Saturday, March 24, 2012

stars hehe you'll get what i mean.

hi guys, so i shall start the post with two unflattering photos of me. heh fresh face, with what my mom got for me abroad, haha i have like 10+ nerd specs in my collection now la, ironic cos my results dont really show that imma nerd >: shall buck up next term!

sometimes i really dont really know what i want in life, i think im wasting my days away. being in a jc may mean more stress but in a poly, having a social life reflects on your grades too. and the gpa would be brought forward each year, so i really have no idea how am i going to get into a uni this way..

ohwells, im sure i would figure something out. so to those assholes who scored brillantly, good job to you! ;p i shall stick in my emo corner and grieve abt my results hahaha really hate those socialites who club, gamble etc n can achieve so good grades. then later tweet "FYEAH to those nerds who mug i got better n have a life unlike you!" etcetc yes im talking about you hahaha feel guilty if u bragged okay HAHAHAH k im just being jealous girl here #foreveralone hee k la no hard feelings :)

LOL ok another spec pic hahaha i think i cried or smth before taking the pic below hahaha cos of another dumb thing hahhaa can see by my eyebags la. heh played majiong with regina weijin and weishan and tessa that day i think :P i think my majiong is improving :D who want play can jio me heh.

went cine with regina the other day <3 omg i really need to stop spending money like waterrrrrrrrrrr! its like i spend damn causally and easily everytime i step out of my house. need to make a certain money saving plan cos i was thinking.. if i EVER get into a relationship, i shall be a good girlfriend lor i think need spend more money on my partner also right like during valentines day or what right? HAHAHAHAHAHA SO I NEED TO SAVE MONEY HAHAHA

went editors market, at cine level three i think. heh there got all my fav shops like femmex etc. :)
aft that had a sushi buffet HAHAH me and regina damn greedy, ok maybe i was my fault haha we go order damnnnnnnnnnnn alot then in the end cant finish. ok but we had fun laughing la cos i was trying to hide some of the food LOL but gaveup okay HAHA so we paid for wastage lame

wanted to meet sean and his friend for a movie aft that but we couldnt decided on which movie to watch because some he watch alr some i watch alr some regina watched alr MEH anyw so they caught this means war at cine. which me regina caught it with the others the other day alr.

im the kind of person whom sleeps in the cinema, not purposely but really cannot be controlled smtimes esp if the movie is damn boring so recently i caught two movie, namely THIS MEANS WAR, TRAILER LINK ABV, and THE HUNGER GAMES trailer below. i think BOTH MOVIE WAS BRILLANT. heh rate both 5. kept me alife and kicking throughout the movie. :D

this means war mainly abt two cia HOT GUYS chasing aft this hot girl tgt hahaha damn joke. go watch shallnt be a spoiler~ but its a comedy romance aww loved it <3 :)

went for a dimsum lunch with my mom the other day !:)

ytd went bugis with tessa, weishan nico gary!

ate at aston :) was craving for it heehee
really, now i wonder when am i gonna lose weight laaaaaaa

hahaha ok this post is called STARS becaz this stupid tessa, complains that i always post up her unglam pics on my blog, then i also dun photoshop my photos, because i have no idea how, so i think the best thing i can do is to cover up her 'ugly' face LOL so ya if u all see ridiculous stars on my post means we'd probably looked 'HORRENDOUS'

hahaha this pic below is a ultimate fail LOL couldnt help and burst out laughing then KACHA this retarded looking pic was created

hahahaha ok really the stars are making us look retarded.

heehee caught hunger games

awesome shit, another must catch. heh im having such great luck with movies these few days :) both movies were AWESOME. heh during a part of the hunger games i screamed la hahahahah cos shocked me. shall not be a spoiler!! damn niceeeeeeeeeeee lovelovelove
mainly story abt this girl (the main character) who got chosen to participate in this hunger game that happens annually, its a game where 2 people, a guy and a girl, gets chosen from their district. there's 12 districts, which means 24 ppl. have to fight for their survival, meaning, killing each other. the game of the survival of the fittest. touching. i think the main character was rather pretty despite my friends thinking otherwise. :) the guy is cute too. aww how i love shows with cute looking actors n actresses! :)

ok end
xoxo eugeniania

reaally looking forward to next week, Going to go uss with my besties. :)
pics then!~

i shant be mean but you better be careful n watch what u say. anything its also not my loss. would be yours. playing it smooth now right dear? the girl who cried wolf. dont bite on the hand which feeds you, that'll be damn dumb.

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