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To-gather Cafe + X'mas 2014 + Joo Bar + 2015 Countdowns + Green View

Hi guys! its just about time for me to do some updates on my life yet again. lol just need to keep this up cause I am getting so lazy recently to blog lately haha but shall just do it to keep all these memories and FOOD tracking (hahaha) of mine in my prime age~~

Gna force myself to write abit here then continue watching my dramas & shows hahahaha cause there are so much stuff piling up and I haven't even completed my korea posts *sobs* 

Alright! So with that lemme begin. When I just returned from korea, one of the days went down to bedok (east side OUR AREA) to find my trusty korea pal tess to eat cause I am kinda used to her company everyday of ma life there so yup. Then just go try one of the newer cafes that opened recently in the east w her lozzzz but dk how many times she ate there alr! heh

To-gather Cafe
#01-27, 84 Bedok North Street 4

Opening hours: Tue - Thu: 11:00 - 22:00
Fri - Sat: 11:00 - 23:00
Sun: 11:00 - 22:00
Closed: Mon

Tel: +65 64451011

the cafe decor quite pretty, more than i expected for a cafe in the east area~

Overall (idk if i too picky or what) but I think their food standard is normal only, like its cheap wo the service charge, gst and such. But not that nice, like normal cafe food. Deco is nice tho!

Iced Mango Latte ($4.90)
Tried this cool combi of milk plus mango bits drink cos it sounds and looks cool but have no idea why is this called latte wo any caffine hahaha

Matcha Lava Cake w Vanilla ($6.90)
One of the must orders cos rarely cafes come out w matcha flavored lava cake, its always just like chocolate or smth right!

Pork Cordon Bleu ($10.90)
One of the chef recommendation but I found the pork cutlet to dry for my liking despite having ham and cheese within.

Baked Salmon Fillet ($11.50)
This main was better!

Smoked Duck Pasta ($9.50)
Carbonara kind of pasta, hard to go wrong.

Choc Lava Cake w Vanilla ($5.90)

Then christmas was spent just like any other previous years at tess place. Had potluck again as usual, each member of our clique have to prepare a dish. But this year's one was DA BEST. Everyone's dish was super goooood I think everyone tried to go with the christmas theme and prepare something pretty dope cause the loser had to dance HAHHAA thus that.

But seriously, look at the spread :O

Fried Pork by our main chef Louis AH he should open a restaurant on his own, my mouth is watering as i type this I swear. Louis always cooks the best!! HAHA

Regina's Mac and tomato. hahahahaha quite good too yummeh

Terence's portobello mushrooms with fillings YUMMY

Stanley & tessa's brownies and truffle cookie chocolate balls which trashes last year's brownie super yummy as well.

and of course my godly sushi, I will never ever say the food i prepared is bad. But ever since I came back from korea my mom has been pretty hyped about sticky and jap rice so its like sushi and jap food all dayz at home so my sushi is definitely NICE with all the avocados and ebikos and other ingredients okayz

cinnamon melts by chef louis again yummu

I think this is the loser hahahahaha kiddingz, bacon balls prepared by wenminnn

and shaun's mom's herbal chicky hahahha

tricia's bacon and egg cups SUPER GOOD ALSO. suspect she also got a chef talent hidden in her.

okay featuring louis's chopped up pork again, cos its too gooood

lame things we do as one. singing from a super mini karaoke system LOL

shaun and louisss

cboah!!! Tess, me, regina, wenmin, trish and shan blossomed throughout da yearz

group shot with all the bfs as well and my bf is shan ok

selfie w trishy w my new camera hehhehe

baldy me, trish and min




had our gift exchange session, this year's one quite exciting also with secret santas and lots drawn *.*

newest cpl in da clique

Rushed over to twin's birthday celebration after at sonar cos Im so steady heh~

not much pics cause i died (?) LOL with natnat

Actual birthday surprise dinner planned by me and twin's bf glen cos I am lazy to self praise about my efforts so I shall quote from her bloggie HAHAHAHA

"Apparently, Glen & nia planned a surprise for me (they created a groupchat with my close friends from diff clique inside) and ya of course I didn't know about it. Glen told me we were having dinner together so I thought that it might be some candlelit dinner...? LOL. 
Yes I did, dm-ed all of her close buds and got all of them tgt for this ok!!! She still can come sms me "damn excited glen damn secretive I love it, C*B* where you die to?!?!" never reply her cos I was busy setting up the stuffs OK HAHAHA

Lil' did I know, when we reached the dinner place (ok it wasn't candlelit but it's my fav cuisine so you lucky boi HAHA) and tada! All my friends were there. It turns out nia planned the surprise dinner and called every single of my friends herself thank you babe I appreciate your effort :* And she chose the wonderful dinner place as well! HAHA I was surprised but I was too lag to react so I went like: "wa hello" or smtg more boring MY REACTIONS ARE BORINGG when i'm having a bad hangover forgive me"
This is wut you get for drinking the day before

Okay so the dinner was settled at this new chic korean bar bistro which serves rly good food!! I think its good for celebrations or chilling sessions for big groups like this cause they are actually 3 storeys high and then there are like those private rooms arena kinda settings, I like! Lucky I called to reserve despite having pretty bad hangovers the next morning cause there was such a huge group of us!

Joo Bar
5 Tan Quee Lan St
Nearest MRT: Bugis Mrt (5 mins walking distance)
Opens: Tues to sun 
5.30 pm to 12 am!!

every floor got this smoking area haha so good for ppl who hates to exercise esp if you came here for some cooperate dinner or some sort, can just chill and smoke here w your bosses no need climb down like three storeys hahaha

cute walls teaching how to drink the korean style

presents all ready on the table before the birthday girl appears

got her an apple strudel cake also cause I know she's quite picky when it comes to cakes, she says her family don't each much cakes so a yummy apple strudel will have to make do hehe


sam + some of tltb + fangyi + me + glen her bf + natalie, super weird combi actually but still managed to pull it off HAHAHA

glen + my happy twin!

One of the best Makgeolli I have tried ever! Will probably come here just to chill and get drink on Makgeolli I swear hahaha. 
This is the Makegeolli Sampler Set good choice when you have no idea what flavor you wanna order!
In sequence: 1. Original 2. Peach 3. Lychee 4. Strawberry 5. Yucha
Can't rly rmb which flavor is the best but I personally liked all like the strawberry, yucha, peach and all!!! But maybe the original one would come in the last in my preferance, cause its just tastes like the plain bottled ones I had in korea!

Recommended Baby Eel Paper! Like potato chips silver fish flavored.

Super good Kimchi tofu stew, one of the best I had around!

L.A. Style Black Angus Kalbi WHICH WAS DAEBAK, must order! Super good the beef slices I swear!

First time trying out raw korean beef! Beef Carpaccio, totally bought me over my initial mindset of it, cause feels weird eating beef raw and cold like that but its rly good too! Doesn't rly taste raw, good marination.

Yet another must order; Seafood Gochujang Risotto!
Very creamy yet comforting short grain cooked till al dente in red pepper paste cream sauce! One of the better risottos I had around, I love it!

Had a pancake trio too and it was good! Just that the red one tasted abit weird cause its sweet potato flavored hahaha

hehe last but not least what could go wrong with a soy-marinated korean chicken wings dish. Super yummy~

I will be back! Rly like the western-korean fusion dishes here, all so mouth watering.

New year's eve countdown outfit!

Headed down to timber for some drinks and pizza + buffalo wings with the babes.

seafood and duck pizzas at timber can never go wrong.

truff fries

playing around w tessa's new canon N2 cam~ was choosing between this and samsung cause this N2 model has it in PINK to and CANON, my fav camera branddd :O

bbq the next day at wenmin's condo w da clique

hungry souls

kbox our usual routine

and had more supper at the 24 hours tim ho wan at 12 Kallang avenue, Aperia near lavender.
I loveeee their lobster congee (is it new in the menu?) super nice + my usual fav osmanthus jelly I would definitely order at THW!!

Tricked friends I dyed my hair turquoise

and zavier's 21st at amara sanctuary resort!

birthday boy gets dumped into the water!

my brother since poly year 2 de

w zkxsc!!

typical day in bugis w trishy after I had my eyelash extensions done (NO MORE MAKEUP TO SCHOOL YAY)

boring ippudo cos it was raining then I had lack of ideas of what to eat. but ippudo is still a nice option too la for convenient jap food honestly ahahaha

Some selfies with the mia bitch jessicaaaaaa at school

and finally tried aroy dee! yums, their pad thai is nicer than nakhon's! In my opinion. 

Aroy Dee Thai Kitchen
262 Middle Road

sweets for me all dayz, fav sweet from cine hehe

and a crazy night at N2 shaun's birthday.

w my babies <3

more blurry photos. Regina, shan, me, trish and daniel

w shaun!!

dies :*

tried new starbucks drinks! prefer the chestnut praline to the truffle mocha shit.

hanging out with wenmin after school like the old times :*

secret find at far east plaza!! actually far east has lots of budget eateries hawkers like this w pretty yummy food to be explored~

#04-96, Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road

tom yam seafood soup, super spicy the way i like it!

and one of the best dry mee hoon kways I have eaten, wins city plaza's one hands down! hahaha specialty here okay!

will be back ^^

william's rojak at fareast v nice as wellllll

got new marc by marc jacobs rings fo myself

and new station snack bar (blogged about it before) again, for the yummy salted egg pork rib rice!

supper w eunice and the guys at 126 on the same fattening day.

need to lose weight soon. 
xoxo PNK. finally I can go watch my shows but I feel like sleeping right now LOL.

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