Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last post of BOB TAN

disclaimer* hi dont read if u wanna get angry reading this. cos this is MY blog, its abt MY life and i have the rights to blog abt ANYTHING i want. :)

I swear this is really the last post.(unless he come kill me or do smth more extreme) I really damn irritated. I know people might think im a bitch by like posting these since he sort of 'Apologised' to me but i just feel thats its irritating because firstly, u sms me this,

i need someone to cry to. Send wrong. ok can ? do u see me replying?
then u fb msg me, say your sorry for making my face in the newspaper OK CAN.
did u see me replying?

So ok ALR RIGHT WHY MUST U STILL SPAM ME SO LONG THESE MSGES, idk la hor, what u trying to prove? Even tho technically u are saying sorry but i just really really really
hey when u send me i need someone to cry to i alr never say anything abt u or post/blog anything abt u or what alr right even though its so ==''' and so worth to Blog abt it and make ur life miserable than it alr is.

nvm u make me damn irritated just delete my phone number can, i dont even REPLY U for godness sake.
why think so much sia? why type so long? what u want me to pity u? WHAT? seriously just STOP SAYING ANYTHING IT WILL MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER I SWEAR

anw continue

Really, just take my advice. im blogging this cos I really have no intentions to talk to u, nor reply u even tho u 'changed a new leaf' and wanna be a mummy's boy again. whats more i alr gave u 2 chances but u just dint get the hint of my silence. then had to send me all this crap again. seriously. u are a peanut in my life lol. i think a peanut is better for me cos its much tasier. lol.

so i want u to see this and Be smart and get it. good for u IF U WNA change. ok? just stop texting or talking to me me cos seriously i dont give a shit abt ur life. change my number in ur phone to ur own number so when u feel like thinking or apologising again u can just send to 'eugenia' and get inboxed to ur own phone. kthnxbai

stiu persistant?
read this:
i wont pity u

xoxo eugeniania

ARGH now u make me feel like a bitch for blogging abt this lame shit again but really im just goddammed irriated by u zz and i want u to get the point of just the two easy words i mentioned earlier.

and im not trying to be a attention seeking whore because this is not the kind of attention i want.
just trying to prove my point here.

edited// ok one of my friends read this and said i should just sms bob and tell u that instead of posting this up. andsaid i am damn bad and said i shouldnt add fuel to the fire since ur family is 'torn apart'. sadly im not so naive, i kinda dont believe u know im not that stupid, didnt u boast before that ur family is so good and ur so rich etc. lol and serious today is the first time i scroll thru ur fb pics and ur family took so many sweet pictures tgt and ur mum can still joke with u on fb. hey happy not im praising u here, not gonna put ur face here tho -.- just go add this dude on fb if u all dont believe me. tsk. how can pity this kind of guy, he will step on all ur heads.
then again its MY BLOG, MY CHOICE TO WRITE ABT WDV I WANT isnt that right?
hello i never report police very good alr leh pls stand in my shoes ppl how freaked out u think u will feel la.

lastly the thing is abt blogging this is i know if i reply his msges, he will reply me, so i dont wnt that. get this point? let this be the end ok? i know i am evil, mean, blablabla rolls eyes* so thats it end of story! dont ever talk to me again really. (bolded) and u say alr last time alr ah.

seriously my uncontrollable bad temper got ahead of me again, waste my time and other ppl's time once again for this post. sigh. whatsmore the worst thing is this little thing is not even a bit of a significant thing in my life to me so im really mad. omg.

hey ok look i won't want war so yea go watch this vid of big bang if you guys are feeling angsyt :) their new mv :) out ytd! they filmed it in Newyork city. i love them~ sooo talented, their songs are never a disappointment. :))

and this
peace out xoxo


  1. Just read this off facebook and the stomp link lol. To your admirer: You really have to stop texting/stalking and scaring the shit out of her. Doubt you really want this to get escalated further to the police for a personal protection order etc. Its really not funny for the girl's perspective that you might even go further to rape or murder.

  2. thank you! but i dont think bobtan will read the comment here haha! but ahnks alot tho. anw it has been quite awhile already. hope nothing much happens.

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  4. wa! the msg very long! ps another kaypo stomper here =)

  5. Read this off from stomp, To the guy: i guess you shld really focus ur life on other things, you shld learn how to take hints from the other party, hope you ain stalking her again. like you had mentioned in ur msg, if you wanna change to be the better person, do it. actions prove louder then words. (: cheers man.

  6. haha holy shit sia... really Epic supra long sms!! lol...

  7. This guy is a fucking psycho. High probability of being a rapist, murderer & psychopath in time. Omg, this dude is really fucked up.

  8. lol.. i just skip everything after reading from the first pic :X siao eh who type that long one-.- super boliaoz..

  9. epic drama everytime. well, don't care about him. disgrace. ;)