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JB (Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre) + Tonkichi + Poulet + Buffet Town + Tea Tozz

Back again for my 'SHORT' weekly updates! So hungry right now, always doing posts which will kill me at this timing. Literally, since there's so much foood photos in all. 

Anyways starting the post with a spam of me and wenmin's face, when we had a super impromtu trip to JB last week. REALLY NEEDA FIND A TRAVEL BUDDY SOON. Getting too bored and rotten in SG. 

The trip was super impromtu till the extend I only had my brows drawn and my hair was wet since I got woken up at dawn, so i did not even have any face makeup on; sunblock/bb cream nothing of those sort! But shades for me, cause I rely on my eye makeup and of course to block my incurable eyebags.

So off with my fattening trip with my fattest bestfriend here we goo~ first time not starting a post with my own face hahah

typical curry fish head stall I ALWAYS visit. at least ten times now,
address to this place:

And I really love buying the fruits at Holiday Inn Shopping Centre. 

Daebak THUMBS UP papaya slices (sour) & mango slices (sweet)

lol and idk if I was too thirsty or what, but I found one of my fav bbt drinks there. Brand: Cool Blog.
hahaha had some volcano ice-blended flavor, should be red tea + milk tea mixed. AND IT WAS SO GOOD

I want some now.

went for a more demure design this time round. You can find the full image on my insta.

and wenmin's dior inspired nails. So prettz

and my ootd. kinda in love with long skirts. think i shall get more of em!

Dinner was settled at this area full of malaysian food, tzechars, bbq food, seafood and all the traditional hawker food you can find. Known as Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre, well known to many chinese singaporeans right across the cause way at johor bahru! One of the most popular bbq seafood stalls there is called Hiang Kee Seafood fyi!

Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre
Jalan Keris, Taman Sri Tebrau,
80050 Johor Bahru, Johore (hawker centre)

Drinking some drink made out of fruits called pongpong or smth hahahaha

not too bad but I rather have my sugar cane next time

awesome generous omelette which doesn't taste like singapore's the oysters seems so much more smaller and bearable in taste, and FRESH. Unlike singapore, usually I'll give the oysters one go in a plate of omelette and just leave the rest of the target to the eggs. 

the really good sambal sotong and 

stingray which can be fried with vegetables. So we had like two options of vegetables hehe. Liked the lady fingers better though.

this whole meal was only like around 20 sing?! no wonder I can gain so much weight just by going JB for half a day hahaha.


Finally met up with one of my best bros, Jj coz he iz gonna treat me a meal & we caught a movie. Non-stop. One of the better few movies I caught in the longest time recently for now.

Actually I met him to pass him some charms before his overseas trip WHICH WAS THE MAIN POINT OF THE MEETING. but I forgot about it, so now he is in HK and I still haven't passed him.

181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central

Tel: +65 6238 7976

Settled for this in town, they have many outlets, with quite affordable and generous set meals. And heard that this place serves one of the best Tonkatsu in Singapore. So why not? J wanted some jap food too so I accommodated him.

Food was okay but I guess I prefer the Tonkatsu by Ma Maison at Mandarin Gallery.
Cause I have already tried the BEST in SG which was that. So this was just okay. But ladyironchef says tonkichi is second best. So you can try this before Ma Maison's I suppose.

Haha, both have refillable sticky jap rice in their sets and cabbage. But somehow even the Ma Maison's sticky rice tasted better in my opinion too. Another difference is that Tonkichi has other jap food set choices, like ramen/rice bowls/sushi etc. So it doesn't whole-ly dedicate to tonkatsus. 

Hire Katsu Set (4pcs) ($25)
Deep fried pork fillet for Jj, no fats and stuff cause he's healthier than me but he had like 3 bowls of rice whatttttt. so much carbs!!

Rosu Toji Set ($23)
My pork loin with fats HAHA somehow I felt that fats would make the pork juicer or taste better? hahahha simmered with egg and don sauce. I love runny stuff.

Both set had appetizers, rice and miso soup!

Additional Jap Curry sauce ($7)
Typical but goes really well with jap sticky rice. ME LIKE. should be quite the generous portion for us to finish bowls of rice.......

Free juicy watermelons as dessert!

around 65 SGD for dinner. Thanks for the treat JJ HEHE.

New fav dessert place in town? Like those taiwan and blackball style. They have MANY options and allow customers to customize their orders.

Tea Tozz
Located at SCAPE
pretty near the entrance, like some bbt outlet

Wanted to order some thai jelly pudding but it was OOS.

So here's my Milk Shaved Snow + Red bean (jj requested) + QQ Sweet potato (yummy like black ball's) + Gula Melaka Sauce
Lemon Melon Drink + Aiyu Jelly. Both hit the spot!

Will be back!

silly selfies cause we were slacking there.


some unglams at zouk photo booth w jess & yan

With ma homie twin 

and all the girls at member's smoking room.
wenmin, weishan, me, tess and zy!~

haha jess kindly took these photos for us.

with tessa :))

and the rest of my clique who came that night. :)) Love those h2h sessions we have after liqour!

Okay, ending off with afew overdue boring updates when I went food hunting off my lists as usual.

Finally tried the mainstream

201 Victoris Street
Bugis +

They pretty much have outlets all over singapore, and some claim that some of the outlets serves better food.

Truffle Mashed Potato ($5.80)
One of the must order sides, esp if you think the chicken later isn't going to be enough for you. Quite a innovative idea of truffled flavored mash too! Usually isn't it truffle fries? hahahah MUST ORDER.

Poulet Roti (Half Chicken) ($15.80)
This was my main and I loved it! The creamy sauce and mushroom went so well with the roasted chicken which already tasted so flavorful. Its their signature main dish!

Lamb Shank ($15.80)
Unique choice of main dish from my partner and it tasted quite good too! :) He ordered this twice when he dined here haha.

Tiramisu ($7.80)
Suggested dessert which tasted meh to me, maybe I am not really a fan of most tiramisus, but portion is really big! Explains the tag.

Overall I thought that poulet was pretty good! Bill came up to 55 SGD. Quite affordable and convenient. Everyone should give it a try, especially if you are a meat lover! :) 

Okay and this was last week, when I died the previous night at zouk cause I vomitted hahaha so I accompanied my dad and his friends for some mainstream priced buffet at

Raffles City

Even though I live to eat, LOL, I am not really a buffet kind of person esp after quite a not that favorable experience I had at KISEKI. And I rather visit better buffets next time by hotels? I think all the weight and calories you gain after stuffing yourself at buffets cause of the usual singaporean genes is so not worth it ya hahahaha

Overall I guess Buffet town is a better option, much wider varieties, which explains why prices are steeper per pax, but I guess their standard of food is around the same their for the similar choices they serve, between the two. Buffet town has more outlets around SG.

You can check out their website for more details

Under some of the categories which I had! 

my love for fried mantous dipped in sauce.

typical laksaa

herbal soup was yum!


Didn't really like the oysters though the queue for it was probably the LONGEST. Think I have tasted better.

prawns were good tho!

I liked the chicken wings and dory fish!!

diff choices of pastas! not too bad. had carbonara.

another long queue. I kinda like the raw ebi! (the small prawns in the middle)

heated cheese mussels which i prefer more than to the raw ones

okay prolly something I spammed the most, some grilled fish with loaaaads of like eggs inside with tempura sauce. hahaha so good but I felt so evil eating so many fish eggs :////

Not forgetting the last but not least

Waffles and ice cream will obviously be the better choice. Something which kiseki stands out for as well. Nothing ever goes wrong with this!

alright I should head to bed now. Hope you guys enjoy the post. back next week. SO HUNGRY xoxo

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