Saturday, March 17, 2012

Working Events

hi guys im blogging this as im damn sick, with like millions of tissue rolls on my bed n teary eyes sniffsniff :'p

hi readers, i shall start off with two pics i promised to upload once the production crew uploaded it on fb and yup so this was how plain i dressed up for a last min party at shake last wed. HAHA and this pic i think other than tessa n nico looking nice, the cpl, LOL i look cmi so i coloured on my face. hahaha
erm i think this was a better group shot? haha omg, alot ppl look damn unglam!

ok now i shall bombbard this middle section with like pics of my face LOL typical girl expressions , so, scroll fast.

nude lips nicer or red red. haha i like redddddd


some poster effect on my cam, took in the taxi :( lOl i should spend lesser on cabs seriously..

ding tai fung <3

javiers haha cine basement. omg i need to stop eating so much hehe but i love foooood

trololl face without makeup

so this was taken this wed, before i Ko -.- haha look so glam right then end up...

ya like this. LOL damn embarassing laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
:( with nic n kevin. haha n the sleeping me -.- SO UGLY meh
hehe koped from zoey's cameraaaa

anw aft that zhiyan cabbed from zirca to find me cos she come my house stay!^^ cos at first suppose go zircarebel with her but went shake in the end :( cos i apparently didnt look like tricia hahahaha damn. where upon reaching i alr died in the cab there alr. GONE. heh ok la dint do much cos i had to rush to work the next day n she also had to go camp, we both damn shag laaaaaa hahah
ok these few days lika les with wenmin tho haha stay over at her houseeeeeeee

attempting to take jump shots LOL

haha everyday spam gongcha <3 hehe i spy a weird man LOL

her house dining table at the balcony lika romantic aha haha ps u look abit unglam here LOL

'healthy' homecooked meal hahah long time since i ate at homez

im so tired cos me and her chiong work sia, bryan got lobang help this guy queue for ipad for his company, cos one name only can buy two ipad, i bet the guy is rich or smth ask alot of youngsters help him queue, so means just queue overnight then each can get 200 dollars leh 100 each ipad so im rich hahaha. louis all started queuing at 1 am, me and wemin joined at 5am 6am hehehe thanks ah~

nubox employees offered us like packet drinks O.O

:D hahahaha really damn easy 200 leh still cant belive it -.-

n my mom came back overseas n got me smth to add to the new collection of my pjamus HAHA hais why i so childish la hahahahaha but i think damn funny LOL

hahahaa i hope next fri can go uss with the babesssssssssssss <3

vloggggggg wheee

shall end here. follow me on twitter n formspring me leh~
xoxo eugeniania

dont judge meee

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