Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Club shake + IT Fair

hi miss me peeps? LOL ok i miss my red hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr damn needa maintain my 'sunshine' Girl look...

anw have been damn tired lately, late nights, lil sleep, sleeping with my hair super wet cos very tired, not good haha makes my hair treatment redundant.

so i worked it fair right, kinda ok i guess, since i was working with the usual bros wenmin, shan, louis, bryan, brandon and made new friends! so this time round it fair lika alot ppl work siaa haha saw alot of familar facess n this lenovo guys asked for my number haha ok means that laoniang still got charm nt bad LOL ok showoff abit JUST KIDD..ing

i think the first or second day of it fair aft work wearing super ugly long sleeves and shorts, cos last min decision, went to club shake, at singapore flyer - newly opened club i think, event organised by badass production, cos it was carlson's birthday, took like a few group shots but shall wait for the badass production cameraman upload it before i kope it. anw i think club shake quite small inside but ~

unglam pic haha dint take much pics cos was feeling damn tired carlson open table so i mainly just slacked like drank leisurely, just that one guy that was drunk one of his friend or smth go offer me drink then spill all over my pants i was like #okcan LOL

anw these were taken in ivan's car or smth LOL i wake up and saw these pics and was like whutt hahaha cos i think me tess and regina sat at the backseat gging home that time then like super high or smth so like took this shits HAHAHAH i think damn ugly wdv


ok so it fair was soso I LOST MY VOICE i think damn pain talk to alot of customers, now is when we use the phrase in chinese, translated - money not easy learn i mean EARN

i think i gonna work at this bar at mbs from this wed to fri, haha pay nt bad, one of my customer buy the most ex computer from me then ask me alot of things then turn out that he wants me to work for him, three days only, he say i very nice n decent looking (issit my black slender hair? HAHA) then say the job damn easy three days only just serve drinks n talk to invited guests of the event or smth at mbs so i GUESS should be easy n slack, at first i was abit reluctant COS i was thinking if it was some improper job but at least his wife whom looks like a sweet lady that convinced me was there so i think it should be fine

then i asked if another friend could work with me, he at first dun let cos he was just looking out for one girl but in the end he gave in so i immediately asked if wenmin could work with me, haha cos i guess among my friends she one of the most easy to convince one meaning nicest n not so fussy i guess TROLOLOL, and she was just next to me so im glad shes ok n shes gonna work with me makes me feel more safe haha and cos he say he want another girl, cannot be guy,(suspicious) that like comfortable looking n talk politely n sweet like me? o.O so i ask her lo she also pretty ma ROFL

but ok la still unsure of the job hopefully is like those ppl who just need to entertain the foreign mbs guests at the bar, inivited guests only so should be fine i think chat with them or smth i think LOL should be damn slack one haha i hope got those handsome rich angmo buisnessman- whom wenmin wants to marry next time haha. ok but they say need wear formal dress, -another suspicious point- haha.

anw skipping back to the topic, i thnk my it fair fujitsu boss quite nice la but bryan keep complaining that jason damn money face blabla but i think this will be the last time we will be working for this company digital asia, haha cos like they only give us lunch leh not even dinner and the lunch nt even nice walao that time work for louis godfather like better but ok la i think IF sell alot digital asia gives us more pay, working in the fujitsu section quite alot of commission, BUT NOT SO EASY SELL ONE LOR, so the basic daily pay is still like mehhh

hahaha but i think work with them, quite fun la they are like all so hilarious i guess other than the fact they keep disturb me with SMTH thats so irritating. but they spilt us into three three la me and bryan and weishan at fujitsu n then wenmin louis n brandon at asus, but still same booth just promoting diff brands, n we all had sucky colleges, haha but some was nice, shall not mention names of the sucky ones.

n did i mention the fact that i cried in front of two indian customers LOL cos they make me want to BAOZHA damn bargain then make me run to and fro from boss to them like 10000 times so i was damn ARGH n scared to tell them like my boss dont wanna sell them blabla so i cry ROFL

pics taken otw to toapayah earlier today cos go asher house gamble with tess gina nico zhiyan zavier samuel nicholas etc, haha they all want win regina money cos she lika #foreverwin, so in the end she won today still LOL i lost like a few bucks so im fine with it. seems that my luck is getting better recently hehe never down like 100 or what alr. ytd junhui wilson regina jeremy come my house majiong n card i also never lose. haha just like no win no lose lor. IM EASILY CONTENTED ^^
Zhiyann <3

regina me zhiyan ^^

hi black boring hair
haha my eyebags damn BAD this few days.

ok end shall go sleep soon, haha jsut now jingxian, kuanbing n des came to my house to slack awhile since they were working nearby.

xoxo eugeniania
ps MY ULCER damn pain this bryan go and hit the paper when i was tryna make a trumpet out of the it fair brochure, ok lame then cut my mouth OUCH

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