have to auto type in your name & number and the restaurant will give you a automated call (which i silly-ly answered and talked to the robot phone operator) when your table is available!

hungry trica while tessa is still parking the car

They served 3 levels of chili. From the least spicy to the most spicy one. All a really a good combination to dip in for the food which was already very flavorful so I couldn't really sense much difference in the levels of chili (or I'm a too good chili eater)

Wide variety of drink and food choices from the menu, just tick whatever you like and there's a remarks column for special requests!

My usually ordered thai iced tea ($3.80) which was so good and refreshing!

And they have different sets for 2 pax/4 pax, we had an odd number so we ordered like a set for 2 ($34.90)
(which was not THAT filling especially if you are hungry..) or a big eater haha

They have a wide variety of additional dishes to order as well, this was the recommended 
Sliced Beef (Small) ($12)

Tomyum Chicken Thigh (small) ($8)
both so good but I prefer chicken~

a super wonderful meal, each paid around $26 x3 

the broth and everything went so well, even the corn included were so tasty and sweet it made me overly excited so..........

haha fak I look so horrible without makeup HAHAHA

ok I really am some crazy unglam bitch with my friends!

And finally ITS BRUNCH TIME, one of my fav pastimes in the world. 
a cafe hopping session with my bro sean, then tricia tagged along, and failed to submit one of her assignments as it was due at 8pm hahahhaha

My ootd and this is why I always roll and fall down stairs *hahahha

Group Therapy CafĂ©
Located: 49 Duxton Road #02-01
6222 2554

Tue to Thu: 11am – 6pm
Fri & Sat: 11am – 11pm
Sun: 10am – 6pm
Closed on Mon

The food there is really unexpectly awesome, thus they recently opened another outlet at katong area which opens daily from 9am - 9pm (unlike the duxton one) btw!

its opened on the second floor!

great ambiance for a catch-up with pals, and they even have sockets for you laptop users.

sean & trish ordered
Iced Chocolate ($7)
each! yummm but maybe cause its iced, I think drinks are a little pricey for the size!

& my very awesome
Iced Matcha Latte ($7.50)
Super like this! Not too sweet & has no caffeine ;) 

Poached Eggs ($15)
"on thick toast, smoked salmon, gruyere, hollandaise"
I find the portion served here to be much bigger than in pictures, and this dish is definitely a must order there. Its super mouth-watering and with the perfect poached eggs and sauce!! 

Grilled Ham & Cheese Panini ($16)
"with swiss button mushrooms, rosemary,tomatoes & mozzarella cheese"
I thought this was okay only, but the salad and chips that came along was quite unique and yumz~

Another one of my favorite mains, its vegetarian but SOO GOOD

 Truffled Ravioli ($18)
"Round pasta cases stuffed with wild porcini mushrooms 
and truffles, topped with tomato basil sauce & parmesan cheese"
Just imagine the feeling when the hot and savory fillings in the Ravioli burst into your mouth, the combi of everything was SO perfect and its really a must order too as well!

great food great company great brunch all for the acceptable price of 75 SGD. A cafe which is definitely making into the list of my fav cafes :)

Photos with sean~

& pretty trishy!!

lol im an ass hahhaa

yup followed by the cine movie smoothie king date which you can read about on my previous cnos3 entry ;)

And surprise surprise, guess everyone is. I only partied on a Wednesday for this week and my friend was like I need to give him a toto number alr.


Went over to dine at 

The Sushi Bar
Far East Plaza #03-89
14 Scotts Road
Singapore 228213

After finishing a quite horribly done hair treatment sob (and I cut my hair shorter as well) at far east. Its my second time here and tried some new things. You can read the first post about it
which I had already visited this awesome jap food sushi bar way before the crowds came and before their business was so good they expanded their shop space and hired more ppl this time round!

But they still accept cash only and food was as good as I remembered, still one of the best hidden jap food finds ever! with no gst nor service charge :)

Scallop Mantaiyaki ($13.90)
this baby practically bursts and melts in ur mouth

Sirloin Steak ($14.90)
 (ordered small this time round)

I know they are famous for their Salmon Aburi Roll
but I tried something different this time round
Hotate Salmon Aburi Roll ($18.90) -8 pieces
Damn good also, or even better than I have remembered!

Last but not least, ordered this pretty bowl of
Chirashi (basic) ($19.90)
bowl is pretty big! and everything and all the different types of sashimis ( + sashimi bellies + uni + tuna + swordfish + ebiko + tamago) all went soooo well tgt!!!

Kinda my first time trying out chirashi, these raw type of jap seafood with stick rice & its not even those premium ones and this already has me spinning! Want to try more of these! *.*

awesome food...........

lol okay kinda had too much there. actually far east has quite the number of hidden eateries
 for example this rojak shop which serves pretty awesome customization of rojak which my mom LOVES!
forgot the shop name but its at level 5!

and my unforgettable milo crepe from far east's basement.

at night with twin + tltbz in my standard awkward selfie position face once again!

amelia + zijun + sheryl + gervina + me + twin~

me & twin~

only took photos with some of the guys 
& this is me and michelle~

claire, movin, michelle and twin LOL

me and zav again!

and isabel. sam's new darling~

with forever red alvin and my fringe was like flippin'

and not forgetting marcusss hahaha

thats all for now, MY THROAT IS KILLING ME.

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