Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hair treatment

Hello, i shall start of the post by announcing
I'LL BE WORKING AT SUNTEC CITY CONVENTION CENTER/HALL LEVEL 4 (I THINK) STARTING TMR, THURS, 8 OF MARCH TO SUNDAY 11 MARCH :) I'LL BE WORKING UNDER (near the middle, near a big asus booth and theres a nikon around there too, company digital media! not the main fujitsu booth, dont go wrong one ;)
SO DO COME DOWN N SUPPORT ME ESP IF U WANT BUY A LAPTOP, hi juniors, buisnessmen and women and ppl going to polytechnics. COME CHECK OUT MY FUJITSU BOOTH ^^
i asked around and i think buying at IT fair is better than purchasing ur laptops at ur new polys, more freebies, and price is most probably cheaper than what ur poly is going to offer. :)
n most poly offers 4 brands.

which is FUJITSU, acer, hp and mac and perhaps lenovo? (but i suggest no lenovo because mine spoiled on me on the 6th month which made things damn inconvenient so i changed to a mac instead.) anw continue, means like these brands of computer more reconised and trusted and easier to configure and download apps on ur computer for ur future poly modules :) any qn just fb msg me or smth kay.

i got briefed abt fujitsu laptops and they are mostly japan made models and i think their actually quite good. seriously no joke. damn durable, etc and i think durable is the key la seriously, my friend kicks her fujitsu down her bed practically all the time and its still damn good in working condition she really abuses her laptop, tessa chan, LOL.
this is their newest model and i think its damn good damn light. i think the weight of a laptop really makes alot of diff. this is even lighter than my mac, at like 1.22kg. DAMN LIGHT?! and the material of the laptop damn good la and u know a 200 kg man can stand on it and nothing happens.
go see fujitsu website for more details of their models.

oh and wenmin etc is also working with me same company but they selling asus LOL damn she force me to post this here HAHA ok so if u want buy asus go find her lo ._. she also a pretty girl LOL not saying i pretty la HAHAHAHA but i rather u get from me... HAHAHAH jking anything is fineeeeeeeeee :) weishan n bryan also selling fujitsu with me i thinkkkkkkkkkkkkkkz weishan pretty. LOL COME FIND US SUA ahahahaha ok im mad ignore this part

k enough of the boring talk,
hey there sweeties, hehe k i know i've been lazy to blog everyday but yea this post sums up these days. so i started the post with a pic of my new Chocolate brown hair #nomakeup
at first,
i wanted to either dip dye my hair or do a crazy colour like pink or light blue at first, but my hair was really too frizzy n spoiled beacause i dyed it like practically at least 10 times

from my natural jetblack hair > brown > copper red > goldenbrown(most ugly one LOL) > dark maroon > red hot > copper > then now this~
thus i decided to dye a dark colour n keep the natural look.

i also did a hair treatment which would make my hair more sleek n less frizzy to protect it cos my hair texture really cmi. my hair looks really dark currently but i think the darkness would slowly fade to brown and then browner slowly because my base hair colour is really dyed to the very bright kind so i doubt it'll be so easily covered up.

haha plus i really wanna go for the more :) sunshine girl look now HAHA give ppl better impression etc so ya even tho i really really really love red hair and other bright crazy colours i really forced myself to just dye this simple one. Omg hahaha starting to regret.

some pics before i dyed my hair haha damn frizzy omg

ok and last weekend i worked at a 'food fair' with wenmin, louis, bryan, chunks and brandon

supposed to look more hygienic so i tied up my hair haha long time since i did that

ok had lipstick and mascara on cos i was lazy to put eyeliner

ate at newton foodcourt aft the first day of work

wenmiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnn pretty girl i waz talking abt

more pics in louis's cam he havent uploaded them yet so i cant kope

chalks ~ so pretty the colours to draw the board

food fair was at fort canning lOL akward venue but a very scenic place nt to mention the greenery add bugs n mosquito bites

ate like kfc for lunch LOL
selling like those organic kind of food HAHAHA

the ppl there seriously dam healthy etc all seem to not like chicken LOL "is there chicken" =.=
got eggs????? NOOOOOOOOO all oraganic flour chocolate NOT FATTENING AT ALL BLABLA

LOL damn tired so lie on the floor

wasnt really a good day but ohwell, bygones be bygones. LOL see how swollen my eyes are
ok pics are deciving
at night mom and dad treat my cousins jiayee vania weiyang and relatives eat at high society at mbs, cos my cuz, jiayee is going to japan to study for awhile haha i might be going to visit her. i want leh i love japan the things there are so kawaii (cute) super my style ROFL

mom n grandma
salad appetizer
soup of the day cream of mushroom
all the main courses

desert! <3<3

ok shall end with my blacky hair again FML

recently these few days ive been addicted to MAJIONG and i m improving ^^ even tho i zha hu rofl

xoxo eugeniania.
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