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Department Of Caffeine + Oriole Cafe & Bar + Malaysian Local Delights + The Coastal Settlement

Hi guys LOL I am baccck. again, with LOADS of cafe hopping posts, so just bare with me. Abit lazy to elaborate so.. Yup I finally accomplished all the places I ever wanted to try their waffles at already!! Went to D.O.C two sundays back with my cousin on a bright Sunday afternoon. ^^ Rarely go cafe hunting on weekends though its the best timing for all the brunch menus, but I hate squeezing with crowds, so ya.

My favorite sunnies, and I really love the tanjiong pagar area.. Other than cafes, korean bbq restaurants and hidden finds. This area is sooo good to take OOTDS hahaha.

Always wanted to do this pose but in real i just look really stupid especially in my stupid puffy pants hahahaha

Spot the nice number there hehe kiddingz

this area is so cute and my sandals actually gave me blisters for a week after :(

Picture with my cousin Tania, while waiting for seats at D.O.C since we didn't make any reservations. Glad that we could have this meetup session to really catch up, we have been really close since young, just that we are older now, and I'm kinda on a more 'playful' side unfortunately, but my cousin is really smart! :) (not saying I am not smart tho hehehe) We could still talk really well so yup xo

Department Of Caffeine (D.O.C)
15 Duxton Road
Singapore 089481

Mon to Fri: 10.30 am - 7.30 pm
Sat & Sun: 9.30 am - 7.30 pm

Tel: +65 6223 3426

A really humble space which has limited seating capacity, but still, DOC still stands out as one of my favorite cafes ever! that I have visited recently, I'll definitely go back again!:)

Cause we arrived rather late in the afternoon, so some dishes I wanted to try were already sold out, so we had to make do with others! 

my cuzzie :)

Iced Mocha ($6.50)
My Iced mocha cause I totally prefer sweeter drinks and I am not a coffee person unlike my cousin. But this was surprisingly good in my opinion :)

Iced Latte ($6.50)
Tania's more bitter iced drink which I felt was not too bad too, just has more espressos in it, I suppose? More caffeine taste! 
And the weather was so damn bloody hot that day so Tania didn't order her usual latte art-ish (HOT coffee) which I'll never order no matter how cold the weather is. Cold drinks ftw!

D.O.C Breakfast ($18.50)
Made up of Scrambled Eggs, Bacon wrapped Meatloaf on toasted Brioche, Tomato Confit & Cheese Bocconcini. 
We loved the cheese bocconcini at the side. Soo good. And the scrambled eggs at DOC was reallyyyyyyy good, goes so well with the toasted bread. Not forgetting the ham tasting meatload between the toast and the scrambled eggs with tania liked. Looks simple but tastes Thumbs up!

Satisfied me :)

Sundried Tomato & Herbs Waffle ($16.50)
Normally I wouldn't go for two waffles, since waffles can be extremely filling, but I have mentioned that we came late and most of the items we wanted was already unavailable, and this combo of salted ingredients with waffles was the first I have ever saw, so we decided to try this! 
And of course the scrambled eggs did not disappoint once again. And the salted actually goes pretty well with the savory waffles. But I guess I wouldn't pour all my honey syrup on it the next time round. Cause it just made the crispy bacons taste like ba-kwa (honeyed pork) which I rather it taste more salty!

Buttermilk Waffles with Butter Rum Bananas ($14)
Airy and adequately flavored waffles with crispy edges, with a scoop of Vanilla Bean Ice-cream.
This on the other hand WAS EVEN BETTER, idk if its the weather or okay I admit, I have a weakness for ice-creams, but this definitely wins Strangers' Reunion's hands down. Everything went so perfectly well together. I loved this! No wonder it's the top 5 best waffle in SG!

No G.S.T. !! Bill came up to 62 SGD.

It was such a wonderful brunch and I really dig DOC loads now :) 

btw you can read the rest of my waffles finding journalese below:

Great day despite the killer weather :)

And last week, I went town with Jess to do some errands!

ootd with my red headbands hehe

Oriole Cafe and Bar
96 Somerset Road
#01-01 Singapore 238163

Mon to Thurs: 11 am - 11 pm
Fri & Sat: 11 am - 12 pm
Sun: 10.30 am - 11 pm

Tel: +65 6238 8348

Dined at a rather convenient location in town, place can get really crowded at night esp on weekends as the ambiance is really good for crowds to chill there. Its one of the best place to have coffee at! So do drop by here its another alternative than having starbucks in town. Just next to 313, where you're gonna walk to Cine from 313 Shopping Mall.

Other than coffee, we settled our dinner here. They serve quite a variety of mains and pastas as well.

Fish & Chips ($19)
Lightly Battered Snapper Loin with super DELICIOUS homemade potato wedges.
Lady iron chef actually claimed as one of the best fish and chips he has eaten before. I guess its not bad but I really just loveeee the potato wedges that comes with it. So good!

have to camwhore with my chips LOL

Beef Cheek Tagliatelle ($22)
Red wine braised beef cheek that is so tender and juicy with mushroom and a pasta (which looks like the singaporean meepok haha!)
One of their most recommended and raved about pasta. Maybe cause I don't usually like drinking red wine, so it wasn't exactly in favor with me, but I guess you could give it a try, but I guess I want to try their other pastas there the next time round!

Honey Crumble Affogato ($9.50)
Coffee based dessert consists of Vanilla Ice Cream, Espresso and crunchy Honeycomb bits.
First time trying quite the unique display of dessert. Everything goes quite perfectly together, and the tasting of espressos actually amazed me and this dessert basically have proven the coffee standard that Oriole Cafe & Bar has set after their award winning coffee barista owner.

Bill was around 60 SGD. Its a good place to come here to chill with ur pals in town!

after fooling around (explains the animated gif) and shopping (something I rarely do in sgp I have no idea why) 

We headed over to fareast and got like bubble tea and crepes! This new crepe shop opened next to Ding Tea. (the standard bubble tea shop there) and the crepes were actually pretty good! Like might be even better than the ones I usually eat at JB. 

Party nights TGIW

Twins + Davis

w mai twin

and a good TGIF start on fri with nicko and her friends........... :)

and trishy :)

luckily wenmin still found the night rather amusing. Once in a blue moon she clubs and has to takecare of the burden LOL

and the usual burden shan going strong eh

with one of the guys, shaun! 

Another night last week where I had dinner with Rachelle! :)

Malaysian Local Delights
224 Tanjiong Katong Road
Singapore 437014

Tel: +65 6440 8378

No GST charge for the place, but this could be a new supper place now you guys no longer need to drive into malaysia for loklok anymoreeeee, anws if I am not wrong the total bill would be discounted based on the timing you dine in. The later the further the discount.
Especially around 10.30 pm - 1.30 am?

For the buffet loklok option, adult/child nett price on weekdays would be slightly cheaper than on fri & weekends. We paid around 24.80 each. Bill was around 50 SGD, but our timing had like 2% off total bill discount? LOL 1 SGD, maybe we came too early hahaha.

took quite abit of everything to try. I really love clams and prawns and my button mushrooms in my loklok.

cute angry bird fishcakes which I guess are just for decoration purposes only. But I love my fish maws & quail eggs! :)

You can dip these food into your hotpot to cook it! You may think of it as like a steamboat kinda style. And two choices of broths soups will be available among all on the menu, ranging from tomyam, penang prawn soup, chicken soup and more.

We settled for Sichuan Mala Soup and Satay 'soup'
I guess satay is a must order cause loklok usually goes the best with satay sauce. 

But I actually found the satay sauce which I had at this loklok stall at Old Airport Road to be nicer. 

So the broth chose before the satay should be chosen very wisely! Cause we are supposed to cook all the meats in it before dipping them into the satay. Abit regretted ordering mala cause there were super many pepper kind of balls in them which really numbs ur tongue everytime me and rachelle accidentally bites on them HAHAHA we were just so wary man..

So next time, any other broths to cook just not mala!!! made my horrid rashes come back after that maybe cause it was too spicey-full. I can take spicy ok.

with my angry bird fishcakes which I already told you is for picture purposes onlyyy

ate like hundred plus sticks~ but I guess this place is only favorable for people with huge appetites, like you can just spam endlessly since it's buffet style. Drinks, fruits, dessert (like jellies and beancurd depends) are unlimited, we took loads of servings of herbal drinks~

but I personally still prefer and rather go back to the 
stall located at old airport road. Somehow i the lok lok tastes nicer there? Might be cause of the satay sauce they provide though! Cause the ingredients would be around the same and there might be a bigger variety here. 

So its a personal preference! :)

anyways with rachelle on wed when she was high and will agree to take pictures wimmee

Last but not least, another one of my favorite hidden gems in singapore~ just that the food prices are more steep there.

The Coastal Settlement
200 Netheravon Road
Singapore 508529

Tues to Sun: 10.30 am - 12 am
(Last orders at 9.30 pm)
(& unless mon is a public holiday or eve)

Tel: +65 6475 0200

A super hidden find of a gem in the east. More accessible by car of course. Awesome ambiance of the village home-like environment that offers savory western and asian dishes. Reservation is recommended. I wouldn't want you guys to sit on the outside areas (which I did on my first visit) cause its surrounded by greenery and nature, which means more mosquitoes too as well! 

Large seating capacity and I really loveeeeeee the interior dining area of the place, super chill-lax, can be great for birthday celebrations!

Horlick Milkshake ($6)
One of my top favourite drinks for now! THIS WAS SO GOOD, I will just go back to TCS and order on cup of this again and chill there now man.

yumyum Imma pig

Calamari ($14)
Decent dish, but i would prefer if the batter was more crispy and thicker. Kind of spicy too infused with some spices, served with a interesting mayo dip above a passion fruit which the fruit bits can be mixed with the sauce to get a more tangy and sour dip taste.

Waygu Beef & Mushroom Pizza ($23)
One of the best-sellers, which I re-ordered on my second visit!!! It would be almost every table's order. A large cracker-like crust was used as the base with Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese so that one could still savor the smoky and chewy super awesome char-grilled Waygu Beef, Sauteed Mushrooms and Caramelized Onions on the pizza.

Waffle with Ice Cream ($16)
A new waffle hidden location in Singapore? 
I guess their waffle's components will be randomly matched for you at different occasions 
(maybe the kitchen has more chocolate icecream instead of times where more vanilla icecream is available?) I don't know but, the waffles were still really up to my fluffy savory waffle standards along with the icecream and other compotes, maple syrup and fruits. hehe

Bill was around 70 SGD, you are paying for the good quailty of food, service and ambience, great for dates ;) and I had to take mandatory shots with the pretty antique cars even though I had no makeup and was dressed like a beggar hahaha.

hope you guys enjoyed my post! Bombarding with so much food recently....... I am getting so fat.

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