Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jumbo seafood

okay hello peeeeps ;) ok i akwardly started the post with a LOL pic of me taken with regina as usual, went we were supposedly going to 'study' at tamp. Ok that was before exams ^^
Exams are officially over since this monday!~ :)
despite the fact that i was damn late n spend 20+ bucks cabbing to school LOL cos i couldn't adjust my body clock in time thus overslept and Was lateeee

ok if u all can tell by now this kind of pics i have no makeup on lOL n flaring my nostrils

Ate at jumbo the other day with my family and jayhan, xinyi and their mommm

nomnom ok no wonder I'm so fat hehe :( LOL which do u prefer? chill crab or black pepper! guess which one i like betaaaa

ok so me and tricia wanted to go for the sunshine look lOL(I'm going to try not wearing contacts and less makeup like in the pic abv) stupid tricia even deleted and remake her fb and twitter coz too many weirdos added her and she wanted to look less those usual 'ahlian' acc on fb which pics would have like 30 plus likes just by uploading. or sooo hahah
make me feel like doing it too haha but I'm so lazy

hi trish LOL
sneak attack
went to eat slack etc with wenmin weishan ytddd louis and his friends etc
we are going to work at the next IT fair next week at suntec tgt! thurs to sunday :) heehee excited lOL i mean its tiring but can make new friends and interact more with people which i LIKE. heh stupid regina last min back out i don't care herrrrr

shan wenmin n me




regina shan and me
saw zhiyan nat and their friend at town toooo ^^

tessa <33 lOL rarely take photos with her. currently while blogging this tessa and regina is at my house regina sleeping like a pig. LOL played majiong etc ytd and they stayed over~~ ^^ enjoy talking with themmm and laughing abt stupid lame stuffs. anw as usual regina always wins. ROFL

they were like saying, I'm a super easy book to read? LOL am i?

oh wells, long holiday ahead. :)
this fri-sun i guess i'll be working at food fair? LOL with wenmin etc. hahaha I'm not sure what shift I'm working yet anw.

AND next week thurs-fri i'll be working at suntec IT fair tooooo full four day shift heh come find me buy laptop lOL fujitsu hahahaha COME AH

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