Friday, February 24, 2012

Random Updates

hi ppl, this is just a simple short and sweetupdate.
Mostly videos tho, cos i was bored and practicising my singing so i just recorded a few vids for fun. so these few days were spent hanging and slacking with the usuals lor, n ytd went jh house gamble for fun. first time win like what 20 bucks compared to my loss for the new year. but LOL i think maybe i have to play with big groups of ppl before my luck goes up, cos ytd there were like ten ppl.

Three more days till end of the poly year 1! damn excited for exams to finish. but studying sucks obviously.
List of reasons why most ppl cant focus or rather ME the famous procrastinator cant study properly,
1. when i say everything distracts me when im studying, means EVERYTHING.
my computer,my nails, the air, LOL anything la, its just natural human instincts and nature to just try and find other things to do instead of really focusing and get it over and done with.
cos im a lazy fellow. thats why.
2. when im studying with my friends, they either distract me or i start talking to them and end up distracting them.
3. when studying at home, i sometimes start looking in the mirror and start thinking abt my face complxion and start squeezing my pimples ROFL
4. food. LOL
5. twitter, facebook, sms, my HANDPHONE
6. trying my best to concentrate and listen to music. I'll end up singing and jumping around or dancing around grooving with the music im listening and go back to round one again which is why after this statement there are so many covers uploaded LOL because i was suppose to study but i just got distracted.. for like hours LOL
7. and now here i am. blogging this and not studying.

sigh so these are the reasons ppl our generation cant settle down and study i guess
which is bad but i cant help it.
Im the last min mugger unfortunately. Cant understand how ppl start studying parts by parts one week before their exams or so. uh-uh..........

ok enjoy anw, in this video below i showed my beautiful feet someone on formspring asked me to show when im doing my next vlog LOL. then the person will reveal who is he/she. i know the person maybe just want me to make a fool out of myself but hahaha actually i dont really care abt my image this kind of things so im fine showing my feet to the camera. peace out.

ps among all my this three singing vids i think only my avril cover the singing can pass lOL the two others i anyhow one but i think HAHAHAHAHA quite funny cos i was like doing rdm actions ROFL

and the ours cover i promised LOL

and then this quite old hit that taylor swift sang hahaha ok i know i dint sing it too well because i was out of breathe hahaha the song too long alr LOL just for fun la okay.
im just bored ok. enjoy haha xoxo eugeniania

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