Thursday, February 16, 2012

2nd post of bobcullen rofl

watched ghost rider :)

i just deleted this entry's top post. I think the bob thing is really getting too big so i should do that, and im also flamed for being a attention whore etc. lol. Issit my fault that im on stomp n stuff? Who stomped me anw? Blogging is supposed to be for leisure anw. How'd i know so many ppl would read the posts?.. Plus my senior asked me to remove this post. How i know this thing will get so big?

kk so was my bestie's birthday hahaha
happy birthday trish <3
went to her house with the usuals and ate alot of nice food her mom cooked and celebrated her birthday!! love you!
i did a super sweet collage for her LOL spend quite some time at eating bbq chicken restaurant trying to take diff angles of my arms to create that image! haha regina said she was ashamed to be eating with me cos i was doing those stupid looking actions.
one photo of the collage looks like this

end product ;)

and the good news is, i just bought my new CANON CAMERAA!!~ i really love it. hahaha the quality is damn good! now i can blog more nicer and clearer pics as well as my vlogs and covers hehe :)

cine seoul garden hotpot :) recommended flavours: beef tendon hotpot and
premium seafood hotpot. hehe if u go from mon - fri, before 5pm, now got a 1 for 1 offer :) damn good! normally one hotpot like 15 dollars around there. then now 2 for 15? LOL damn nice somemore :)
oh my green tea frappe lOL RDM

k i know im chubby. i dontwant put too many pics now cos i feel stressed. Not pretty enough also at fault. Say i xmm ahlian okay thats fine. English not good, also can. Its your own opinions anw!

xoxo eugeniania <3

i dont wish to get judged.

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